East Brickton Commands 2022 (Update!) (Best Commands)

East Brickton Commands

Do you want to know East Brickton Commands & Controls? So you are at the right page here you will get the complete list of all the Roblox East Brickton Commands 2022.

Communication is the main key in the Roblox East Brickton game. Without properly in-game communication, the gamer faces conflict and finds themselves in trouble with another gamer, or even any combat situation.

Furthermore, improperly communicating can lead the gamer toward a quick ban from East Brickton. To avoid these conditions in the game, it is best to know all the East Brickton commands. So now let’s start the East Brickton commands & Controls list.

East Brickton Commands >>

Here are the lists of all the East Brickton commands and controls

East Brickton Commands

Phone + Chat East Brickton Commands >>

To use an East Brickton phone command, the gamer must need the phone in their hands. This is done by pressing one key on the keyboard (new players) or by clicking the phone button at the bottom of the game screen.

Once the gamer holds the phone, these commands actually should be entered into the chatbox. The terms “contact” and “name” must be replaced with the name of the person with that the gamer wants to actually communicate.

Commands Description
/call [contact]Use this Command and get call contact
/call[911]Use this Command and get call emergency services
/contactlistUse this Command and get open contact list
/despawncarUse this Command and get wipe car from in-game world
/givecontact [name]Use this Command and get give number to contact
/id [charname]Use this Command and get other player’s ID
/pmUse this Command for Text Message
/reportUse this Command for Report player
/sUse this Command for Shouts
/sms [contact]Use this Command for Text contact
/wiUse this Command for Whispers

East Brickton Dance Commands >>

Here is the complete list of East Brickton dance commands

Commands Description
/e 2shootUse this Command to Jump on opposite foot with one hand in the air
/e dabUse this Command and do the dab
/e handsUse this Command to place your hands up
/e hdfUse this Command for dance in place
/e hitdemfolksUse this Command for dance #2
/e moneybopUse this Command to dance low to the floor
/e noUse this Command to shake your head no
/e shootUse this Command to Jump on one foot with one hand in the air
/e sitUse this Command to sit on the floor
/e surrenderUse this Command for surrender on the floor
/e turnupUse this Command and get hype
/e wooUse this Command for dance
/e yesUse this Command to shake your head yes

East Brickton Emote Chat Commands >>

Here is the complete list of Roblox East Brickton emote chat commands. They actually work same as the phone commands, with chat, but try them when you do not have your in-game phone equipped.

Commands Description
/e hs2 Use this Command for Hand Shake (casual)
/e gs1 Use this Command for 1st Gang Sign
/e surrender Use this Command for on the floor
/e shoot Use this Command to Jump on one foot
/e woo Use this Command for Dance
/e gs2 Use this Command for 2nd Gang Sign
/e gs3 Use this Command for 3rd Gang Sign
/e hips Use this Command for hands on hips
/e sit Use this Command to sit on the floor
/e gs4 Use this Command for 4th Gang Sign
/e moneybop Use this Command for Low Dance
/e turnup Use this Command to get hype
/e hands Use this Command for Hands up
/e crossarms Use this Command to Cross your arms
/e hs1 Use this Command for Hand Shake (formal)

East Brickton Roleplay Actions Commands >>

Commands Description
/acceptserviceUse this Command to take money at RP Job
/e crossarmsUse this Command to cross your arms
/e gs1Use this Command for Gang Sign 1
/e gs2Use this Command for Gang Sign 2
/e gs3Use this Command for Gang Sign 3
/e gs4Use this Command for Gang Sign 4
/e hipsUse this Command to place hands on hips
/e hs1Use this Command for a formal handshake
/e hs2Use this Command for the casual handshake
/e leanUse this Command to lean against a walled surface
/finishserviceUse this Command for the end job
/helpupUse this Command for help downed player
/payUse this Command to give money to players
/payserviceUse this Command for pay at RP Job Store
/startserviceUse this Command to start job

East Brickton Commands Controls >>

The controls are almost the same as any Roblox game, there are no special commands, but if you need help here are the all East Brickton controls.

Commands Description
/ Use to open Chat
` Use to Open or Close Backpack
1, 2, 3… Use to Equip or Unequip Items
Backspace Use to Drop Item
Left Mouse Click to use Item
Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom In and Out
Shift Hold Shift
Space Use to Jump
WASD Use to Move up, left, down, and right respectively

Conclusion >>

We hope this East Brickton commands & controls post has been really useful to you. If you discover or already know any other commands, we will be very grateful if you share them in the comment section, so that we can add these commands for other gamers.

Also, whether you have any questions or suggestions related to these commands for East Brickton post then the comment box is open for you. Happy Gaming!

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