Erdtree Favor +2 (Elden Ring) (How To Find!) March 2023

Erdtree Favor +2

Want to know about Elden Ring Erdtree Favor +2 so you reach the best spot. Here you will get everything about the Elden Ring Erdtrees Favor +2 and how to get Erdtrees Favor +2.

There are many talismans that you can simply don throughout your time in Elden Ring. Some improve in-game combat stats while others are actually meant to be used while exploring the vast open game world of the Lands Between. But there are some that are really best all-around talismans and can be worn at any time during any in-game situation.

The Erdtree’s Favor talismans are one of the great in Elden Ring, featuring buffs to 3 different stats. Like many other in-game talismans, Erdtree’s Favor has 3 variants, with the +2 being the strongest of the bunch. So in this post, we are going to show you complete details about the Erdtree Favor +2.

Last Update On – 22 March 2023

Elden Ring Erdtree Favor +2

Erdtree Favor +2

The Elden Ring Erdtree Favor +2 is a late-game talisman that significantly boosts HP, stamina, and equips load in Elden Ring game.

Although you can only equip one of the talisman variants at a single time, the actual difference between Erdtrees Favor +1 and Erdtrees Favor +2 makes it really worth the trek to Leyndell, Ashen Capital.

Erdtrees Favor +2 Talisman Benefits

Equipping the Eardtree Favor +2 talisman will provide you the following:

  • Stamina +9.6%
  • Equip Load +8%
  • HP +4%

How To Get Erdtrees Favor +2

First, to start, you will have to advance to the end of Elden Ring to even have a choice of acquiring this Erdtrees Favor +2 talisman.

It is mainly found once Leyndell becomes the Ashen Capital, which occurs after you have completed the late in-game sections of Elden Ring. Once you have gotten to Leyndell, Ashen Capital, however, the process of locating Erdtrees Favor +2 does not become simpler.

The Eardtree Favor +2 talisman is found on the eastern side of the capital on top of an in-game large tree branch in the middle of a big courtyard. You can look exactly where you actually need to go via the below map.

Erdtree Favor +2

You will have to make it the empty large space on the map that the above screen grab shows. You can get there by quickly traveling to the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace and then taking the elevator back up to the core part of Leyndell.

Go out the in-game door to the west, run or battle the soldiers and knights in front of you, and then go down the stairs. Next, take the elevator down to enter the courtyard.

Once there, you will see 3 separate Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirits down in the area below. These opponents will stop you from ascending the large in-game tree that you must go up to reach the talisman.

But if you actually stay close to the left wall of the game courtyard, you can get to the tree branch on the other side of the courtyard and loot the Elden Ring Erdtrees Favor +2 talisman.

Erdtree Favor +2 FAQs

Here are some questions and answers related to Elden Ring Erdtrees Favor +2

Q. What Does Erdtree Favor Do?

Elden Ring Erdtree’s Favor increases Vigor, Endurance, and Equip Load. This Elden Ring Talisman also has 2 upgraded variants hidden in late-game areas. Erdtrees Favor is a Talisman in Elden Ring fashioned and actually blessed by Queen Marika, which boosts maximum Stamina, HP, and Equip Load.

Q. How To Get Erdtree Favor 2?

After defeating in-game Mogh then open the chest at the back of the game boss room to gain the Erdtree Favor 2 talisman. The Erdtrees Favor +2 can actually be gained after defeating Maliketh, the pure Black Blade in Crumbling Farum Azula, and going back to Leyndell, Ashen Capital in the game.

Q. Where Is The Erdtree Talisman?

The Elden Ring Erdtree’s Favor Talisman can actually be found in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. Which is itself placed behind an Imp Statue Fog Wall at the Stranded Graveyard the first Site of in-game Lost Grace. You will have to use 2 Stonesword Keys to quickly access the first room.

Erdtree Favor +2 Video Guide


Hopefully, you enjoy this Elden Ring Erdtrees Favor +2 guide. In this post, we covered everything about the Elden Ring Erdtrees Favor +2 and where to get Erdtrees Favor +2.

If you have any questions related to Elden Ring Erdtrees Favor +2 so ask in the comment section and also share your valuable feedback.

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