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Chara Undertale

Want to know about Chara Undertale so you reach the best spot. Here you will get everything about the Chara Undertale and its lore, age, gender, relationships, theories, and many more.


There is plenty of unanswered questions and mystery surrounding Toby Fox’s indie hit, and those regarding Undertale’s Chara are the most confusing of them all.

With all of the different endings and lore in Toby Undertale Fox’s, it can be really hard to figure out who is actually who, and whether they are on your side, throughout the iconic role-playing game.


There is no in-game character for who this is more actually true than Undertale’s Chara, seen by many to be the key behind decoding the game’s puzzling plot, but the question is who exactly are they? It is not actually a simple question to answer, as it depends both on your perspective on the game and the endings you experience.

To most, Undertale’s Chara is the game’s primary antagonist and is the one who makes the plan to break the in-game barrier between monsters and humans that Asgore, ruler of the game monsters, is actually so obsessed with.

Even so, there are different theories floating around the fallen human, as you will soon see now without further delay let’s start Chara Undertale guide.


Last Update On : 27 April 2023

Chara Undertale

PersonalityEvil and hating humanity
SkillsUnclear Chara’s powers, she mentions being able to destroy and remake the world.
First Encounter During the Pacifist ending and the Genocide ending
Side Quests Genocide route if you want to kill everything, then you can meet Chara.

Chara, also called the fallen human, is the only other human in-game character, besides Frisk the protagonist, and was the 1st of the race to actually fall into the Underground.

Following this, Chara was taken in by Toriel and Asgore as a brother for Asriel, but actually died after a short time with their new in-game family.

Chara Undertale

Chara’s death is the instigator for the gameworld Frisk finds actually themselves in. Following Chara’s demise, their soul intertwined with Asriel’s, so that combined they could go to the surface and destroy the boundary between monsters and humans.

However, on arrival in Chara’s in-game village, Asriel is fatally wounded by the real humans, and when they actually return to die in the underground, their in-game father Asgore swears revenge.

Chara’s Story

Chara’s story actually starts back up again at the start of Undertale, as Frisk same as lands down below. It is here where things get really interesting, as many different beliefs that Chara’s soul is the narrator behind Frisk’s actions.


And that they are trying to get the player’s in-game character to finish the job they actually started, by destroying the barrier between the game world below and the human game world with the determination to succeed.

Undertale’s Chara Gender

Like Frisk, Chara’s gender is actually left ambiguous throughout all of the Undertale game. Many players believe Fox chose not to gender Chara or Frisk so that gamers of any orientation could good connect with the human characters in their role-playing game, but that is never been officially confirmed by the game developers.

Chara Undertale Age

As we rarely experience any contact with Chara, and much of their game backstory is shrouded in mystery, it is really hard to tell how old Chara is. However, we know that Frisk is roughly pre-teen age, if not actually early teens, and with the parallels in design between the two, we can guess that when Chara was alive and arrived in the Underworld game, they were actually a child themselves.


The difficulty is that we exactly never find out how much time has actually passed between Chara’s death and Frisk’s arrival, so we can not be sure of what Chara’s age is during Undertale.

There are different estimates out there, with anything from 2 to 20 years older as a possibility, but with the relationship between Delatarune and Undertale, we get some answers in near future.

Relationship Between Undertale’s Chara And Frisk

Chara And Frisk relation are one of the most searched questions, with Fox’s cryptic narrative still drawing new perspectives from gamers with each ending achieved. The most likely theory is that the soul of Chara is actually using Frisk as a vessel to try and complete their in-game plan of breaking the barrier between humans and monsters.


While many players notice similarities between Frisk and Chara, there is a big difference between the two in terms of different expressions. Even though NPCs refer to Frisk’s reactions, we only ever see the protagonist with a simple neutral expression, whereas some appearances of Chara in bodily form have their face adorned with an unethical smile. This is one of the hints throughout the game to character Chara’s true sadistic nature, as opposed to character Frisk’s neutrality.

Chara’s Identity Theories

Due to the mysterious in-game stories and endings, it is really hard to determine the true Chara identities. Therefore, even now, most players can only give out theories and speculations, as the result; there is no actual concrete or purely true theory. And since it is unlikely that the game author will actually reveal the truth about this Chara identities matter, so for now we can only come up with some theories or follow on at best.

Chara Undertale

One thing which is really interesting about Undertale game is its character’s complex and its blurry 4th wall. Also, it is unclear how these three entities play their actual role in the game: the Frisk and Chara. Depending on different in-game opinions about the role of these three entities and how people interpret the story, there are different theories about Chara:


Evil Chara/Genocide Chara   

During Undertale was first released, this theory was the most famous and it is still now a really popular theory. Basically, the Evil Chara/Genocide Chara theory says that Chara is inherently evil. She is the true antagonist and unlike other in-game enemies, there is no way she can actually redeem herself.

There are many ways to interpret this theory: If the gamer is Frisk himself then Chara is actually trying to corrupt Frisk/the gamer along the way. In this scenario, the Genocide Ending actually happens due to Chara’s influence, not by Frisk or the gamer.

A second way to interpret this fan theory is that the gamer only plays as a neutral entity who can actually decide whether Chara wins (Bad Ending) or Frisk wins (Happy Ending).


Redemption Chara Theory

This is actually a better approach to the original Evil Chara fan theory, which tells that Chara is inherently evil but she can be actually redeemed. This fan theory matches the basic idea of Undertale: a role-playing game in which no one has to really die and there is a solution for all in-game characters.

The main theory idea is pretty much similar to Evil Chara’s theory in the case of Genocide Ending. But in a good Happy Ending Route, it is really believed that thanks to Frisk’s all effort (or possibly the gamer’s effort), Chara can redeem herself and become actually good that’s one of the best endings.

Chara Summoning Theory

This is another good version developed from Evil Chara fan Theory, or rather, a different version theory of Evil Chara. It tells that at the game’s beginning, Chara is not awake yet. But thanks to Frisk (or could be the gamer), Chara actually manages to return and gradually leads Frisk to the in-game evil path.


The actual reason why this version theory is much worse than Evil Chara is that it still really believes that Chara is inherently evil. Moreover, it portrays Chara as a fearsome in-game demon who actually gets more energy from the death of other characters.

Narrator Chara Theory

Narrator Chara Theory is kind of a really batter version of Redemption Chara fan Theory, in which it puts Chara into a basic role right from the game beginning.

It also puts Chara in a close relationship with Frisk, or could be the gamer, and depending on how Frisk/the gamer acts, Chara will follow the game storyline according to those in-game actions.


Player Chara Theory

This is probably the unique theory that ever actually came out and it provides quite an interesting 4th wall interaction between the gamer and characters. This Player Chara theory says that the gamer actually plays as Chara not Frisk, or Chara and the gamer shares the control of in-game Frisk.

In that case, Chara and the gamer are like Frisk’s unawareness, which leads Frisk for most of the time without Frisk’s actual awareness. The only time Frisk can totally control himself is during the in-game cutscene.

Passive Frisk Theory

This one appears not to be among the most famous theories; however, it provides another interesting interpretation of the game story. Its idea is that character Frisk himself does not have any control over his own body. There are different possibilities for this theory:

  • First, Frisk is perhaps no more alive due to the fall and Chara possesses Frisk’s body.
  • Second, for a different reason Frisk is blind or unable to do anything in the game by himself. In this case, Chara actually acts as his eyes.
  • Third, Frisk lives the second life of Chara and she actually lost her whole memory.

Chara Undertale Key Moments

Here is the list of Chara Undertale key moments in the game

  • True Lab Tapes
  • Genocide Ending
  • True Pacifist Ending

Chara Undertale Key Relationships

Chara Undertale

Here is the list of all the Chara Undertale key relationships

  • Frisk (You)
  • Asriel
  • Asgore and Toriel
  • Flowery
  • Alphys

FAQs Of Undertale Chara

Here are some questions and answers related to Chara Undertale


Q. How to meet Chara in Undertale?

After the main Frisk’s choice, the Undertale game will crash. When the gamer starts the gameplay again, but this time only a black screen actually appears. The gamer has to wait ten minutes afterward, Chara meets and offers a deal.

Q. How tall is Chara Undertale?

Undertale Chara is 29 pixels tall, so that means they are 58 inches tall, or 4′ 10” (147.32 cm, 1.47 meters).

Q. Is Chara possessing Frisk?

We don’t think so. You do land on some Golden Flowers at the game beginning, and Asriel’s ashes were actually spread over Golden Flowers. Yet, we think Flowery has both Chara and Asriel inside of him.


Q. How old is Chara Undertale?

Chara Undertale is 10 to13 years old when she first fell into the Underground and 40 to 50 years old when she appears in the Genocide route.

Q. What is Soulless Pacifist?

At the end of a Genocide Route in the game, you can actually sell your in-game soul to Chara. If you do this and then again start a new game to take the True Pacifist Route. So you will do a Soulless Pacifist in-game Route because the Genocide Route ending permanently changes.

Q. What happens if we sell our soul to Chara?

At the end of the Genocide Route in the Undertale game, we can do this. If we say yes, then the game ends are totally changed. This means the conclusion of an in-game Pacifist Route will be actually different than the true game ending.


Q. If we sell our soul to Chara, can we get it back?

Clearly no, you can not actually get it back. This means you can not get the True Pacifist Ending in the game.

Final Words

Hopefully, you like this Chara Undertale wiki. In this post, we covered everything about the Chara Undertale and it’s all the game theories.

If you have any questions related to Chara from Undertale then the comment section is open for your questions. Happy Undertale gaming.


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