Colony Iota Goods 2023 – (How To Get) (Complete Guide!)

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Looking for Colony Iota Goods? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on how to get more Colony Iota Goods in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

In the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 game, Allies and Enemies is actually a standard quest. Follow this post for more details on all obtainable in-game rewards, their locations, and other essential information to complete the quest.

Now without further delay let’s start the Colony Iota Goods guide.

Colony Iota Goods 2023

If you start the Scant Supplies Standard Quest so before even starting this, you have to get Colony Iota unlocked, which is actually done through the Hero Quest, Her Reasons in the game. Also, you might have to do the other quests in Colony Iota in order to actually unlock this one, however Allies and Enemies are definitely required.

That quest provided you with Colony Iota Goods, to hand out to other colonies through the Collectopaedia Card system. You will have to dole out the Colony Iota Goods to unlock this quest.

Therefore, you have to hand out the Colony Iota Goods until you can not complete any more Collectopaedia Cards that have those as their in-game items. Once you have actually done this, head on over to Colony Iota and look for 2 bits of information from the NPCs there.

Once you have both, you will have the whole Goods in Storage information that you can share at the rest canteen/spot. Doing this will allow you to actually start the quest.

Allies and Enemies Location and Rewards

Colony Lota Goods

Recommended Level And How To Unlock

ChapterChapter Four
UnlockGo to the Colony Iota and then unlock the topic Colony Iota Goods. Do this after you have successfully completed Alexandria’s Hero Quest – Her Reasons.
Recommended LevelFourty-One
Quest GiverN/A
Required HeroAlexandria
Required Location and Discussion TopicColony Iota Goods Colony Lota


Here is the list of all the in-game rewards:

  • Gold – 1940 G
  • EXP – 1760 EXP
  • SP – 3 SP
  • Item Rewards – Colony Iota Goods x15

Enemies And Allies Unlock Conditions

Complete Alexandria’s Hero Quest

Complete Alexandria’s Hero Quest

  • The “Allies and Enemies” quest can only be unlocked when you have completed Alexandria’s Hero Quest – Her Reasons in the game.
  • You can begin the Hero Quest by defeating the Colony Iota Troops at Dies Arch in the Fornis Region. Then, you have to actually defeat Alexandria’s squad dispersed throughout Pentelas and Fornis regions.
  • When you have defeated them all, return to Colony Iota and then take down Moebius E and Alexandria.

Alexandria’s Hero Quest – Walkthrough

— Enemies and Allies Walkthrough —

  • Acquired the topic Colony Iota Goods
  • Then Talk to Rhyza at Torus Hollow
  • Next, get the hidden stash at Torus Hollow
  • Now send supplies to Colony four

Acquire The Topic Colony Iota Goods

Colony lota Goods NPC Locations in the game

Topic Colony Lota Goods

Before unlocking this in-game quest then you will need to first acquire the topic Colony Iota Goods at Colony Iota in the game.

It’s actually done by paying attention to the NPCs with the yellow speech bubble around the colony. Once you have acquired the 2 essential pieces of information to actually unlock the topic, discuss it at a rest spot to finally unlock the quest in the game.

Talk To Rhyza At Torus Hollow

Talk To Rhyza At Torus Hollow

When you are actually done unlocking the in-game quest then go to the north of the Colony Iota towards the Great Liente Shelf at Elaice Highway in the game.

Next, go into the cave to actually reach Torus Hollow and then talk with Rhyza. Make sure that your in-game team is all leveled up because you will actually come across a host of level 40 opponents on your way in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Colony Iota Goods guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how to get more Colony Iota Goods in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Colony Iota Goods so comment section is always open for you.

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