Clash Royale Princess : (Unlock!) (Best Strategies & Decks)

Clash Royale Princess

Hello friends do you know more about Clash Royale Princess? So welcome to Faindx here you will get the complete guide on Clash Royale Princess, how to unlock, and the best strategies & decks.

Since the global launch of the Clash Royale game, Princess has always been a high-utility troop, and given that she is a legendary rarity card, obtaining and then upgrading it can be actually difficult.

However, once you have unlocked the Princess card, it becomes even more of a challenge to not include her in your in-game deck due to how powerful she actually is.

This Princess from Clash Royale guide features some best effective strategies and decks you should be using in-game to make the most out of the legendary card. so now let’s start the princess in Clash Royale guide.

Clash Royale Princess >>

Princess is a really amazing support troop due to her long-range and in-game area damage. She provides excellent middling damage, though, and her slow attack rate makes her a small but weak solo troop that can be simply tackled.

If Princess emerges in the user’s beginning battle deck, deploying her on the bridge at the beginning of the match is a great way to get some early chip damage on the enemies’ tower.

She will begin firing at the tower, which is really difficult to counter, and it frequently catches enemies by surprise.

When there is a small push, you can actually fool your enemy by placing your Princess near the in-game bridge and spending a spell on her. It is a great idea to employ Zap on the enemy Princess in PvP (Princess) battles so that your Princess can defeat her without getting any in-game damage.

You can even use Tornado spells in the game to pull the opposing Princess next to their Princess Tower in Clash Royale, defeating her while yours survives the 1st hit.

Note – Princess shoots flaming arrows from actually long-range so If you are feeling warm towards her, it is probably you are on fire.

About Clash Royale Princess Card >>

The Princess card from Clash Royale can be obtained by going to Arena 5 or opening an in-game Legendary Chest. She is actually a long-range unit with significant area damage and low hitpoints.

This Princess card can target and attack Archers Towers from the contrary side of the river because of her absolute tremendous range.

How To Get Princess in Clash Royale (Unlock Guide) >>

Clash Royale Legendary-rated troops, including the Princess, can only be obtained and unlocked from higher rated or Legendary chests. Also you can occasionally find legendary troops available for purchase from in-game store in exchange for Clash Royale gems.

Note that most troops in Clash Royale are only unlocked after completing specific arenas by achieving a certain amount of trophies from multiplayer Clash Royale in-game matches.

you can unlock the Princess troop only after you enter the Clash Royale Spell Valley arena. You will have to accumulate at least 1300 trophies to enter the arena, and after crossing Spell Valley in Clash Royale, then you will have a good chance of finding a Princess card from all legendary chests that you actually open.

Upgrade Princess in Clash Royale Game >>

Clash Royale Princess

Once you have actually managed to claim the Princess troop in Clash Royale, then you will want to upgrade it. This can only be achieved by collecting many Princess cards and then upgrading with in-game coins.

In addition, you want to upgrade the Star Level of your troop in the Clash Royale game to upgrade princess.

Best Decks For The Princess >>

Here is the complete list of most effective decks that you should be using to make the most of the Princess in Clash Royale:

Goblin Barrel, Rocket, Princess, Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit, Knight, Inferno Tower, The Log : This cool deck allows you plenty of options to protect your in-game Princess while also dealing damage to the opponents buildings.

Also the Knight doesn’t attack flying troops, he himself is tanky to soak up in-game damage while the Spear Goblins and Princess take down the aerial opponents. In Addition, the slowing effect from the Ice Spirit is a cost-effective and brilliant defensive tool to protect the in-game Princess.

Rocket, Guards, Princess, Electro Spirit, Goblin Barrel, Valkyrie, Hidden Tesla, The Log : Yet another good deck that allows the Princess to deal area damage to opponents units and sit behind other troops.

While in-game Guards can soak up actual damage for the Princess, Valkyrie can wipe out whole hordes of ground troops with her dadely splash damage mechanics.

The Electro Spirit and Hidden Tesla combine perfectly to slow the opponents attacks and movements, providing an good advantageous situation for the Princess to land her attacks in Clash Royale game.

Considering that the Princess is a fairly squishy troop, it is crucial that you have other tanky troops to defend and act as cover for the legendary archer.

Also, you need to be sure to have defensive troops in your deck to actually protect the in-game Princess, you can try out different strategies and decks to create your own in-game builds.

Clash Royale Princess Troop strategies >>

The really good method to use the Clash Royale Princess troop card is by placing tanky attackers in front of her. It is also very effective to spawn the in-game Princess from behind your own buildings as the troop’s powerful attack range allows her to attack the opponent’s troops from a long distance.

Costing only three elixirs to deploy during in-game battle, the Princess is a most useful troop when try optimally. Having such that, below are a few tips that will help you understand what creates the troop so effective in the Clash Royale game:

  • The Clash Royale Princess deals area damage, making it simple for her to take out hordes of opponents like Goblins, Skeletons, and Minions.
  • Be sure to have tanky attackers or instant damage when playing alongside a Princess to ensure that she can not take down your towers from behind.
  • The wide attack range of the Princess is one of her best strengths. You should try and place the troop always accordingly on the in-game battlefield.
  • Some of the common counters for the Princess are The Log, Arrows, Miner, Poison Spell, and Fireball.

Conclusion >>

We hope you like this Clash Royale Princess guide. In this post we covered everything about the Clash Royale Princess and how to unlock and upgrade. Also we mentioned Princess best decks & strategies.

If you have any feedback related to this Clash Royale Princess post then comment on us we love to hear your feedbacks, Happy Clash Royale Gaming.

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