Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish 2023 – (Full Guide!)

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Looking for Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish and Codes.

Raids in Destiny 2 are generally simple; there are rarely easter eggs to find or ways to reach checkpoints quickly. Last Wish stands out as an exception to this rule, featuring a Wish wall that can change your raid run in different ways.

The most famous wish is 4, which immediately teleports you and your fire team to the Shuro Chi encounter in the game. Despite this, this wish is not well-known because of the boss battle itself—instead, it is common place to farm kills for different in-game quest objectives.

How do you actually teleport to Shuro Chi, and why is it so important? We will cover all of that with pictures and a step-by-step guide below.

Now without further delay let’s start the Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish guide.

Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish Code

 Shuro Chi Wish Code

Here is a picture of the code you will enter for Wish 4 (teleporting to Shuro Chi). You can shoot each circle until you actually come across the right symbol.

If you mistakenly pass it then you can cycle through all sixteen to get back (instead of starting over). Once you are done, step on the plate in the center of the in-game room to instantly teleport to the Shuro Chi battle.

How Does Shuro Chi Wish Matter?

Since people do not teleport to this encounter, the boss cannot be reached. Instead, they actually use the encounter’s opening to farm kills in the game.

As the encounter begins, various Taken Thrall waves appear around Shuro. These are simple to kill, allowing you to exotic catalysts, progress quests, or weapon crafting levels quickly.

Also, you have the option to place a Raid Banner after every run, ensuring you never run out of ammo in the game.

Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish

In order to farm efficiently, kill all in-game ads that spawn when Shuro stops moving and increases her tempo. After that, kill yourself with an explosive in-game weapon or by stepping on the plates surrounding her to reset the instance.

If you are an in-game Hunter then using Tether here can work really wonders. Killing one tethered opponent with an in-game weapon will deal weapon dmg to all other opponents in that tether, accelerating your progress in the game.

How To Reach The Wish Wall?

First, you have to get to the wall to enter the code for the Shuro Chi wish. You will proceed to the Kalli encounter as before until you actually reach the door to her in-game room.

Shuro Chi Wish Wall

When you reach here, jump to your left in the small in-game pool. At the far end of the water, you will see a lit green color path. The green path goes upward, so look above you if you are stuck. Follow this up and then jump into the cave that appears.

Shuro Chi Wish Wall

Start of the Green color path in the area.

Shuro Chi Wish Wall

End of the Green path.

After that, you will be at the wish wall. Then you Shoot the circles on the in-game wall enables you to cycle through sixteen different symbols, and stepping on the plate in the center submits the wish in the game. There are 14 in total, but for this post, we are only focusing on the one that actually teleports you to Shuro Chi in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish and Codes.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish so do comments below, thanks for reading this complete guide.

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