Dwarf Fortress Pray 2023 – (Prayer System) (Full Guide!)

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Looking for Dwarf Fortress Pray? So you are at the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the Prayer System complete guide and details of how Prayer works in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress is a popular Sandbox game. For those who enjoy crafting games, this Dwarf Fortress game is a delight with a mix of society structures. While there are multiple in-game races, Dwarves are the most useful. Therefore, it is important that you make sure their Happiness level never decreases in the game.

When you fail to do so, they will develop bad thoughts. When this happens, you can help the Dwarves find peace of mind by creating a Temple. A place where they can offer their prayers and maintain their sanity as well. Despite this, it is challenging. You should read this post till the end and know Dwarf Fortress Pray details.

Dwarf Fortress Pray

Dwarf Fortress Pray

In Dwarf Fortress game, only humans and dwarves can set a specific pray and deity. Elves, Goblins, and other races can not actually pray; they have different types of deities.

Therefore, you should not get surprised if you create temples for them, but they don’t start to pray. Additionally, you have to remember that praying in Fortress mode is different from praying in Adventure mode in the game.

How To Make Temple in Dwarf Fortress

You have to build an in-game Temple so that people in your Fortress can actually visit there. While creating a Temple, you can choose it to be a Generic one with no specific deity.

Or you can build a temple to a specific deity since some parts of the colony are very religious and follow a single deity. So, if some citizens are actually not praying in the game, it’s because you don’t have to create a temple devoted to their in-game religion’s God.

Prayer In Fortress Mode

In Fortress Mode, praying to the Goddess is actually essential for every dwarf. Praying causes positive vibes and boosts the dwarf’s happiness level, making it more efficient. You should never ignore building temples for your dwarfs in the game.

Additionally, various religions require unique temples. Due to this, don’t be surprised if you get requested to create a few temples for your in-game citizens.

Prayer In Adventure Mode

According to Adventure Mode, religion and prayer have a less significant role. Temples don’t really impact society’s happiness in the game, and you can opt for the most relevant religion while creating the game world.

They collect valuable relics. Furthermore, in Adventure Mode, vampires can create unique clubs, spreading immortality idea worship in the game.

Dwarf Fortress Pray – Make A Temple Video Guide

Here is a youtube video of Building Temples in Dwarf Fortress


Hopefully, you like this Dwarf Fortress Pray guide. In this post, we covered the Prayer System guide and details of how Prayer works in Dwarf Fortress.

If you want to ask any questions about how to Build a Temple in Dwarf Fortress so comment section is always open for you.

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