Colete Brawl Stars – (Update Guide!) (July 2023)

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Looking for Colete Brawl Stars? So you are at the right spot here you will get brawl stars colete and we covered Colette, Types of Attacks, Best Gadgets and Powers, Also Tips and Tricks for Colette.

In this character guide, we’ll take a look at the popular colorful fighter. This Brawl Stars Colette guide includes information about her abilities, build, gameplay, and more. So when she reads this, that’s what you can expect to get.

Last Update – 10 July 2023

Colete Brawl Stars – About Colette >>

Colette is a spirited fighter with a colorful rarity which was released in September 2020. She’s been a popular pick for gamers who like to quickly and melt high HP heroes. The Colette Brawl Pass is available at level 30.

Colette’s damage scale itself makes her a popular pick. If she’s wondering how she increases damage, her special gadgets allow her to deal 1000 extra damage while she continues her basic attacks. On top of that, his built-in shield that activates when he takes damage might be best for a fighter who likes to be on the front line.

Colete Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Colete Skills And Attacks >>

Here we mentioned all the brawl stars colete skills and attacks check below

Taxing Shot – Normal Attack >>

Colette’s Imposing Shot is a long-range normal attack that’s a nightmare for any high-HP hero. Deals at least 37% damage to the enemy regardless of HP. Because of his special abilities, the damage is increased when the opponent has high HP and reduced when the enemy’s base HP is low.

Time to Collect – Super Skill >>

Her extraordinary running abilities come to the fore when Colette uses her super skills. When she uses this ability, she can run to the target location and return there, inflicting constant damage on enemies along her way. She can block her super ability if she gets hit by an obstacle or enemy. But you can be sure that if she hits you you will get at least 20% damage.

Gadget – Na-ah! >>

After successful activation of the device, Na-Ah!, each basic attack and skill deals +1000 damage. This tool is another reason why the collet is popular and favorite. You’ll always want to deal bonus damage when shooting at the enemy from a long distance, and this device rewards you fully for your shooting and accuracy.

Push It and Mass Tax – Star Powers >>

Push It – When Colette is interrupted using her super ability, she immediately grabs enemies near her and pushes them to the farthest point, where they are then hit twice by damage.

Heavy Taxes – The more you hit, the more shields you’ll earn. Colette’s Mass Tax allows her to have a 20% shield that lasts 5 seconds. Meanwhile, if she takes an enemy hit, she consistently gains 10% extra on her shield.

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Brawl Stars Colette – Useful Tips >>

Colete Brawl Stars
  1. Use your basic attacks and collect time only on fighters who don’t have shields or armor, as damage intensifies when there is no counterattack.
  2. As we discussed earlier, Colette faces excellent fighters. To get the best out of it, use it against full HP or higher-level heroes.
  3. Try a combination of his super skills and gadgets to maximize your damage and ensure your escape.
  4. The super skill can also be used as an item stealer because it’s a back and forth skill that allows you to run quickly into enemy territory and successfully return an item when it is captured.
  5. She can be used as a wrestler or gem holder, as she can deal long-term damage and can also be stolen.

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Conclusion >>

In this post, we provide Colete Brawl Stars to use these guides and get information about character abilities, build, gameplay, and more. In future new brawl stars colete updates are released then we update this post so you always get all the latest trixie colete here. Hope you like this Colete Brawl Stars post, if you have any concerns or doubts so comment box is always open for you, and don’t forget to bookmark this page for the latest updates.

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