Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC (Update!) (March 2023)

Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC

Looking for Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC so you are at the right spot. Here you will get the complete guide on how to revive the NPCs in Elden Ring game.

There is a diverse range of essential in-game Elden Ring characters. While some, such as the Pot-warrior Alexander treated with good rewards, some like Varre, the White-faced can actually offend for being maidenless.

As you proceed on your game journey, you can actually kill or attack an NPC. But by doing so, it will really close the possibilities of the game questline.

Can we revive a Dead NPC? definitely Yes! And you can actually do that by making some amends to yourself clean. So, without wasting time now let’s start our guide on how to revive the NPCs in Elden Ring game.

Last Update On – 23 March 2023

Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC >>

Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC

If you want to bring NPCs back to in-game life, you will actually need to ask for atonement or absolution for the sins.

You can simply do that by asking for atonement or absolution at the Church of Vows. Below we mentioned complete steps you need to follow to revive an NPC in Elden Ring game.

  • As starting head over to the Church of Vows actually located at the Liuria of Lakes.
  • There are 2 different ways to reach the Church of Vows. First, you can simply use a Waygate at the Raya Lucaria Academy to quickly teleport you to the Church of Vows.
  • Or another option is you can explore the way to the Church by riding horseback in the game.
  • Then head over to the Artist’s Shack found in the northeastern of the Liurnia of Lakes.
  • Next, continue on and head towards the northwestern plateau.
  • You will actually encounter a Church of Vows, site of Grace just outside the Church. You can have the time to save your Elden Ring game over there.
  • Once inside, you will look at the statue. Use a Celestial dew to receive atonement or absolution for your in-game sins.
Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC
A player next to a statue in the Church of Vows
  • After using an in-game Celestial dew, all of the big crimes that you have committed upon NPCs will be totally absolved.
  • In addition to NPC killing, getting absolution will also anger NPCs to revive from that disappeared.
  • Now, you will actually be able to interact with the mystical NPCs and bizarre again.

Absolution Essential Items >>

The actual requirements are tedious, but it is worth it if you want to revive an appease or NPC other NPCs that you’ve angered. You have to begin by getting the Celestial Dew and the next in-game requirement, of course, is to actually anger or kill an NPC to request Absolution. Alternatively, you will get a message stating that you do not require Absolution if you really try to attain Absolution.

If you have gone about committing in-game war crimes willy-nilly in the lands between, you also get the best option to Atone for sins which will absolve you of any sins you have committed throughout your blood-thirsty in-game run.

This will turn NPCs that were angry at you friendly again unless it has actually something to do with the storyline progression. In that case, you are out of in-game luck here.

Furthermore, some NPCs will actually be resurrected. But there is no clue as to which NPC will again back to life or maybe not, as that is still a big mystery. Well, nobody’s actually figured out how that actually works and what NPCs are exempt from being revived or not.

Most in-game important shopkeepers and NPCs will come back to life, but we do not really know about the rest. But overall, you are almost set to revive NPCs in Elden Ring game.

About Celestial Dew in Elden Ring >>

Celestial Dew is an amazingly rare and unique item that can be discovered in different in-game locations around the Lands Between. In order for Elden Ring revive dead NPCs, you will actually need to find a Celestial Dew.

It doesn’t matter how many dead or hostile NPCs there are in the game, one Celestial Dew will totally fix all of them.

Where to Find Celestial Dews in Elden Ring?

Here we mentioned all the locations and a complete guide to find celestial dews in elden ring

  • Celestial Dews are items that can be located in multiple in-game locations.
  • Along with using it for absolution, also use them to recover HP and heal some in-game status effects.
  • You can get a celestial dew at the underground Uhl Palace ruins on a ledge beside a corpse.
  • The other locations you can find Celestial Dew are Nokron, Night’s Sacred Ground, and Nokstella, the Eternal City.
  • Additionally, you can purchase also them from the Pidia and Nomadic Merchant, the Carian Servant.
  • You can find it from the Nomadic Merchant at the Ainsel River in exchange for 75k Runes.
  • If you actually want it for a slightly best price, head over to Carian Manor and grab it from the Pidia for 5K Runes.

Video Guide of Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC >>

Here is the video guide by Born 2 Game YouTuber for Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC

Final Words >>

This is our guide on How to get Celestial Dew and Revive NPCs in Elden Ring game. Celestial Dew is actually limited in Elden Ring game, and there is a limited number of times you can absolve and revive your sins and totally reunite with former in-game friends.

Hopefully, you like this Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC guide. If you want to ask any questions related to this Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC post so you can simply ask your questions from the comment sections, thanks for reading this Elden Ring guide.

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