Critical Legends Chest Locations 2022 (Complete Guide!)

Critical Legends Chest Locations

Looking for Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations 2022? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the find all the hidden chests in Critical Legends.


Critical Legends is an amazing role-playing game on Roblox full of adventure and exploration. Journey across vast lands of varying biomes and discover the treasures and creatures for you to in-game battle and collect.

You will increase your power by battling bosses and diverse creatures, utilizing magic weapons, and devouring fruits and potions.


Many chests are hidden around the in-game world, waiting to be discovered, each carrying a particular item that can give you unique and powerful abilities and make you faster and more strong in the game.

Navigating the large open map can be actually a bit difficult, so here is where you can find each Critical Legends chest. Now without delay let’s start the Critical Legends Chest Locations guide.

Critical Legends Chest Locations 2022

Critical Legends Chest Locations

Here are all the Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations


Critical Legends Spawn Chest Locations

  • Punch – On the boat actually right of spawn
  • Beta Ticket – Inside the Legit Shop
  • Metal Plate – On the roof of a shack behind an apple tree left of in-game spawn
  • Beta Factory – On the roof of a shack left of Legit the Shop
  • Pickaxe – At the stairs in front of the in-game spawn

Critical Legends Primis Field Chest Locations

  • Burning Leaf – Travel to the end of Cave One. Enter the purple portal that actually leads to hell. Once you are inside, take the 1st left. Cross the bridge and then get the chest at the rocks in lava on your right.
  • Rage Scroll – Look for this chest near an apple tree in the 1st area.
  • Travelling Boots – Find this one just outside Cave one.
  • Sharpener Rock – Walk upstairs and then turn right inside the 1st cave.

Critical Legends Thyrus Wood Chest Locations

  • Hunting Dagger – Check near the Thyrus Wood’s in-game entrance.
  • Campfire Wood – Just south of the woods in the game by the campfire.
  • Icy Shield – This chest is located in the Thyrus Wood beneath an apple tree on your left side.
  • Venom Scroll – Found south of the shop actually near the Arsenal.

Critical Legends Flower Fields Chest Locations

  • Honeyshield – Found at the northern wall that is near the Flower Fields.
  • Sun Fragment – The black platform in front of the Flower Fields is where you will actually find this.
  • Queen’s Soul – The Queen Bee is just some steps away from the southern wall of the Flower Fields, where you will find this one.
  • Honeycomb – Set in the middle of the awesome Flower Fields.

Critical Legends Slime King’s Chest Locations

  • Self Heal Scroll – The Forest’s southwestern corner is where this in-game location can actually be found.
  • Slime Jar – A shed is located in Forest’s southeastern quadrant.
  • Ignite Scroll – Search near the crates outside Cave two.
  • Barrage – Behind a tree at the northern part of the in-game Slime King’s Forest.
  • King’s Crown – You will actually find these ancient ruins just south of the Slime King’s Forest.

Critical Legends Punky Sky Chest Locations

  • Force Field – Walk the in-game long stairs up to the Trading Place from the southern edge of the Slime King’s Forest and take a boat to Punky Sky island in the game. Search for a chest on house top with crates at its walls located right of Arsenal shop.
  • Blood to Mana Scroll – Behind the last house left of Potion shop in the game.
  • Dark Burn Scroll – Across the bridge left of Arsenal shop at one of the actual large pillars.

Critical Legends Snowy Caps Chest Locations

  • Blizzard in a Bottle – The treasure is actually under the pillar, which you will find at the bottom of it.
  • Ice Rose – Take an in-game boat to Snowy Caps from the Punky Sky isle’s pierce. Find a chest at the southern wall located right of the spawn boat.
  • Self Freeze – Find it the south of the bridge and lower than the in-game area.

Critical Legends Evergreen Chest Locations

  • Chaos Strike Scroll – Inside Cave three, on the rocks in between the bridges. Use some Haste potions to be able to actually get there.
  • Mana Scroll – Northern border wall.
  • Group Heal Scroll – Outside of Cave three at the right border wall.

Critical Legends Forest Chest Locations

  • Virus – Northern part of the Forest, next to Blubb’s Castle.
  • Heart Fruit – In the center of the in-game Forest.
  • Gravity Islands – At the southeastern edge, on the upper platform and close to Skeleton King’s Tower in the game.
  • Mini Tree – At the eastern edge of the Forest located right across the bridge.
  • Tiki Torch – At the southern edge of the forest actually on the seashore.

Critical Legends The Void Chest Location (Level 100)

  • Soul Drain – Enter the Void on the eastern edge of the forest after reaching Lvl hundred. Turn left outside the portal and then use Haste potion on the ledge in order to actually reach a lone rock with the chest

Critical Legends Heroes Cavern Chest Location (Level 125)

  • Soul in a Bottle – Enter the Heroes Cavern by just jumping through a narrow hole at the center of the Slime King’s Forest in the game once you reach Lvl 125. Search for a chest on the top pillar of the in-game dark platform left of Arsenal shop, using an amazing Moon potion.
  • Shadow Fruit – Keep moving southwards and then search for a chest behind the final platform in the game.

What Are The Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations?

Roblox Critical Legends is a massive map with different chests to find and loot. Also, you will notice that some chests are actually locked until you reach a specific in-game level.

Additionally, be sure to explore each area thoroughly, as there are usually 3 to 5 chests to collect! And do not forget, the higher your game level, the more likely you will find valuable and rare items in the chests.

In each in-game area, you will actually find 4 to 5 chests. The chests are mainly well-hidden, so explore every nook and cranny of the game map.


FAQs Of Critical Legends Chest Locations

Critical Legends Chest Locations

Here are some questions and answers related to Critical Legends Chest Locations

Q. Where Is The Self-Healing Scroll In Critical Legends?

The self-healing scroll is available in the southwest corner of the forest. Power Up Scroll – Outside Cave two, near the chests in the game.

Q. What Is The Best Weapon In Critical Legends Roblox?

The void scythe is actually the best weapon in the Roblox Critical Legends game. This class, also known as the Corrupt Reaper or Void harvester, currently holds the crown for Best Class in the Critical Legends game.


The main reason is that each Void Scythe attack heals you for a maximum of 4.25% damage.

Q. How Do You Get A Combo Sword In Roblox Critical Legends?

The Combo Sword class can be acquired by clicking on the Sword Statue, as it is actually measured by the in-game damage status when colliding with the orb.

When the orb actually hits, you get a one-x combo, with the higher combo showing more in-game damage to each orb.



Hopefully, you like this Critical Legends Chest Locations guide. In this post, we covered the Critical Legends Chest Locations that help you to find all the hidden chests in the Critical Legends game.

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