DBD Patch Notes Update (July 2023) (6.1.0 PTB Patch Notes)

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Looking for the latest DBD Patch Notes update 2022 so you reach the best spot. Here you will get everything about new dead by daylight patch notes and it’s all updates.

Dead by daylight is a really popular game and every DBD player is waiting for new updates so without further delay let’s start the new DBD Patch Notes Update 2022.

Last Update On : 13 July 2023

DBD Patch Notes Update – 6.1.0 PTB Patch Notes

DBD Patch Notes

Here you will get the official DBD patch notes for the 29th June 2022 new Dead By Daylight update, which will go live on the PTB servers at ET 11 AM.

DBD Patch Notes – Gameplay Update

  • Killers kicking a generator now immediately cause a 2.5 percent loss of progress as well as starting regression
  • Killer actions have been sped up by ten percent:
  • The time to kick a wall or pallet has been reduced to 2.34 sec (was 2.6 sec)
  • The time to kick a Generator has been actually reduced to 1.8 sec ( was 2 sec)
  • The basic attack cooldown has been reduced to 2.7 sec (was 3 sec)
  • Survivor speed boost duration when hit has been reduced to 1.8 sec (was 2 sec)
  • In the game survivors now have a modified version of Borrowed Time as a baseline skill, no perk actually required.
  • Bloodlust trigger in-game times have been reduced to twenty-five sec for Tier two, and thirty-five sec. for Tier three (was thirty sec and forty-five sec)
  • Unhooked Survivors now get a seven percent movement speed bonus and Endurance for five sec.
  • Generators actually take ninety sec for a single Survivor to totally repair (was eighty seconds)
  • The Endurance effect and speed bonus are removed if the Survivor performs a Conspicuous Action.
  • New in-game Term – Conspicuous Actions
  • Includes – healing yourself of others, cleansing or blessing a Totem, sabotaging a hook, Repairing a Generator, unhooking a Survivor, and opening an exit gate.
  • Added a new description and section to the Game Manual.
  • The endurance status effect is now actually canceled by Conspicuous Actions.

DBD Patch Notes – Killer Perks Update

Extends Generator reduction when a Survivor enters the dying state to ten percent (was 6%)
Extends the duration of Incapacitated in-game effect to 15/20/25 seconds (was 12/14/16 seconds)

Dark Devotion:
Now triggers when the Obsession actually loses a health state by any means (basic attacks)
Add – Once the Hex’s in-game effect is revealed to the Survivors, its aura is shown to the Survivors at a range of four meters. This range increases steadily over the next thirty seconds to twenty-four meters.

Hook Scourge: Pain Resonance

Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain in the game
Increased Repairing speed and Healing penalty to 10/13/16% (was 7/8/9%)

Pop Goes the Weasel:
Changed regression to be twenty percent of current progress (was twenty-five percent of total)
Note: This is actually calculated after the new baseline 2.5 percent regression when kicking a game generator.

Add: After Overcharge is actually applied to a generator, its regression speed increases from a hundred percent of the normal regression speed to four hundred percent over the next thirty seconds.

Chilli and Barbecue:
Bloodpoint bonus removed

Corrupt Intervention:
Add: Corrupt Intervention totally deactivates when any Survivor is in the dying state.
Note – The perk still deactivates after two minutes if no Survivor has entered the dying state.

Add: Healing Skill Checks move fifty percent faster for Survivors under the effect of this in-game perk.

Hex: No One actually Escapes Death

Monstrous Shrine:
Reworked – This game perk is now Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine
Scourge Hooks actually grant 10/15/20 percent faster Entity in-game progression if the opponent Killer is not within twenty-four meters. Basement hooks count as in-game Scourge Hooks.

Lethal Pursuer:
Add – Any time a Survivor’s aura is actually shown for a particular in-game period of time, its actual duration is increased by two seconds.
Note: This new in-game effect applies to the duration of the normal Lethal Pursuer effect, which means it effectively reveals Survivors for 9/10/11 sec at the start of the DBD match.

Knock Out:
Add – Recovery speed is actually reduced by twenty-five percent for Survivors under the effect of this DBD perk.

Cooldown removed

Hex: Ruin
Add – Once any Survivor is actually killed by any means, the Hex: Ruin Totem reverts to a DBD Dull Totem.

While a generator is not totally repaired by a Survivor, it will automatically and immediately regress repair progress at 50/75/100 percent of the normal regression speed.

Scream effect Removed on DBD Survivors repairing the exploding generator. The generator will spark to show in-game regression.

Add – This in-game effect can only be triggered once per Generator.

Actually increased individual penalties for sabotaging, repairing, and Totem cleansing to 4.5/5/5.5 percent (was 4/4.5/5 percent)

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DBD Patch Notes – Survivor Perks Update

Time Borrowed:
DBD Reworked to account for the baseline version of the game effect
Survivors you actually unhook keep their Endurance status effect for more than 6/8/10 sec and their movement speed bonus for an extra ten seconds.

Knowledge Botany:
Med-Kit efficiency bonus removed
Healing speed bonus Increased to 30/40/50 percent (was 11/22/33 percent)

Hard Dead:

Dark Sense:

  • Reworked – Each time in the game a generator is completed, Sense Dark activates. While active Dark Sense, the Killer entering a twenty-four-meter radius around you reveals their in-game aura for 5/7/10 sec. Once expires aura’s duration, Dark Sense actually deactivates.
  • Note – The DBD game effect triggers if the Killer is already within twenty-four meters when the perk is actually activated.

Calm Spirit:

  • Chance to avoid alerting crows Increased to 100 percent (was 80/90/100 percent)
  • Add – Allows you to open cleanse/bless and chests Totems silently, but at 40/35/30 percent reduced speed.
  • Removed the dash/dodge element of the DBD perk.
  • Activating Hard Dead now grants the Survivor Endurance for one sec.
  • An animation actually plays when activated, so DBD Killers can look when the perk is used without the in-game Survivor being hit


Iron Will:

  • Grunts of pain volume reduction to 25/50/75 percent (was 50/75/100 percent)
  • Add – Does not function while Exhausted. Does not actually inflict Exhausted.

The time limit Removed.


  • Starting tokens Reduced to three (was four)
  • Stipulation preventing removed the DBD perk from activating when in a Killer trap.
  • Add – Regain a token for every thirty sec spent inside the Killer’s in-game Terror Radius. Distortion may not have actually more than three tokens.

Deja Vu:
Add – Gain a five percent repair speed bonus on the generators actually revealed by Deja Vu

Decisive Strike:

  • Add – The DBD perk and its in-game effects are disabled if the exit gates are more powered.
  • The DBD perk is now actually disabled when the Survivor in-game performs a Conspicuous Action (Defined formerly in the DBD patch notes under the Game play section)
  • Stun duration is now three sec down from five sec
  • Reduction increased of scratch mark duration to 3/4/5 sec (was 1/2/3 sec)
  • Add – Your in-game scratch marks are spaced inconsistently.

We are Gonna Live Forever:

  • Reworked – When healing another DBD Survivor in the dying state, your in-game healing speed is increased by a hundred percent. Also, performing any of the following DBD actions activates this perk’s actually secondary function:
  • Safe Hook Rescue Perform
  • Protect a Survivor take a hit
  • Survivor rescue by stunning the Killer with a flashlight or pallet
  • When this DBD perk’s secondary function is actually active, healing another in-game survivor out of the dying state grants them Endurance for 6/8/10 sec and totally deactivates the secondary in-game function.

Add – Grunts of actual pain while in the dying state have their volume reduced by seventy-five percent.

Spine Chill:

Reworked – Notified when the DBD Killer is looking at you with a clear in-game line of sight within a thirty-six-meter range. Also, gain a 2/4/6 percent action speed bonus to sabotaging, repairing, healing, cleansing, blessing, unhooking, opening exit gates, and unlocking while Spine Chill is actually active. The effects of Spine Chill linger for 0.5 sec after the Killer actually looks away or is out of range.

Sole Survivor:
Add – When you are the last Survivor alive, gain seventy-five percent action speed when repairing generators and fifty percent action speed while opening an in-game exit gate or the Hatch.

Reduced the self-heal speed to 25/30/35 percent (was 50 percent)
Med-Kit efficiency bonus removed

Scourge Hooks now actually have a yellow color aura when a Survivor is being carried.

Now actually guarantees an Emergency Med-Kit in each chest (was just the 1st chest opened), when actually injured

Repair speed bonus increased to 6/7/8 percent (was 4/5/6 percent)
Add – This bonus is actually doubled if you cleanse a Hex totem.

Off the Record:
Add – Now actually grants the Endurance status effect for 60/70/80 sec.

Left Behind No One:
Triggers, when the in-game Exit Gates are more powered (triggered when an Exit Gate was actually opened)
Add – When unhooking a Survivor, they gain a seven percent movement bonus for ten sec.

Lucky Break:
Add – For each one sec spent healing another in-game Survivor, Lucky Break increases duration by one second. Lucky Break’s duration can not actually increase beyond its starting in-game value.

DBD Patch Notes – Progression Update

DBD Patch Notes updates Prestige and Progression systems have been reworked.

Note – No existing DBD items, perks, or cosmetics will be lost if they are already unlocked on an in-game character, even if having them actually would contradict the game rules of the new DBD system.

>> No longer Prestiging removes any offerings, DBD perks, items, add-ons, or perk slots

>> Teachable in-game Perks have been removed from the Bloodweb

>> Level fifty-one in the Bloodweb actually requires the character to Prestige, costing 50K Bloodpoints (In-game money)

>> Game characters can now each be prestiged up to hundread times

>> DBD Prestiging a character has the following in-game rewards:

  • Prestige one – The character’s perks are unlocked immediately for use on all other Killers/Survivors at Tier one
  • Prestige two – The game character’s perks are immediately unlocked for use on all other Killers / Survivors at Tier two
  • Prestige three – The game character’s DBD perks are immediately unlocked for use on all other Killers/Survivors at Tier three
  • Prestige four to six – Bloodied in-game cosmetic items (when available for the specific game character)
  • Prestige seven to nine – Perk Charms for the game character’s unique perks

>> Existing gamers will have their characters granted prestige levels in the latest system based on the following:

  • One level per existing Prestige level (maximum of three)
  • If the character has seventy or more Perks unlocked (Counting each tier of a perk separately):
  • 1 level: 70-119 Perks
  • 2 levels: 120-169 Perks
  • 3 levels: 170-219 Perks
  • 4 levels: 220-269 Perks
  • 5 levels: 270-319 Perks
  • 6 levels: 320+ Perks

>> Added a DBD Prestige legacy game effect to the character portraits that can be actually toggled in the Settings menu

>> Add a unique Prestige Crest artwork for every prestige level

>> Existing unlocked Teachable in-game Perks will immediately grant access to Tier one of that Perk on all in-game characters, even if no other mechanic has yet granted access to the DBD Perk.

DBD Patch Notes – Shrine of Secrets Update

  • Perks Teachable have been actually removed from the Shrine of Secrets
  • Perk Purchasing on the Shrine of Secrets now immediately unlocks that Perk on all Killers/Survivors at the Tier level
  • Tier one – 2K Iridescent Shards
  • Tier two – 4K Iridescent Shards
  • Tier three – 6K Iridescent Shards
  • You should purchase Tier one before you can purchase Tier two, and Tier two before Tier three, unless you have successfully unlocked the Perk via the Prestige System
  • Having the DBD perk currently available via the Prestige System price discounts:
  • Tier one via Prestige – 2K Iridescent Shards for Tier two, 4K Iridescent Shards for Tier three
  • Tier 2 via Prestige – 2K Iridescent Shards for Tier three
  • The same DBD Perk maybe buy multiple times on a single rotation of the Shrine of Secrets
  • Buy a Perk that you already have at Tier three will convert the Iridescent Shards to 100K Bloodpoints
  • This can only be actually done once per perk per Shrine of Secrets rotation (maximum of four times on a single rotation, assuming you already have all four Perks already at Tier three).

DBD Patch Notes – Matchmaking Incentives Update

DBD Matchmaking Update

>> DBD Matchmaking Incentives have been actually added to the game
Not available to gamers who have Cross-Play disabled

>> When the Survivor Killer ratio in the actually active Matchmaking queue drifts too far from the in-game optimal (4:1) ratio, gamers will receive Bloodpoint rewards to enter the queue as the needed in-game role.
Note: Gamers can also expect queues with a large in-game incentive to have queue times faster.

>> Matchmaking incentives will actually appear on the in-game main menu and in the game lobby next to the ready option.

DBD Patch Notes – UI Update

  • UI layout changes to accommodate the latest Prestige Crest on multiple in-game screens.
  • The character Info button has been totally moved to the side tabs in the UI Lobby.
  • Character Swap buttons/prompts are replaced with a Previous/Next button in the game Lobby footer UI.

DBD Patch Notes – Optimization Update

  • The Doctor’s performance optimized

Note – The Doctor currently has one of the big impacts on the game performance for in-game Killers. These DBD performance optimization updates should help improve that on all other platforms.

DBD Patch Notes – Bug Fixes

  1. Issue fixed where the audio cue wrong would be called when selecting a DBD Survivor from the Role Selection menu.
  2. Issue fixed where when changing from the Play As Killer menu in the game to the Store, the Killer’s sound effects would be actually missing.
  3. Issue fixed that caused the Hex Undying perk DBD to reveal Survivor auras when they are near an in-game Boon Totem.
  4. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Hillbilly to be able to use his momentum to reach inaccessible areas.
  5. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Dredge’s head to clip through the camera when teleporting to a locker.
  6. Issue fixed that caused the extra fatigue duration from in-game chain blinks to be unaffected by the game Nurse’s Catatonic Boy’s Treasure add-on.
  7. Issue fixed where the DBD Tenacity perk would only reduce grunts of in-game pain after moving from their initial falling point Survivors.
  8. Issue fixed that caused the Brand New Part add-on to bypass the Survivors screaming when the Scourge and Eruption Hook: Pain Resonance perks are actually triggered.
  9. Issue fixed where, in some rare instances, some DBD Killer’s Bloodweb generation sounds would be stuck in the loop of infinite.
  10. Issue fixed that caused the Built to Last perk to recharge and continue the item when interrupted going into a locker.
  11. Pass Audio optimization on the Midwich Elementary School map to prevent in-game audio cuts.
  12. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Legion’s Feral Frenzy combo not to reset when blinding them mid-lunge game attack.
  13. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Deathbound perk to not give progress to the in-game Punch Drunk achievement (trophy for platforms of Sony).
  14. Issue fixed that caused DBD Survivors to recover indefinitely with Soul Guard once affected by the Hex Plaything or Hex Pentimento perks in the game.
  15. Issue fixed that sometimes caused the DBD Killer to not be able to pick up a Survivor who is downed in the basement stairs after using Dead Hard.
  16. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Firecracker and Flashbang items to be unusable when running downstairs.
  17. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Heroic Virtue challenge to gain good progress when the Killer disconnects.
  18. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Haste status effect icon to be actually missing when affected by Hex: Devour Hope.
  19. Issue fixed that caused a missing in-game animation when Survivors open an exit gate while injured and contaminated by The Nemesis game T-Virus.
  20. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Cannibal’s Shop Lubricant add-on to hide the auras of downed Survivors when using the in-game chainsaw.
  21. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Nightmare’s Pill Bottle add-on to not make him invisible to awake Survivors after dropping and picking up a good Survivor.
  22. Issue fixed where Hillbilly’s chainsaw revving sound effect does not actually continue for the entire duration of the DBD charge animation.
  23. Issue fixed that caused only 1 Survivor to grunt when 1 or more Survivors stopped the healing action while affected by the Hemorrhage status game effect when close to each other.
  24. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Hag’s trigger range add-ons (Bloodied Water, Bog Water, Bloodied Mud) to have no functionality.
  25. Issue fixed that caused the aura reading effect from the Knock Out DBD perk to apply to Survivors that are downed by other means than the in-game Killer’s basic attack.
  26. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Artist’s Scanning Crows not to reveal Killer Instinct on Survivors in the dying in-game state.
  27. Issue fixed that caused the skill check wiggle UI to briefly appear after succeeding a Decisive DBD Strike skill check.
  28. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Pig’s Ambush Dash animation to freeze when hitting an in-game asset.
  29. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Nemesis’ Prestige outfit to have an in-game hole in the hand.
  30. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Adrenaline perk to give progress to the Generosity challenges.
  31. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Kinship perk to not give clear feedback when the perk is actually activated.
  32. Issue fixed where when a DBD Killer would hit a wooden table, the incorrect surface sound would be actually played.
  33. Issue fixed that caused cleasning a totem while under the in-game Broken status effect to still activate the Inner DBD Healing perk when the Broken status effect ends.
  34. Issue fixed a missing animation when actually vaccinating another Survivor.
  35. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Madness Tier 2 effect of the Doctor’s Calm add-ons not to match the description.
  36. Issue fixed that caused The in-game Nightmare’s Dream Pallet placing animation to be missing.
  37. Issue fixed that caused equipped game charms to not appear for other DBD Survivors in a Survivor lobby.
  38. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Lucky Break perk to activate during the camera pan at the start of the game match when having the No Mither perk actually equipped.
  39. Issue fixed that could cause the healing in-game progress bar to remain on screen after the healing action is totally completed when affected by the Hemorrhage status effect.
  40. Issue fixed that caused the Streetwise DBD perk to remain active in the area when the Survivor with it was actually Sacrificed, Killed, or disconnected.
  41. Issue fixed that caused The DBD Wraith’s Shadow Dance – White add-on to actually increase the locker opening speed while cloaked.
  42. Issue fixed where the female Survivor voice-over would not follow the game character’s mouth movement when being hooked.
  43. Issue fixed where the small DBD pole Generators would fail to throw confetti and would not gameplay the correct SFX once completed in specific in-game maps.
  44. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Decisive Strike perk to remain active indefinitely if the Killer is actually stunned when the skill check needle is in the success zone.
  45. Issue fixed that caused the DBD Invigorated status effect from The Clown’s Afterpiece Antidote to last longer when exiting an in-game gas cloud as it activates.
  46. Issue fixed that caused some DBD audio in the Menus to be played again.


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