Chaos;Head Noah Steam Release Cancelled (October 2022)

Chaos;Head Noah Steam Release Cancelled

Chaos;Head Noah Steam Release Cancelled : Due to the guidelines, Spike Chunsoft has issued a statement announcing the cancellation of the upcoming release of Chaos;Head Noah on Steam. He also said that it will not delay the release of the Nintendo Switch version, ensuring that it will be available on October 7, 2022, as planned.

Chaos;Head Noah Steam Release Cancelled

Chaos;Head Noah, a new Steam release, was canceled this week, days before it was released on the PC platform, and Steam users aren’t happy with it. Spike Chunsoft, the editor in charge of the English release of Chaos Head Noah, confirmed Friday that there will not be a Steam release scheduled for October 7, due to “changes required by the Steam guidelines.” However, the game will still be released on Nintendo Switch.

Chaos;Head Noah Steam Release

In a blog article on the publisher’s website, Spike Chunsoft discussed plans for an English version of the game. According to the publisher, the Steam release would require modifying certain aspects of the game to comply with the platform’s rules, but Spike Chunsoft believed that those modifications would cause the game to fall short of the publisher’s expectations.

Chaos;Head is an improved version of Noah Chaos;Head, the first game in the science adventure visual novel series featuring Steins; Gate, Occult; Nine, Robotics; Notes, Chaos; Child, & Anonymous; Codes are included. Anarchy; The entries, on the other hand, had the most quirky and triggering themes of the franchise.

CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Will Not Be Available On Steam

The publisher claimed, “CHAOS;HEAD NOAH will not be available on Steam as originally required by the Steam Guidelines for In-Game Content, Spike Chunsoft, Inc. regretfully announces today. The motive was preplanned “stated the publisher. According to Spike Chunsoft Inc., these modifications will prevent the game from meeting their standards for release.

CHAOS;HEAD For those who are unfamiliar, Noah was first released in 2008 under the name Chaos;Head was later rereleased with new content before being renamed and released on various platforms years later.

It is a visual novel from the same creator as Steins Gate, and some of its scenes feature content that might be construed as disturbing or suggestive.

CHAOS;HEAD Nintendo Store

The game is still listed on the Nintendo Store, and Spike Chunsoft has confirmed that the Switch release will still take place as scheduled on October 7. The publisher said it will look at alternative storefronts to see if it can release the game for PC users, and hopes to do so.

CHAOS;HEAD English Version Update

Despite the re-release, an English version of the game has not yet been made available. Fans of visual novels were therefore pleased to learn of this Western localization, but are now disappointed that the Steam release has been cancelled.

Following the announcement, users on the social network questioned why more porn games were allowed to be sold on Steam during Chaos; Why head Noah’s material was deemed unacceptable.

Further discussions lamented the fact that Steam’s own content policies are unclear, resulting in situations where some games are allowed but others are not. Some users claimed that such releases have problems, especially for visual novels.

Spike Chunsoft Looking For platforms

Spike Chunsoft is currently looking at other platforms for distribution of PC games. Chaos aside, it is still considered a major success for the series as Head lays down several important pillars on which later installments in the franchise are built.

On October 7th of this year, Chaos;Head Noah and Chaos;Child will be available separately on Nintendo Switch systems and in a double pack. In years past, consoles could be used to access other inputs such as robotics;Notes and jars;gate.

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