Cube Earth In Solar Smash 2023 – (Complete Guide!)

Cube Earth In Solar Smash

Looking for Cube Earth In Solar Smash? So you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on Cube Earth In Solar Smash.

Solar Smash is an amazing perfect simulation game for gamers that just want destruction out of their video games. Moreover, with this game gamers can do destruction to in-game space and destroy different planets using lethal weapons in the game. gamers can unlock different new planets like the Cube Earth as they actually progress through Solar Smash.

Gamers curious to know how they can actually get the Cube Planet in Solar Smash will find all their answers below. Now without any delay let’s start the Cube Earth In Solar Smash guide.

How To Get Cube Earth In Solar Smash?

Cube Earth In Solar Smash

There are different planets that gamers can destroy using weapons like lasers, nuclear missiles, and asteroids. However, there are also some secret and hidden planets in the game. Cube Planet is one such planet that gamers will have to unlock before they can actually destroy it in Solar Smash.

The Cube Planet has the same texture as Earth planate but it’s in the shape of a cube in its place. To unlock this in-game planet, gamers will have to fiddle with their weapon grid settings. These in-game settings can be actually opened by clicking on the grid icon that is located in the top left corner of the game screen. Gamers can now actually set all the grid settings to middle values a.k.a X, Y, Z. Now, gamers should lower all the parameters by one point.

Once the grid settings have been actually set then gamers can use a weapon of their choice to annihilate the in-game planet. Due to the grid setting then gamers will be left with a small cube at the end. After resting on the in-game planet then gamers will get the Cube Earth.

Once you have set the grid settings right you can actually use any weapon like a laser to destroy the in-game planet. With these grid settings, your laser will actually leave a small cube. Then you just have to reset this planet to get the Cube Planet in the game.

However, gamers that have the latest updated version of the game don’t have to go through all this hassle. In the Solar Smash newest version, the Cube Earth is actually available in the menu right from the beginning of the game.

How To Unlock Secret Planets In Solar Smash?

Solar Smash

You can find some secret planets in Solar smash and here you can see how to actually unlock those planets:

Flat Earth –

To unlock the Solar Smash Flat Earth in the game, you have to set the laser to five. Then, use the laser to destroy the lower and upper parts of the Earth. Press reset when only the earth’s middle part is left. Finally, you will get the Flat Earth in Solar Smash.

Cube Earth –

To make Cube Earth, you have to open your grid settings. Then, put the Z, Y, and X values in the lower and middle each one by one. There would be extra parts seen, and you have to destroy the excess part outside the in-game cube. After that, click on reset and finally you will get the Cube Earth in Solar Smash.

Donut Earth –

To get the Solar Smash Donut Earth, you have to remove the bottom and top of the Earth and then create a hole in the middle. After that, click on reset, and you will finally get the Donut Earth in Solar Smash.

Ghost World –

You can unlock the spirit planet which is also called the Ghost World. To get this Solar Smash planet, you have to hit the planet many times in the game. You can actually use the purple ghost weapon from the Monsters category to hit the in-game planet. You have to bring out many ghosts, and they will actually destroy the planet. After completely planet-destroying, you have to reset, and finally, the Ghost World would be unlocked.

Snowman –

Unlocking the Snowman in Solar Smash is really simple. You have to use the Freeze Ray weapon to freeze the entire surface of the in-game planet. After that click on restart. You can actually find the Snowman in the Unknown System category in the game.

Trick Or Treat –

Trick or Treat will actually show up as a huge space pumpkin. To get this in the game, use the Planet Killer weapon from the UFO section. Use that in-game weapon anywhere on Earth planate. A beam actually comes out and overheats the in-game planet’s core, ultimately making it explode. Now, click on restart just a moment before the explosion and finally you will get the Trick or Treat word.

Gingerbread Man –

Before unlocking the Solar Smash Gingerbread Man planet, you have to unlock the Snowman in-game Planet. You have to use the Planet Killer weapon on the Snowman Planet to actually get this. If you use the weapon for a long enough period of time then it will begin to glow bright orange. The Planet Killer will actually teleport away. You have to immediately reset the planet once it teleports. By doing so then you can finally unlock the Gingerbread Man planet.

Blockworld –

To unlock Blockworld planet in the game so you have to unlock the Cube Earth planet first. You have to fire a Healing Missile at Cube Earth in the game. You have to reset when the green mist is actually present on the planet. Blockworld planet would be unlocked by now in the Solar Smash game.

The Sun –

You have to start looking at Mars to actually unlock the in-game Sun. You have to aim at the Sun and then send ten green UFOs toward it. The Sun will actually explode by doing so, and it will be now unlocked.

About Solar Smash

Solar Smash is an amazing planet destruction simulator game developed and published by Paradyme Games for Android and Ios Devices. Solar Smash game allows the gamer to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the in-game planet. These include lasers, nuclear missiles, and asteroids.

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