Chop Fruit Blox Fruits 2022 (Complete Guide!)

Chop Fruit Blox Fruits 

Looking for Chop Fruit Blox Fruits? So you are at the best place here in this post you will get the complete guide on Chop Fruit Blox Fruits and how to chop fruit in Blox Fruits.


Roblox Blox Fruit is an amazing game launched in January 2019 by mygame43, who is really popular as the creator of Elemental Backgrounds. The Blox Fruit game is highly inspired by the One Piece manga series.

In this post, we will cover every detail of Roblox Blox Fruits Chop Fruit so without any delay let’s start the guide.


Chop Fruit Blox Fruits

Chop Fruit Blox Fruits 

Chop is an amazing Natural Type of Blox fruit in the Roblox Blox Fruit game. It costs 100 Robux or 30,000 Beli when purchased from the Blox fruit dealer. The fruit was actually added later in update one. The chances of Chop fruit being in stock is actually 35%, and spawning in-game is 15%.

Chop is really different from other natural-type Blox Fruits because its users can not be actually harmed by swords, even while using in-game enchantment. Even so, remember that you can still be actually damaged by an ice or light sword.

Players tend to get Chop mixed up with in-game Dark because of the resemblance. This fruit is really good for early-game grinding because NPCs (Brutes and Pirates) tend to use in-game swords.

Robux Cost100
Beli Cost30K
Stock Chances35%
Spawn Chances13%
Tier RankD
Mastery Level Unlocks1, 20, 50

Chop Fruit Blox Fruits Advantages 

Here are the advantages of the Blox Fruits Fruit Chop

  • It is really cheap, therefore ideal for gamers who start in Blox Fruits.
  • It is actually used to grind with NPCs that use swords.
  • Allows you to combine the Weapon/Sword fighting technique, so you can defeat enemies or opponents quickly and easily.
  • It is considered an epic sword for trolling in the game.
  • Prevent enemies from dealing massive damage to you.
  • Grants the ability to perform X and C combos to confuse opponents.
  • It is great to face those enemies who use swords.
  • It is actually possible to combine it with weapons and thus achieve a deadly in-game attack.
  • Provides you immunity to sword attacks in the game.

Blox Fruits Fruit Chop Disadvantages 

Here are some Disadvantages of Chop Fruit Blox Fruits

  • If the other gamers consume another type of in-game fruit, it will actually leave you at a disadvantage
  • It is a little difficult to get the update V3 and V2
  • If you actually consume the Chop fruit in the game then you will most likely die if the enemies consume another kind of in-game fruit
  • It has a really low range of action
  • It is the indicated in-game fruit to do PvP
  • Doesn’t deal heavy damage to opponents

Blox Fruits Chop Moves List

Here is the list of Blox Fruits Chop Moves


Blox Fruits Chop Combos

Here is the list of Roblox Blox Fruits Chop Combos

  • Diamond
  • Barrier
  • Bomb
  • Control
  • Chop


Hopefully, you like this Chop Fruit Blox Fruits post. In this guide, we covered everything about the Chop Fruit Blox Fruits and how to chop fruit in Blox Fruits.

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