Callmehbob Face Reveal 2023 – (Update!) (Who Is Callmehbob?)

Callmehbob Face Reveal

Callmehbob Face Reveal – Do you want to know who is Callmehbo? So you are at the right spot, here in this post we covered all the available details about Callmehbob and her face reveal.

Are you like to play Royale High on the Roblox platform? Then you should be aware of its creator Callmehbob. There are many Roblox game developers and content creators who actually believe in hiding their real identity and keep working from being the mask.

Callmehbob is also a really popular content creator on YT and developer of the popular Royale High Roblox game.


Many people have been actually wondering who Callmehbob is and what her real face looks like. The Roblox game developer is quite a popular figure and everyone has been begging her to release more details. So, let’s find out more about Roblox creator Callmehbob.

Who Is Callmehbob?

A popular game developer, who is known as one of the most famous female game creators. Aura Frost, also known as Nightbarbie and callmehbob, is a former Roblox game creator who used to upload movies to YouTube.

She is famous on Roblox for co-creating the fantasy RPG Royale High with contributors and developers such as Lizzy Winkle. Royale High has become one of the most famous Roblox games in recent years, particularly among female gamers. Royale High is primarily played on YT channels by Jenni Simmer, CookieSwirlC, and Cybernova.


Here is an overview of Callmehbob bio:

  • Real Name – Aura Frost
  • Media Name – Night Barbie
  • Developer Role – Creator and Lead Developer
  • Date Joined – June 2007
  • Games Developed – Royale High
  • Location – California, USA
  • Nationality – American
  • Spouse – Launcelot Handsome

Callmehbob Face Reveal 2023

This popular game creator and developer gained fame with her amazing gaming videos. She also followed the trends of the latest not revealing the real face.

According to the sources, it’s that she has not set anything regarding the real face reveal that is any condition relating to the followers or subscribers.


But it is actually true that she has still not revealed her real face. Any further updates regarding Callmehbob’s face reveal would be updated soon here so bookmark this page.

Game Developer Callmehbob

Roblox Royale High, a well-known fantasy roleplaying game, was developed by Callmehbob, an American Roblox game creator. Enchantix High School for Mermaids and Fairies is her fan group. Launcelot Handsome is Callmehbob’s husband.


Her followers and fans refer to her as Barbie on social media platforms. After female Roblox YouTubers like CookieSwirlC, Cybernova, and Jenni Simmer posted videos of themselves playing the Royale High game, her game became really popular.

Callmehbob Husband

Launcelot is Callmehbob’s husband. He is a Royale High game developer who, according to callmehbob, designs animations for the game and hides in-game diamonds across the realms.

Also, he designed the terrain around a couple of the Royale realms, though the specifics have not been actually revealed. The details provided above about both are from the available sources. Not many things about their personal life are currently revealed.


Callmehbob Husband Face

Callmehbob Husband
Callmehbob Husband Face Source – Twitter

FAQs Of Callmehbob Face Reveal

Here are some questions and answers related to Callmehbob Face Reveal

Q. Who Is Callmehbob?

Callmehbob is a popular American Roblox game developer known for creating the Roblox Royale High game.

Q. Does Callmehbob Have A Husband?

Callmehbob has actually married “Boy Doe” or Launcelot. His Twitter username is @launcelot92 and together, own four dogs named Jhin, Zed, Syndra, and Cupcake.


Q. Who Is Launcelot Handsome?

Launcelot Handsome is the husband of Callmehbob.

Q. Is Callmehbob Lizzy Winkle?

On the morning of 29th November 2019, Lizzy_Winkle passed away after a long battle with blood cancer.

Q. Is Callmehbob a YouTuber?

Aura Frost, also known as Nightbarbie and Callmehbob, is an American YouTuber who formerly uploaded game development videos.



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