CS GO Callouts Dust 2 – (All Dust 2 Map) (April 2023)

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Although there are many great locations in CSGO. CS GO Callouts Dust 2 is undeniably the most famous level in the game. This bomb defusal map has appeared in every version of Counter-Multiplayer Strike over the years, and offers a variety of locations to get hooked on.

Here are all the important CS GO Callouts Dust 2 maps you’ll need in battle because communicating important callouts to your squad in the heat of battle can be challenging.

Last Post Update : 29 April 2023

All CS GO Callouts Dust 2

One of the most recognized and best loved bomb defuse map in Counter-Strike is called Dust II. It was first introduced in the first game in the Counter-Strike series. which was released in 2001. Many new players will learn callouts on Dust II due to its immense popularity. Most of them are relatively basic and easy to learn. The balance between terrorist and counter-terrorist teams on the map is considered to be fairly even.

To see complete details for each CS GO Callouts Dust 2 simply hover your cursor over the location on the interactive map below. You can also search the Callout table at the bottom of this page to learn more about a specific callout.

All CS GO Callouts Dust 2

Here are the All CS GO Callouts Dust 2 Map Locations.

  • Long Doors
  • Right Side Mid
  • A Ramp
  • B Default Plant
  • Top Mid
  • Side Pit
  • Suicide
  • Barrels
  • A Short
  • Big Box
  • Scaffolding
  • Upper Tunnels
  • Palm
  • B Back Site
  • Mid Doors
  • Blue
  • A Cross
  • B Closet
  • Double Stack
  • Catwalk
  • Fence
  • Close Mid Doors
  • B Window
  • A Plat
  • Long Corner
  • A Long
  • CT Mid
  • Short Boost
  • Elevator
  • Pit
  • T Ramp
  • Stairs
  • T Plat
  • Back Plat
  • T Spawn
  • Outside Long
  • Lower Tunnels
  • CT Spawn
  • A Default Plant
  • B Car
  • B Boxes
  • Pit Plat
  • Mid
  • Be Plat
  • B Doors
  • A Car
  • Outside Tunnels
  • Close
  • Goose
  • Xbox

CS GO Callouts Dust 2 Map Locations

CS GO Callouts Dust 2CS GO Callouts Description
A Carthe vehicle that is hidden on A Long’s right side when arriving from Pit. This call covers the general region around the car and can be used to watch either a short or a long video.
A CrossThis space between A long and A site is open. It is called “cross” because it is wildly exposed from all directions including the site, whistle spawn and short.
A Default PlantDefault Plant location on A. This is on the side of the raised platform, as far as practicable, to provide the best visibility from all directions for attacking any whistle defusing.
A LongThis area of Earth connects the Long Doors and the Pit to A Bombsite. It is a long thin area of land.
A NinjaIf the tees all come from A long and do not clear the position, the CT can use a hiding place behind a stack of boxes on the short side of A to calm the position.
A PlatformThe structure on which Bombsite A is located. It is a quick callout that covers a wide area, although it often refers to the space between A Bombsite and A Short.
A RampThe Way from A Cross to A Bombsite.
A ShortThe path that runs between the middle and A Bombsite. Ts usually use this to split the A with another group of T’s from an A Long to pin the site or to run on echo/pistol rounds.
B Back SiteIf you want to see the B bomb coming out of the tunnels, you’ll see it from behind. This usually refers to the area that lies behind each box on B and shares a boundary with B plate.
B BoxesThe boxes between the Whistle Mid and B Doors are the subject of this callout. They are often used as viewing areas to watch players trying to move from middle to B.
B CarIf you enter from the middle, it is to the right of the tunnel exit at the B site and vehicles to the left of the B door. Only when a player is directly behind the car is this callout used; If they’re in the corner next to the car, the callout is usually the closet.
B ClosetCar B is at the corner of the site, as soon as you leave the tunnels or to the left of the B door.
B Default Plantwhere the bomb is most often planted on the B site. It is close to the B window, towards the B door, and hugs the brick wall.
B DoorsDouble doors from CT mid that lead into B.
B PlatDirectly across from the exit from the B Tunnel, is the B Bomb’s elevated area where the bomb can be planted.
B WindowThis is the gap in the brick wall on site B, which is raised off the ground using several boxes as a platform. This is a typical stance to use when retaking or defending the B Bombist.
Back PlatThis is the back end of the B plot. It has a different callout name because you can’t see the back of the b plat from the bomb, so it is used when a player closes close to the edge of the field.
BarrelsRow of barrels next to the mesh fence, at the back of a site.
Big BoxIt’s the big box that rests on the B site and has an Xbox-like design in the middle. The bomb site and the B plot are separated by it.
BlueAn oversized blue shipping crate can be seen in front of the A Long Doors.
CatwalkThe path that runs from the mid side and connects to A Short and A Bombsite. Typically, the beginning of the catwalk at the top of the middle and its progression through the short stairs to A short serve as the boundaries of this callout.
CloseThis is a loose callout, but usually refers to the left corner when a terrorist enters Site B from the B tunnels. This is a very dangerous angle for terrorists if it goes unchecked because of how close it is.
Close Mid DoorsIf you were traveling from Mid Door to Mid Door to CT Spawn, the corner on the right. It is often referred to as the hiko because an American professional player called it a crazy shot.
CT MidThe distance between the B site, the mid and the CT spawn is referred to as the region. This place is next to the whistle spawn and is hidden behind the doors in the middle.
CT SpawnThis is where the Counter-Terrorist Team technically speaking briefly.
Double StackThe two boxes stacked one on top of the other in the center of the B bombsite are the subject of this callout. The boxes leading to the B Window should not be confused with these.
ElevatorThe corner of the A site platform that is closest to the edge of the Whistle spawn was chosen because Whistles often use it to help teammates reach the bomb site when retaking.
FenceThis is the wall at B site that has been sealed off and may serve as a hiding place until the T tunnels move to B site.
GooseThe enclosed area covered in a swan-themed spray paint job on the back of a site and barrel.
Long CornerThe corner of the building closest to the Long Doors. In A long, whistles often hold there to resist the push.
Long DoorsThis area describes two sets of double doors connecting the Outside Long to the A Long.
Lower B TunnelsThis is one of the two parts of the B tunnel. It begins with steps leading into a corridor connecting the tunnels from the upper tunnels to the middle and ends at an archway leading into the middle.
MidThe area in the center of the map, running from the middle gate to the top of the middle. Generally, “middle” refers to the part of the middle that slopes.
Mid DoorsThe double doors in Mid Location.
Outside LongOn the T spawn side of the map, it’s the open area next to the Long Doors. It connects the A Long and Long Doors to the T Spawn.
Outside TunnelsWhen approaching the B tunnel from the T spawn, the space immediately outside them. It covers a large part of the callout area as it is quite wide and open.
PalmThe former Palm Tree which is now a telephone mast and stands next to the catwalk near the top of the centre.
PitThe sloped area that is located at the end of the A long and out long doors. Players may be in the pit and may be hidden from the A site as it is away from the A site but on the decline.
Pit PlatWhen viewed from the bottom of the pit, the platform is on the right side of the pit. This provides some advantageous sniping vantage points for the A site.
Right Side MidLooking at the T spawn from the mid door, the indented part of the mid is on the right. Since usually only CTs make this call, the callout is appropriate from their perspective.
ScaffoldingThis is the scaffolding (building supplies) that can be seen by the B window just outside B. They can be steered to provide a convenient vantage point from which to observe the B push from the middle.
Short BoostThe line of trash cans on side A just outside the CT Spawn. These can be used to play the whistle faster than it is played on A short.
Side PitThere’s this patch of land, between the Pit and the A Long Doors. This area can be separated from the pit by a small brick wall preceding the pit area and a slope down to the ground.
StairsA staircase connecting the short and catwalk.
SuicideThe area where after jumping from T spawn can run straight to the top mid. Its name comes from the fact that jumping into it can sometimes be dangerous due to potential AWPers. It’s directly in front of the Mid Doors.
T PlatThis is the elevated walkway that connects the T Spawn to the area outside the B Tunnel. It contains several brick stacks that can be used as vantage points from which to observe the B tunnels. The boundary of T ramp is T plot.
T RampThis ramp descends from the T Spawn to the area outside the B Tunnel. Rather than referring to the raised platform, known as a T platform, the term actually refers only to the ramp section.
T Spawnwhere the terrorist side of the game first appears on the map. In a small area where T spawns, T has the opportunity to see which CTs cross B by looking at the middle to middle door.
Top MidIf you’re looking at the mid doors to spawn T, then above mid. It connects Mid and Suicide.
Upper B TunnelsThis is one of the two parts of the B tunnel. It starts at the T Spawn entrance to the B Tunnel and goes to the chokepoint leading to the B Bomb.
XboxContainer in the middle of the door from which you can enter the catwalk and A short. It is located opposite the Lower B tunnel exit.

Dust 2 is a smaller map than some of the others, but it still has plenty of player-labeled special locations. It is intended to improve communication during competitive matches, which can take longer than 1 minute, 55 seconds. It goes without saying that the more effectively you communicate with your team, the more advantage you have over your opponents.

On Dust 2, you can connect with your coworkers more quickly once you know how to use these callouts. As we all know, in CSGO, communication is the key to success.

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