DayZ Splint : (How To Make) (April 2023)

DayZ Splint

Want to know about DayZ Splint so you are on the best page. Here you will get everything about the DayZ Splint and How To Make A Splint In Dayz.


Moving around with a splint in DayZ game is not a picnic. Survivors can not sprint or jump as the splint limits some in-game mobility. It is still possible to jog, however without getting actual shock damage.

The player can also climb with a splint on but it is really slower process.


That is to say, knowing how to make a Splint in DayZ and use is crucial for survival in the game. Moving with untended broken limbs will actually cause survivors to go in-game unconscious, leaving them vulnerable to hazards and attacks.

To ensure you know the basics of in-game healing, let’s go through the DayZ splint crafting process across all platforms.

Last Update On : 16 April 2023

DayZ Splint

DayZ Splint

Splints are as important in the DayZ game as they are in real life. In the game, splints keep the bone in place to allow it to heal properly. In the DayZ game, they allow a fracture to heal in fifteen minutes as opposed to thirty minutes without one.


Also, they allow a player to walk and run at normal speed without incurring shock damage which in-game leads to blacking out. You can not sprint just yet but you will be able to get a safe spot and away from opponents.

How To Make A Splint In DayZ?

Making a splint in DayZ game is one of the first and most important things any survivor needs to learn to do. It is a simple crafting recipe that requires bandages, sticks, and rags.

Players can get small sticks in the game by chopping down small bushes or by splitting the wood from the in-game chopped trees.


Bandages are one of the common medical/healing game items. When in a limited supply of bandages, players can also craft rags and use them in the splint in-game recipe.

Keep in mind that you need 4 rags and 2 sticks to make a single splint DayZ. You also require your bandages at hundred percent along with 2 sticks to make a splint in DayZ.

How To Make Splint In DayZ On PS4?

Here is the complete process of how to make a Splint in DayZ on PS4, In PS4 Only the combine button differs when crafting a splint.

  • First, equip 2 small sticks in your hands.
  • Then highlight some bandages or rags from your in-game bag.
  • Next cycle through the crafting options until you actually reach the splint recipe.
  • Now press and hold Circle to combine the bandages with the in-game sticks.
  • Bring up the item screen then take the splint from the Vicinity tab.
  • Finally, place it in your bag or on a broken limb if you actually have one.

How To Make A Splint In DayZ On Xbox?

Creating a splint in DayZ involves the actually same process on all gaming platforms.

  • First, take 2 small sticks from the in-game inventory and place them in your hands.
  • Then select rags or bandages from your bag.
  • Next, select the splint recipe from the crafting list.
  • Click and hold B to combine the bandages with the sticks.
  • Now bring up the item screen and then take the splint from the Vicinity tab.
  • Finally, place it in your bag or on a broken limb if you actually have one.

How to Make Splint in DayZ on PC?

Assuming you have actually not remapped your in-game controls, your standard combine button on a PC or Laptop should be the Left Mouse Button.

  • First, hold two small sticks in your hands
  • Then select the rags or bandages bundle from your bag.
  • Next cycle via the crafting options for the splint recipe.
  • Simply press and hold the Left Mouse Button to combine the bandages with the sticks.
  • Now your splint will be displayed in the Vicinity tab once crafted.
  • Finally, place it in your bag or on a broken limb.

How To Make Splint In DayZ 1.10?

The DayZ 1.10 update marked the introduction of the splint medical item. Since then, it is crafting process has actually remained the same.


You need either rags or bandages and two sticks to create a splint.

  • First, harvest or take the necessary in-game items from your inventory.
  • Next Place the items in your hands.
  • Then press and hold the Combine button on your PC/controller.
  • Now Hold for at least 5 seconds or until the animation ends.
  • Finally, heal your broken limb or store the splint in your game inventory.

It is recommended to actually carry at least one crafted splint in your bag at all times to swiftly tend to a broken limb.

How To Use A Splint In DayZ?

DayZ Splint

You actually only use a splint if you have a broken limb in the game. If not then you can still craft it and store it in your bag. Here are the best steps that how to use it:

  • First, take the splint from your bag and then place it in your hands.
  • Then hold down the assigned Use button for ten seconds.
  • Next check the continuous action timer.
  • Keep in mind that you can abort the action. Letting go of the use button during the in-game crafting process will cancel the healing process.

In DayZ once applied to the broken limb then the splint will heal it depending on the severity of the actual damage. It should not take longer than twenty minutes at the most, regardless of the in-game damage.

FAQs About DayZ How To Make A Splint

Here are some questions and answers related to how to make Splint DayZ

Q. What Is a Wooden Splint in DayZ?

In DayZ a wooden splint is a medical item that you can craft in the game. It is a necessary healing in-game item used to tend to fall gunshots or damage wounds to the extremities.


Without the use of a splint on a broken limb, moving around might cause continuous actual shock damage to the survivor. It is even possible to end up unconscious from moving rapidly on a broken limb.

Q. How To Heal Yourself in DayZ?

There are different ways to heal your survivor in the DayZ game, depending on the different issues. For broken limbs, you can use splints to gradually heal yourself.

If you actually get a disease you have to identify and take the right medication – usually in the form of tablets and pills.


Also, you can perform saline or blood transfusions to heal certain conditions. You can apply rags or bandages to stop the bleeding.

Regardless of the issues, there is no way to instantly heal your survivor in the DayZ game. Almost every form of treatment takes some time to work; some take longer than actual others.

Q. How To Play DayZ Game?

DayZ is actually a complex survival game. Your main goal is to survive encounters with infected hostile and zombies players.


You have to harvest different resources to craft equipment and weapons, get water, food, and medicine, and survive the outbreak.

Essentially, DayZ revolves around doing whatever you can to stay healthy and alive, while fending off hunger, attackers, disease, and everything else the game world throws at you.

Final Words

We hope you really enjoy our DayZ Splint guide. In this post, we covered everything about the DayZ Splint and how to make a Splint In Dayz.


Also if you have some questions related to how to make DayZ Splint so comment on us and share your valuable feedback.

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