Doors Walkthrough 2023 – All Monsters In Doors (Roblox)

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Looking for Doors Walkthrough 2023? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get the complete guide on Roblox Doors Walkthrough there are so many monsters and so many doors.

Following the success of Apeirophobia and The Mimic, another survival-style/horror experience has joined the Roblox platform which is Doors. In this game, gamers need to maneuver throughout, and ultimately escape, a haunted hotel by sprinting, sneaking, solving different puzzles, and, most importantly, evading several chilling monsters.

If you are actually brave enough to venture through this amazing experience and are looking for a complete guide on surviving all these in-game monsters, you are in luck! Continue reading below to know the complete Roblox Doors Walkthrough.

Recent Update – 25th June 2023

All Monsters In Doors 2023

Doors Walkthrough – Here are the all monsters in doors and how to survive them

Rush – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

Rush is actually one of the first, if not the first then entities gamers will encounter in The Hotel. When Rush spawns then the lights in various rooms will flicker, and you will hear a distorted growling sound – this is your in-game sign to hide.

You can actually avoid Rush by hiding in a vent or closet or crawling under the bed. If you actually fail to search a hiding spot before Rush speeds by, you will in-game die on contact. Once Rush has passed then all the lights in the rooms it ran through will be completely broken, but you can now continue toward the next in-game door without fear of its return.

In some cases, Rush will cause the lights to flicker without spawning. In these situations watch your back and then continue toward the next door in the game.

Ambush – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

When Rush is set to spawn then there is a very low chance that Ambush will actually spawn in its place. Like Rush, Ambush will also make the lights flicker, make a distorted noise before it actually appears, and run through all of the nearby rooms/hallways. Unlike Rush, however, Ambush can run through these in-game rooms up to 6 times.

The good strategy for surviving Ambush is to hide in a closet when you actually hear its presence, step out of the closet when it disappears, and again repeat this process until it completely disappears. Staying in the closet for very long will spawn Hide, so it is really good to leave and re-enter.

Ambush is exceptionally quicker than Rush, so make sure to complete the in-game steps above at a quick pace.

Hide – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

The hide is here to actually ruin your day for those who get comfort in hiding when the going becomes scary. This figureless entity spawns when gamers have spent so much time hiding inside vents or under beds or closets.

If Hide deems that you have been hiding for so long, your screen will begin to turn red color and flash the in-game words GET OUT, and your pulse will continuously increase, becoming louder and louder by the second.

If you still refuse to leave then Hide will eventually kick you out of wherever you are actually hiding and lower your health by forty percent. Then you will be blocked from hiding again until an in-game timer cooldown finishes.

Halt – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

Similar to Ambush and Rush, Halt makes its presence known by flickering in-game lights. Unlike these two entities, although, Halt does not immediately appear after the lights flicker starts. Rather, it spawns behind the next numbered door that gamers open. Upon opening this in-game door, gamers will enter a dark hallway only illuminated by Halt’s glowing blue color eyes.

To escape Halt then run down the hallway and out the in-game door at the other end. As you actually travel down the hallway then you will need to keep an eye out for flashing words, mainly Turn-Around.

When Turn Around appears on your game screen, immediately turn your character/camera and walk in the opposite direction, or walk backward. You will have to repeat this in-game process, turning around and walking forward every time the prompt appears until you finally make it through the door at the end of the hallway in the game.

If Halt makes contact with you so you will take sixty damage.

Eyes – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

As you move from room to room in the game, opening doors as quickly as possible, there is a chance you will run into a purple color glow – this is Eyes.

After some seconds, a thirty-six-eyed entity will spawn from the purple color glow and will deal ten damage to anyone who actually looks at it. To survive Eyes, just maneuver out of its in-game area while looking at the floor, walls, or ceiling. In other words, look anywhere but at it!

Screech – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

If you actually find yourself walking through a numbered door and into a pitch-black color room then you may have to look out for Screech.

This entity will actually make its presence known by whispering a quiet pst – when you hear this in-game sound then turn your camera behind you as quickly as you can and look directly at Screech in the game.

If you actually look at it in time then it will scream loudly and then jump at you but deal no damage in the game. If you completely fail to look at it in time, however, it will actually scream and jump and deal forty damage.

Having a light source in the game, such as a lighter or flashlight, will reduce the potential of Screech attacking in a dark room.

Jack – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

In terms of attack damage in the game, Jack is actually a harmless entity. In regards to psychological damage, however, that is a different story! According to the Doors wiki, Jack has actually a 1/20 chance of appearing in closets, and a 1/2K chance of appearing behind numberless doors in the game.

When this entity does appear then it serves as a mere jump-scare and does no damage to the gamer. The more closets that you open the more chances that Jack is to spawn behind one of them in the game.

Once Jack completely disappears then the closet or room it was in will be enterable again.

Timothy – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

Another harmless entity is Timothy, the jump-scaring and hiding spider. Each time that you actually open a drawer then there is a 1/200 chance of being jump-scared by Timothy, who will actually jump onto the gamer’s screen, take five HP, and then completely disappear.

Glitch – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

The Glitch will only attack multiplayer servers in the game. if you are playing solo then there is a zero percent chance that Glitch will actually attack you and deal damage.

In multiplayer, Glitch only attacks those who actually stray away from the group, taking away ten to forty HP and teleporting them near the other gamers. If everyone on your team stays together then you should not have to worry about running into Glitch in the game.

Update – A patch note has been added that makes it so that Glitch will actually appear in solo servers if the experience itself completely fails to load the next room in the game. Before this patch, players who encountered this bug while gaming would be forced to end their run, losing all of their in-game progress and leaving the server.

Now, with the latest update, gamers who encounter this in-game bug are instead met with Glitch and teleported some rooms ahead to try and combat the bug in the game. When this actually happens then you should not lose any HP.

Seek – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

Seek is one of two entities that actually have more than one guaranteed appearance in the game. Gamers will encounter Seek the first time between doors thirty through forty-five, then again sometime between doors eighty through ninety-five. Before Seek spawns, gamers will actually begin seeing unsettling eyeballs on the walls around them in the game.

After a while, walking through a numbered in-game door within the ranges mentioned above will actually cause Seek to appear from a pile of slime on the floor in the game. After a brief in-game cut scene, Seek will begin chasing gamers down a long hallway and through multiple in-game doors. As you run then keep an eye out for white sparkles – these will actually direct you along the right path.

As you move through the different hallways then Seek chases you down so you will come in contact with some obstacles that need you to slide or crawl under them. To do this then click on C or Shift as you approach the in-game obstacle.

Also, make sure to avoid the slime-covered hands and fallen chandeliers—touching the chandeliers will take forty HP and the hands will actually kill you automatically. If Seek catches up to you then you will also instant die, so look out for those sparkles in the game.

Once you actually reach the end of the final hallway and enter the next room in the game, the door behind you will close in Seek’s face and trap it outside in the game.

Figure – Doors Walkthrough

Image from official Doors wiki

Likely the most difficult entity to avoid, Figure is actually a blind entity that uses its excellent hearing to detect nearby, and sometimes even distant, gamers.

To survive Figure, moving slowly and crouching is crucial. Gamers will encounter the Figure twice, once in room fifty and again in room hundred. If gamers are attacked by Figure, they instantly die

If you actually notice Figure coming toward you then hop into a nearby closet, if possible, and hide. As it reaches you, a QTE minigame will actually appear on your screen that needs you to either press or click a pattern of specific buttons quickly.

If you complete this minigame then Figure will leave the in-game area and then give you time to make your escape.


Hopefully, you like this Doors Walkthrough Guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide on Roblox Doors Walkthrough and all monsters in Doors.

If you want to share any feedback or ask any questions related to Doors Walkthrough so comment section is always open for you.

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