DAI Mod Manager 2023 – (How To Use) (Full Guide!)

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Want to know about DAI Mod Manager? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager and how to use it.

While playing the fantasy role-playing game, a mod manager will prove essential due to the nature of the game. Therefore, the Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager is exactly what every gamer is looking for.

Once you set up the Mod Manager and give the game access to it then you can simply start modding in the RPG game.

As you are here, you are also searching for the most suitable Mod Manager for the game. Then, you will not have to look further as this post has you covered. So we suggest you keep reading.

Note – This DAI Mod Manager post is only for informational purposes, we don’t promote any type of cheating in the game.

How To Get DAI Mod Manager?

DAI Mod Manager

With a Mod Manager, it is simpler to access the mod plugins. Hence, most gamers prefer it. Since DAI is an amazing Fantasy role-playing game, using a Mod Manager will be very helpful in reaching higher in-game levels. Additionally, you will get access to content that all gamers do not have access to.

To get the Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager, you need Frosty Mod Manager. Even though the old Mod Manager was discontinued, Frosty offers regular updates and is therefore the better option to use. In addition, you also can use Nexus Mods to download multiple game mods.

How To Install DAI Mod Manager

Once you have downloaded the DAI Mod Manager, you will need to install it in the main directory of the game to actually run it. Here is the complete process of how to install Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager in the main directory of the game:

  • While in the game main directory (Origin folder or Steam) create the new folder for Frosty Mod Manager.
  • Once you successfully install the Mod Manager then open Frostymodmanager.exe to launch it, and then click New.
  • Next, look for DragonAgeInquisition.exe in the new pop-up window that opens and double-click it or click Open. You can actually find this .exe file by visiting the main directory. If you’re playing on Steam, select the game file and click on the Manage drop-down to actually get the Local Files Browse option.
  • Afterward, you will get the Choose Configuration option in another window and you will have to choose Dragon Age: Inquisition here.
  • Upon clicking it, the Dragon Age Inquisition mod manager window will appear and you can add new mods.
  • Now, drop the mod file into the mod manager window and double-click on them to Apply Mod in the game.
  • Finally, after adding the mod files then you can press Launch to play the games with the mods.

DAI Mod Manager Not Working Error

There is a chance that after the engine is installed, your mod manager will not work. There is an important reason why that happens. The DAI mod manager will need to be upgraded to the latest version so you will not have any issues installing your mods or wondering if they will work or not.

Other possible errors include your mod manager not working because it’s not installed in your game’s main directory. It’s a must. Mod Managers and mods always require to be installed in the main directory of the game in specialized folders so you do not get lost while looking for them.

Also, there is a possibility that, depending on the antivirus on your device, it will block Mod Managers running because of suspicious files. Disable the antivirus or just do not have antivirus on your computer, in 2023 it is truly unnecessary. Windows Firewall is actually enough.


Hopefully, you like this DAI Mod Manager guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager and how to use it.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the DAI Mod Manager so comment section is always open for you.

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