Does Royal Match Have Ads 2023 – (Complete Details!)

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Are you searching does Royal Match have ads? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of does Royal Match have ads.

Royal Match is a popular game with a large number of levels and different areas where King Robert requires help to rebuild the Royal Castle.

In this game, players want to know does Royal Match have ads so continue reading to know the Royal Match ads details.

Does Royal Match Have Ads?

Does Royal Match Have Ads

Royal Match is a popular mobile game developed by Dream Games, and while it is actually true that the game doesn’t feature traditional ads, it still generates revenue in different ways.

First of all, like many mobile games, Royal Match game offers various in-gamepurchases. Gamers can spend money to buy different items and resources that can actually help them make more progress or enhance their gaming experience. As an example, gamers can buy gems, coins, and boosters that can help them finish levels faster or earn extra rewards in the game.

Also, Royal Match features a subscription model known as the Royal Pass, which provides gamers access to amazing perks and in-game rewards for a monthly fee. The Royal Pass provides things like exclusive decorations, unlimited lives, and extra rewards for levels completed.

Furthermore, Dream Games also earns revenue by offering sponsored content. This may include partnerships with other games or brands, or exclusive in-game events that provide special bonuses or rewards.

Additionally, Royal Match earns revenue from a combination of in-game purchases, sponsored content, and subscription models, allowing it to support itself financially without depending on traditional advertising.

About Royal Match Game

Royal Match

Royal Match is an amazing match-3 game published by Dream Games in February 2021. Royal Match quickly became one of the top-grossing puzzle games worldwide. The game revolves around King Robert, the game’s main character, and has a castle setting.

In this game, gamers can go through a huge number of match-3 levels, each more thrilling than the previous. By solving in-game puzzles, gamers collect coins used to decorate King Robert’s castle and unlock new areas in the game.

Additionally, the game has recurring tournaments and live events where gamers can compete against other gamers.

Royal Match Features

Here are the complete details of all the Royal Match Features


  • Core → puzzle match-3
  • Meta → base construction


  • Task/quest system
  • Incentivized actions outside core game
  • Special PvE modes/levels
  • Fully linear game progression

Game Mechanics

  • Special level mechanics
  • New game mechanics introduced as game progresses
  • 3+ min. average Lvl playtime
  • Randomness factor
  • Foreshadowed content
  • Energy type – life points
  • Session length restrictions
  • one to five minutes minimum time to progress
  • Matching type (match-three)
  • Automated tutorial


  • Guild communal gift
  • Incentivized social media connection
  • Instant social interaction rewards
  • Send/ask help
  • Noncompetitive co-op tasks
  • Leaderboards
  • Guild mechanics

Royal Match Monetization

Here is the list of ways that the Royal Match game earns money

  • Subscription plan
  • Limited IAP offers
  • Monetized continue/retry
  • Battle pass plan
  • Monetized timers
  • Number of different consumable boosts to buy

Royal Match Retention and Re-Engagement

Here is the list of the ways that the Royal Match retention their players

  • Live events – recurring
  • Dynamic competitive ladder
  • Daily quests

Games Like Royal Match

Here is the list of best Games Like Royal Match

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga by King
  • Love Fantasy: Match & Stories by Long-Wind
  • Clockmaker by Belka Games
  • Fishdom by Playrix
  • Gardenscapes by Playrix
  • Cookie Jam by Jam City
  • Royal Garden Tales by Lab Cave Games
  • Candy Crush Saga by King
  • Homescapes by Playrix
  • Match Masters by Candivore


Hopefully, you like this post of Does Royal Match have ads. In this post, we covered the complete details of Royal Match and does Royal Match have ads.

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