CSGO Callouts Dust 2 (Update!) (April 2023)

Looking for CSGO Callouts Dust 2? So you are at the best place here in this post you will get the complete guide on all the map callouts for Dust 2 in CSGO.

Dust 2 is one of the most popular and iconic maps of the CS community. This map first appeared after the launch of CS 1.6. With the launch of CSGO, the map has seen a slight change in its in-game locations. But knowing its ins and outs can be actually a bit tricky for new gamers.

And this is where the veteran gamers roast the hell out of the gamers. While grinding on Dust 2 game for endless hours can offer gamers the ins and outs, here is a head start for new gamers.

So our guide helped to find out all the callouts for Dust 2 in CSGO now without further delay let’s start.

Last Post Update : 25 April 2023

CSGO Callouts Dust 2

Dust 2 can be actually a shorter map compared to other in-game maps, it is filled with some specific areas labeled by gamers. This is to communicate more effectively during competitive matches that can last over one minute and fifty-five seconds.

It is quite obvious that the better you communicate with your in-game teammates, the more edge you have against your opponents or enemies. So, here are all the CSGO Callouts Dust 2 map:

CSGO Callouts Dust 2
CSGO Callouts Dust 2 Map

CSGO Callouts Dust 2 Map Details

Here are the complete details of the callouts for the Dust 2 map

A Short – counter-terrorists spawned nearby this area. It is the shortest way for them to Site A. For terrorists, it is actually a short way as well.

T Spawn – Terrorists now start playing rounds here.

T Plat – A platform near Spawn T with a view at Ramp T.

Outside Tunnels – Quite an actual big area, an entrance to tunnels B. Terrorists pass this place while moving to Site B.

Upper B Tunnels – If terrorists actually decide to move in tunnels to Site B, they turn left here. The in-game right turn leads to Mid.

Lower B Tunnels – An entrance to Mid for terrorists that actually move through tunnels.

Close – A corner on Site B, left for terrorists entering from Upper in-game Tunnels. It is a really nice place for counter-terrorists to actually wait for their victims. Attackers need to check this corner.

B Closet – A corner, for both teams to hide on Site B. It is actually located to the right side for terrorists, entering from Upper in-gameTunnels.

B Car – A car on Closet B. Gamers are on Car B if they really hide behind it.

Fence – A wall on Site B. Counter-terrorists may stay here invisible for in-game terrorists that actually enter from the tunnels.

B Plat – A platform near the planting area on Site B, with a view at the entrance from Upper in-game Tunnels.

Back Plat – An area behind the planting area on Site B. It is a really good place to hide for both teams.

Big Box – A big box on Site B, actually an analog of Xbox on Mid.

Double Stack – 2 boxes on Plant B, one over the other.

B Default Plant – An area to plant the in-game bomb on Site B.

B Window – This Dust 2 CS:GO callout includes the window on Site B that leads to CT Mid and boxes that also help to reach it.

B Back Site – An area behind Default Plant B if looking at it from the in-game tunnels.

B Doors – An entrance to Site B from CT Mid.

B Boxes – Boxes outside Doors B. Sometimes, gamers wait here for opponents or enemies who move from Site B to CT Mid.

Scaffolding – Building in-game materials on CT Mid just opposite Window B. It is a really good place to wait for protectors or attackers of Site B.

CT Mid – An open area between B Site and CT Spawn. Terrorists actually enter it from Mid.

Mid Doors – Big doors between Mid and Mid CT. Terrorist snipers shoot through these in-game doors from their spawn area.

Xbox – A big in-game box, terrorists face it while actually moving from Lower Tunnels to Mid. Jump on this box and you will finally be able to reach Short A.

Mid – A big in-game corridor-like area, a direct way between Spawn T and CT Mid.

Palm – Here was a palm tree but now it is a telephone mast at the in-game beginning of Mid, from the side of Catwalk

Top Mid – An area that actually connects Mid with Outside Mid and Suicide.

Suicide – Rather a short way from Spawn T to Mid. It is actually a very dangerous way, though. Snipers of CT observe this in-game place from Mid Doors.

Outside Long – Terrorists enter this area while actually moving to the Long Doors and then A Long and Top Mid.

Long Doors – For terrorists, it is an entrance to the zone, usually protected by in-game counter-terrorists. Here you will meet 2 double-doors with a small room between them.

Blue – A big crate opposite to the Long in-game Doors (while moving to Long A).

Side Pit – A hidden area right from the Long Doors (for terrorists). Counter-terrorists may actually wait for victims here or on Pit.

Pit – A slope, actually hidden from the view of terrorists entering A Long from the Long Doors, separated from Side Pit by an in-game brick wall.

Pit Plat – A platform that is actually near Pit. Snipers can see A Site from now here.

A Long – A long corridor-like in-game area on the way of terrorists towards Site A (if they actually walk through Long Doors.

A Car – If terrorists move through actually A Long, they should check the in-game car to their right because it offers the best protection for counter-terrorists to shoot attackers.

A Cross – This area is actually visible from many angles, from A Short, A Site, and A Long.

A Ramp – A slope from Site A towards Long A.

A Default Plant – A place with a big A for planting the bomb on Site A.

Barrels – They stand behind Site A.

Goose – A closed zone with actually a spray-painted goose.

Elevator – A corner of Site A, closest to CT Spawn. Counter-terrorists actually often use this spot to reach the platform, often when retaking Site A.

A Platform – Rather a big platform, where Site A is actually located.

A Ninja – A hiding position on Platform A. Counter-terrorists often wait here for their in-game victims. It is actually a nice place for ninja-defuse.

Stairs – They are actually located on the way from Catwalk to Short A.

Catwalk – Terrorists actually pass this area while moving from Top Mid to Short A and Site A.

CT Spawn – Counter-terrorists appear in the rounds very close to Short A and Site A.


Hopefully, you really enjoy this CSGO Callouts Dust 2 guide. In this post, we covered the complete details of all the map callouts for Dust 2 in CSGO.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to CSGO Callouts Dust 2 so comment section is always open for you.

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