Deltarune Characters 2023 – (Update) (Chapter One And Two!)

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Looking for Deltarune Characters? So you are at the right spot here you will get all the Deltarune characters from chapters one and two. That post will help you to know more about your favorite characters of Deltarune.

In the Deltarune game, the pseudo-sequel to the iconic indie Role-playing game Undertale, there is another underground gameworld with more in-game characters (monsters) hiding from the surface, but just like Toby Fox’s original title, they are not all bad.

From robotic disk jockeys at work in retail to mysterious princes hoping for salvation, there is the latest wacky cast waiting to make your friends. Our Deltarune characters guide from chapters one & two has all the lore you need to actually make sense of the as of yet unfinished game story.

As in Undertale, in-game different choices build different outcomes, so it does not hurt to refresh yourself on lore, even as you might have skipped out on some essential information depending on your in-game route. So now let’s start the Deltarune characters guide.

Post Update – 30 June 2023

Deltarune Characters >>

Deltarune Characters

Here is the complete list of all the Deltarune characters

  • Susie
  • Asriel
  • Lancer
  • Ralsei
  • King
  • Alphys
  • Seam
  • Jevil
  • Rouxls Kaard
  • Kris
  • Toriel

In addition to these Deltarune characters, there are also several in-game Enemies and Townspeople’s dense populations.

All Deltarune Characters Wiki Details >>

Deltarune Characters

Here are the complete details of all the Deltarune Characters now first start with Kris’s Character details.

About Kris >>

Initially EquippedWood Blade
Magic 0

Kris is Deltaune’s protagonist, who, before falling into the game Darkworld, lives at home with their mother Asriel, and brother Toriel, who is away at college. Kris’ father is Asgore that also lives in Hometown.

Kris’ father residing at his shop of flowers since separating from Asriel. Kris’ adventure starts at school, where they know about Dark World and fall them with classmate Susie, and they are met by Ralsei, before starting an adventure as a trio.

You might recognize a few names here, and that is because Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel are all characters from the Undertale world. Though it seems like they are a different in-game universe version of themselves here, as there is no reference to the events from Toby Fox’s first debut.

There is also a very good chance that there is a connection between Undertale’s overarching antagonist Frisk and Kris, due to the in-game striking physical similarities between them both, but this is still separated at this time.

About Susie >>

Initially EquippedMane Ax

Susie is an amazing playable Character in Deltarune, who tags along with Kris into the Darkworld in Chapter one. Susie is occasionally playable during many of the good combat sequences and is part of the in-game party for the majority of Deltarune.

Susie appears to be seen as the slightly intimidating mysterious class bully at the school and seems to be a dragon type monster, as referenced by her weapon of Mane Ax in the Dark World game.

In the beginning, Susie Initially wants little to do with Kris and your adventure in the Dark World. But over time opens up to working together at in-game party and eventually becoming best friends.

About Ralsei >>

Attack 8
Initially EquippedRed Scarf

Ralsei First appears like an amazing hooded figure he reveals himself as a prince. Ralsei except he has not had any good subjects for a long time period. He is only been waiting for a separate dimension and Susie to appear.

Ralsei does not believe in fighting or battles and will always encourage using Act move instead of in-game Attack.

About Lancer >>


Lancer is an ultimate character in Deltarune and Lancer is your 1st enemy and plays a large role in the game story. You will look at him for the 1st time in the mysterious Underground but that definitely would not be the last that is really amazing.

About King >>

The actual bad guy behind the 1st chapter of Deltarune, King is the ruler of the Dark World and Lancer’s father. He is also, as you might think, the 1st major boss battle in the series, starting right at the end of chapter 1 to try and stop Kris and the gang from closing all of the Eastern Fountain.

Definitely, King is actually foiled, and his son Lancer leaves to join the Susie, Ralsei, and Kris, as they began on their in-game quest.

About Queen >>

Chapter 2 antagonist, Queen (Q5U4EX7YY2E9N – Serial Number), is the 2nd of the Knight’s lackeys trying to actually open up new in-game Dark Fountains in an attempt to start the Roaring and apocalypse of the Deltarune universe’s version.

While there is no big mistaking that she is an antagonist, Queen’s demeanour is quite cheerful, and she will search for a way around in-game battling, if she can get other people to do her bidding over other means.

About knight >>

The real bad character of the Deltarune universe, we still have not met Knight, but we have heard cool things about them. Both King and Queen serve Knight, save the dark fountains that Knight builds to sow destruction across both the light and dark worlds.

With reams of rumors about who Knight might be, we are hoping that we might meet the elusive mastermind in the Deltarune chapter three.

About Seam >>

Seam is the shopkeeper of the Dark World’s resident, Seam is being actually happy to sell their wares to gang of Frisk to help out on their quest. You can purchase useful items like darkburgers or dark candy from the furry shopkeeper.

Also if you defeat mini boss Jevil in the 1st chapter, they will celebrate your in-game achievements with unique items.

About Undyne, Asgore, Toriel, And Alphys >>

Undertale’s Toriel and Asgore return in Deltarune, once again acting as the maternal and paternal figures in the protagonist’s game life. At this time Asgore is much vengeful and less edgy.

As of the end of the Deltarune chapter 2, the pair are still bit-part gamers in Toby Fox’s follow-up, but in some chapters left the storyline, there are still a lot of good scopes for them to feature more strongly.

Alphys and Undyne also return, as Hometown’s class teacher and police captain respectively, although, despite constant shipping by fans, they are still not together.

The two play even less of a role than Toriel and Asgore, but it is certainly the best easter egg for any good Undertale fans that come over to Deltarune.

About Sweet Cap’n Cakes >>

This trio of in-game robotic DJs is at 1st a mini-boss battle, but after becomes a trio of shopkeepers helping Kris on their journey to save the Queen.

You can look at them to purchase some amazing battle items, like Susie’s Auto Axe, or just to jam out to some Deltarune tunes in your own style.

Game Wiki – Deltarune >>

Deltarune is an amazing role-playing video game that created by Toby Fox. In this game the gamer controls an in-game teenage human that is Kris. The role of Kris is to save the world together with Susie, a monster, and Ralsei, a prince from the Darkworld.

During their in-game quest to seal the Dark Fountains, the group meet the inhabitants of the Dark World some of whom battel to stop them. The game combat system is actually based on bullet hell attacks the gamer must dodge.

The game combat system is similar to Undertale, enemy encounters can be resolved quickly through peacefully or violence.

Conclusion >>

We hope you like this Deltarune characters guide. In this post, we mentioned all the Deltarune character names and complete detail which will help you to know more about your favorite Deltarune characters.

If you have any questions and suggestions for us related to Deltarune main character guide then the comment section is open for you, Happy gaming.

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