Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare – (How To Fix!) (COD Warzone)

Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare

Searching for Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the best ways to Fix Call of Duty Error Code Pilum.

Call of Duty is a popular action-based gaming franchise that requires no introduction to action-based shooter game fans. The COD franchise has a really big fanbase. Modern Warfare is one of the popular titles of the Call of Duty franchise.

The game was played by many gamers on Xbox. Every software and platform may experience errors. It is actually unavoidable. One of the errors in the Xbox while playing COD Modern Warfare is Error Code Pilum.

Xbox players experience this error and they want to know what is actually meant by Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare so in this post we covered everything about Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare.

Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare

One of the popular error codes of Xbox while downloading the COD game packs is Error Code Pilum. The Xbox players frequently receive the Error Code Pilum. They actually want to know what is meant by Xbox Error Code Pilum.

The Pilum error code appears in Xbox when it is not able to recognize the already installed COD. Gamers often receive the error message Purchase failed, error code Pilum when they actually tried to download any necessary extra game packages. Below in this post, we mention everything about how to Fix Warzone Error Code Pilum.

How To Fix Error Code Pilum In Call of Duty?

Here are some best ways to Fix Call of Duty Error Code Pilum

Xbox Restart

  • First, click and hold the Xbox button in the center of the Xbox controller to open the Power center
Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare
  • Select the Restart console option
Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare
  • Now click on Restart

Restarting your Xbox is the best way to fix most issues with your Xbox console including the Purchase failed error code pilum.

Multiplayer Pack Install

  • First, uninstall all modern warfare content
  • Then choose Network Settings
Multiplayer Pack Install
  • Next Select Go Offline
Multiplayer Pack Install

After disc content download, go online and then install the other items it actually prompted you to download. While you are online, the COD purchase error will be solved.

Clear Cache And Delete Old Data

Clear Console Cache –

  • First, click on the Guide button on the controller
  • Then go to Settings and next choose System Settings
Clear console cache
  • Choose Memory or Storage 
Clear Console Cache
  • Highlight any storage device and then click Y on the controller
  • Now Choose Clear System Cache.
  • When prompted to confirm maintenance storage device, Choose Yes.
  • Finally, restart your Xbox console and then retry your download or purchase.

Delete Marketplace System Data –

  • Click on the Guide button on the controller
  • Then go to Settings and choose System Settings
Delete Marketplace System Data
  • Choose Storage and select your primary storage device
  • Next click on System Items
  • Now choose Content Cache and then select Delete

Call of Duty Multiplayer Pack Download

  • First, go to Microsoft Store directly on your Xbox
  • Then Search for the Modern Warfare multiplayer pack
Call of Duty Multiplayer Pack Download
  • Choose the option that actually looks like the cover image of the box that came with the game
  • Select it and it will ask you if you want to install the pack
Call of Duty Multiplayer Pack Download
  • Accept and then install
Call of Duty Multiplayer Pack Download

Use this method to install the multiplayer COD pack if you have tried to install it from the Xbox home page but were not actually successful. This solution will complete resolving the error code pilum.

Xbox Console Factory Reset

  • Click on the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Then choose Profile and System
  • Under Profile and Settings, choose System and next select Console info.
Xbox Console Factory Reset
  • Next, choose Reset Console
Xbox Console Factory Reset

On the Reset your consoles Screen, you will see 3 reset options. Choose the one suitable for you, here are the 3 options:

Xbox Console Factory Reset
  • Reset and remove everything – This option removes everything from the Xbox console, including saved accounts, user data, games, and apps. This is equivalent to purchasing a new Xbox console.
  • Reset & keep my games and apps – The 2nd option resets the operating system and deletes all potentially corrupted data without deleting your console games and apps.

Reasons For Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare

Here are all the possible causes of the Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare issue

Simple Bug –

The missing package that causes this problem may not download due to a simple bug that is happening to your game. The game can not make the connection to automatically download the package, so you need to manually search for it on the Microsoft Store.

You can actually do this directly from your Xbox console, or you can use your PC to start the downloading process.

Problematic MAC Address –

This issue can be caused by an erroneous Alternate MAC address, as it actually turns out. Several impacted users have reported that removing the stored Alternate MAC address and then restarting the console fix the issue, enabling it to use the default MAC address.

Corrupted Files –

Another cause for this issue could be some corrupted files that make the game not actually download every file that it requires. This is causing the files to be missing, making the game actually unplayable.

If you can not find the missing packages anywhere then you should do a factory reset to restore the missing files. We suggest you keep your apps and games when you restart them.

COD Modern Warfare Gameplay

The COD Modern Warfare game is situated in a contemporary and realistic environment. The campaign follows British SAS and CIA operative forces as they join forces with rebels from the imaginary country of Urzikstan to battle Al-Qatala terrorists and Russian invaders.

The Special Ops mode of the COD game includes cooperative play missions that actually continue the storyline from the in-game campaign. For the 1st time in the series, the multiplayer mode enables cross-play and cross-platform progression.

It has been redesigned to improve the gameplay to more tactical, and also it includes additional features such as a Realism mode that disables the HUD and a new version of Ground War that actually allows 64 players.


We hope you like this Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare guide. In this post, we covered the best ways to Fix Call of Duty Error Code Pilum.

If want to ask any questions related to Error Code Pilum Modern Warfare so comment section is always open for you.

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