Da Hood Controls 2023 – (PC, Xbox, Mobile) (All Controls!)

Da Hood Controls

Looking for Da Hood Controls? So you reach the best spot here in this post you will get all the Da Hood Controls for PC, Xbox, and Mobile devices.

The Da Hood Controls help to learn to perform all actions both on PC and on Mobile, Xbox, and Laptop, also the ragdoll thrown move.

Now without further delay let’s start the Da Hood Controls guide.

Da Hood Controls

Da Hood Controls

Here are all the Da Hood Controls for PC, Xbox, and Mobile

Da Hood Controls For PC

Here is the list of all Da Hood PC Controls

Left SHIFT Use the key to Sprint
Left CTRL Use the key toCrouch
G KeyUse the key to Carry
E KeyUse the key to Stomp
F KeyUse the key to Block (You can weave 100% if you time at the right time when blocking)
Left SHIFT+G (Crouch + Carry)Use the key to Ragdoll thrown
Mouse left click Use the key to Attack (if you have chosen a weapon – bottom menu)
. (point)Use the key to Select emote
I-O or mouse wheel Use the key to zoom in and Out
Esc KeyUse the key to open the game settings
No. KeyUse the key to select items you already own
W, A, S, D KeyUse the key to move around (left, forward, back & right respectively)

Practice a little with these Da Hood controls on your keyboard until you use them without noticing.

Da Hood Controls For Xbox

Here is the list of all Da Hood Xbox Controls

X KeyUse the key to Reload
Y KeyUse the key to Block (You can weave 100% if you time at the right time when blocking)
B KeyUse the key to Crouch
Left Thumbstick Hold Use the key to Run
Right Trigger Use the key to Use the item / Shoot
Left Trigger Use the key to Aim
Directional Pad Up Use the key to carrying (Hold/Grab)
Directional Pad Down Use the key to Stomp
B+Directional Pad Up Use the key to (Crouch + Carry) to Ragdoll thrown

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Da Hood Controls For Mobile

Da Hood Controls

Here is the list of all Da Hood Mobile Controls

  • Joystick – Use the key to move around
  • Shoot Button – Use the key to shoot

Mobile and Laptop gamers have built-in Da Hood controls, to fully auto in mobile, you need to click on the shoot button below and track with your thumb, put the weapon away to actually stop.

If you know any other combination, movement, of keys or controls, or buttons that we have not included in this post, do comment so that we can add it and have the most complete Da Hood Controls guide.

About Da Hood Game

Da Hood is an amazing role-playing sandbox game developed by Da Hood Entertainment. The game takes place in actually a gang subculture environment, where gamers can become an Officer or become Criminal to become a part of a powerful Gang.

The Da Hood game has mainly been criticized due to its toxic environment from its gamer base but this game is really popular and fun to play.

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Hopefully, you like these Da Hood Controls. In this guide, we covered all the Controls for Da Hood game for PC, Xbox, and Mobile devices.

If you have any suggestions related to this Da Hood Controls guide so comment section is always open for your valuable feedback.

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