Dayz Blood Chart 2023 (Complete Guide!)

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Looking for Dayz Blood Chart so you reach the best spot. Here we are going to show you the latest Dayz Blood Chart and everything you need to know about blood types in the DayZ game.

Now without further delay let’s start the Dayz Blood Chart guide.

Recent Update – 14th July 2023

About Dayz Blood

Blood in DayZ game is not directly connected to the in-game life bar, but makes you weaker or stronger, colored or gray, faster or slower, depending on your actual status. If you have low in-game blood levels then you will suffer shock damage continuously that kills you in the Dayz game.

Dayz Blood Chart 2023

Here are all the Dayz Blood Chart and Dayz Blood Transfusion Chart

Blood Type Chart By DayZ 1.18

There are different blood types in DayZ game much like in real life. Because DayZ doesn’t combine any blood type in the game. If you actually know which blood types are most compatible then you will also know that in DayZ – if not, then here is a DayZ blood type table that helps you.

Blood Type Chart By DayZ 1.18

How To Make And Use Blood Bags in DayZ 1.18?

What you actually need for blood bags: In order to make blood bags that your game friends or others that you want to heal, you have to gather some in-game items. You will get each of these medical items in large quantities in the game.

  • IV start kit
  • Blood collection set
  • Rapid blood type test
  • A willing player, a fresh corpse, or yourself

First, you test yourself in the game and your donor or recipient using a rapid blood test. Then you can check whether you are actually compatible or not in the DayZ blood type table. Since the new DayZ update 1.14, it is actually sufficient if you draw your blood in the game. The filled blood pack will actually show you which blood group belongs to you.

If your blood type is really compatible, you grab the in-game collection set and draw blood from your friend or yourself. But before you actually administer it, you need to combine it with an IV starter kit to make a blood bag IV.

When blood type is wrong – If you intentionally or accidentally give your friend the wrong blood type via transfusion then the consequences are actually serious. A similar error is fatal in most in-game cases. The recipient actually keeps losing blood until he ends up dying in the game.

Regenerate Without Blood Bag

There are different ways to regenerate blood in DayZ game. As well to the blood bag, you still have the good option to escape from any battle, to wait, or eat enough.

There are various types of DayZ in-game food. The healing process can begin even with actually low satiety and thirst-quenching of your in-game character.

The fuller the symbols of liquid and food, the quicker you heal yourself. Here we mention how big the difference is on the in-game spectrum. Note that the maximum liquid is 5000 and the maximum saturation is 7500.

Low Regeneration —

  • Food – 200 to 399
  • Liquid – 300 to 599
  • Regeneration of Blood – 0.075 ml/s

High Regeneration —

  • Food – 7000 Approx
  • Liquid –  4500 Approx
  • Regeneration of Blood – 0.30 ml/s

Saline Crafting —

  • Saline-Bag (1x)
  • IV starter kit (1x)
  • Combine the 2 items, and you are actually good to go.

Benefits of a saline bag – A saline bag IV or saline solution is another good way to replenish your in-game blood level. The pack quickly heals up some of your blood and health points and makes it simpler for your digital body to regenerate more in-game blood. A saline solution or Saline-Bag-IV can also provide you relief from dehydration — even if only for a short while.

Final Words

Hopefully, you enjoy this Dayz Blood Chart guide. In this post, we covered Dayz Blood Chart and everything you need to know about the Blood Chart for Dayz game.

If you have any questions related to Blood Chart Dayz and want to share some suggestions so comment section is always open for you.

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