Cold Island Breeding Chart 2023 – (My Singing Monsters) (New!)

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Looking for My Singing Monsters Cold Island Breeding Chart? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete Cold Island Breeding Chart.

My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game that sees you creating your own orchestra from cute beasties. Each of these unique creatures brings its own special voice to your songs, which you can then use to create your own in-game tunes.

But also you will want to breed more monsters by combining the ones you have to actually get better sounds. Now without further delay let’s start the Cold Island Breeding Chart guide.

My Singing Monsters Cold Island 

Described as an in-game island with twinkling stars and freezing winds the Cold Island is one of the harsher locations in the game. Although gamers are able to transform the lonely place into a thriving location for the winter festival.

The Festival of Yay which is actually based on the real-world Christmas is tied to Yool monsters of this island and unlocks different seasonal decorations, costumes, obstacles, and a new island skin in the game.

It is the 2nd game island (the first unlockable island) with actually a cold element theme that needs gamers to be both level four and spend 5K gold coins to actually unlock.

In total players have sixty-five monsters to collect (18 rare, 27 common, 17 epic, and 3 seasonals) and one hundred thirty-six related costumes for these monsters of cold-themed.

There are no monsters contain the earth element on Cold Island but the focus is on the natural elements of water, cold, plant, and air with your Frozium Castle towering above the icy landscape in the game.

Cold Island Breeding Chart 2023

The My Singing Monsters Cold Island breeding chart below includes all indigenous monsters available to the island for gamers that are trying to complete their monster collection book. This includes all rare, epic, common, and seasonal monsters.

The breeding combinations are listed from most to least recommended based on parent availability, odds, and breeding times you will need to go through for failures. Gamers should know that all epic and rare variations of these Cold Island MSM monsters are limited to breeding during special events. Other event-limited monsters are also mentioned. Such a monster that is affected by special events is marked with an asterisk.

Breeding times are divided between default and enhanced (diamond upgrade that actually reduces time by twenty-five percent) and do not factor in other breed reductions such as the Festival of Yay event skin that actually offers an additional ten percent reduction.

For gamers who are unable to finish their Cold Island monster collection, you can buy the below on a rotating basis or regular for premium diamonds or star power to fill in gaps. However, there are generally better ways to spend hard-earned currencies for most gamers.

Cold Island Breeding Chart

MonsterElements / EventsRequired LevelBreed Time (Standard / Enhanced)Breeding Combinations
MawWater ColdFour30 mins/22 minsToe Jammer and Mammott
Rare Toe JammerWaterFour6 hours / 4 hours 30 minsThey must both be
3 element monsters with the Water element
Rare MammottColdFour6 hours / 4hours 30 minsBoth must be 3 element monsters that have the Cold element
Rare TweedleAirFour6 hours / 4hours 30 minsBoth must be 3 element monsters that have the Air element
FurcornPlant ColdSeven8 hours/6 hoursPotbelly and Mammott
PangoAir ColdSeven8 hours/6 hoursTweedle and Mammott
QuibbleAir WaterSeven8 hours/6 hoursTweedle and Toe Jammer
CongleAir Water ColdSeven12 hours/9 hoursTweedle and Maw, Toe Jammer and Pango, Mammott and Quibble
OaktopusPlant WaterNine8 hours/6 hoursPotbelly and Toe Jammer
DandidooAir PlantNine8 hours/6 hoursTweedle and Potbelly
DeedgeAir Plant Water ColdNine2Four hours/18 hoursThumpies and Toe Jammer, Spunge and Mammott, Congle and Potbelly, Bowgart and Tweedle, Dandioo and Maw, Quibble and Furcorn, Pango and Oaktopus
GrumpyreShadowNine36 hours / 2Seven hoursDeedge and Bowgart, Deedge and Spunge, Deedge and Congle, Deedge and Thumpies
YoolFestival of Yay and eventNine36 hours/2Seven hoursThumpies and Congle
StromboninMythicalNine23 hours/1Seven hoursSpunge and Bowgart
BowgartPlant Water ColdNine12 hours/Nine hoursMammott and Oaktopus, Potbelly and Maw, Toe Jammer and Furcorn
ThumpiesAir Plant ColdNine12 hours/Nine hoursDandioo and Mammott, Pango and Potbelly, Furcorn and Tweedle
SpungeAir Plant WaterNine12 hours/Nine hoursToe Jammer and Dandidoo, Potbelly and Quibble, Tweedle and Oaktopus
Rare PotbellyPlantNine6 hours/Four hours 30 minsThere must be both
3-element monsters with the Plant element.
Rare MawWater ColdSeven1 hour 10 mins/50 minsAs common version (above)
Rare PangoAir ColdSeven10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare QuibbleAir WaterSeven10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare CongleAir Water ColdSeven15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare FurcornPlant ColdNine15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare OaktopusPlant WaterNine10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare DandidooAir PlantNine10 hours 30 mins/8 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare BowgartPlant Water ColdNine15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare SpungeAir Plant WaterNine15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare ThumpiesAir Plant ColdNine15 hours/12 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare DeedgeAir Plant Water ColdNine31 hours/23 hoursAs common version (above)
Rare GrumpyreShadowNineFour6 hours/3Four hoursAs common version (above)
Rare StromboninMythicalNine2Nine hours/22 hoursAs common version (above)
Epic MammottColdFour5 hours/Four hoursDeedge and Maw
Epic Toe JammerWaterFour3 hours/2hoursDeedge and Quibble
Epic TweedleAirFour11 hours/8 hoursDeedge and Dandidoo
Epic MawWater ColdSeven13 hours/10 hoursSpunge and Furcorn
Epic CongleAir Water ColdSeven23 hours/1Seven hoursThumpies and Maw
Epic PangoAir ColdSeven2Seven hours/20 hoursThumpies and Oaktopus
Epic QuibbleAir WaterSeven21 hours/16 hoursCongle and Dandidoo
Epic FurcornPlant ColdNine1Seven hours/13 hoursSpunge and Maw
Epic OaktopusPlant WaterNine31 hours/23 hoursSpunge and Pango
Epic DandidooAir PlantNine2Nine hours/22 hoursBowgart and Quibble
Rare YoolFestival of Yay and eventsNineFour6 hours/3Four hoursThumpies and Congle
Epic BowgartPlant Water ColdNine2Nine hours/22 hoursCongle and Funcorn
Epic SpungeAir Plant WaterNine25 hours/1Nine hoursThumpies and Quibble
Epic ThumpiesAir Plant ColdNine33 hours/2Four hoursCongle and Oaktopus
Epic PotbellyPlantNineNine hours/Seven hoursDeedge and Oaktopus
Epic DeedgeAir Plant Water ColdNineFour1 hours/30 hoursBowgart and Pango
Epic GrumpyreShadowNine2Nine hours/22 hoursBowgart and Dandidoo
Epic YoolFestival of Yay and eventsNine2Four hours/1Nine hoursDeedge and Pango


Hopefully, you like this Cold Island Breeding Chart guide. In this post, we covered the complete Cold Island Breeding Chart guide.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Cold Island Breeding Chart so comment section is always open for you.

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