Burn Bazooka GPO Wiki – (Update!) (April 2023)

In this post of Burn Bazooka GPO, all those important points are covered which are important for you. In this post on grand piece online , we will cover the game wiki, Burn Bazooka GPO.

Roblox GPO game full name is Grand Peace Online. This game is very popular game. And are the most played games. There are rewards tier list, weapons, accessories present in the game which make the GPO game experience even better.

Last Update On : 26 April 2023

What is Burn Bazooka GPO?

Burn Bazooka GPO is a gun that makes players more powerful Burn Bazooka guns are a rare gun. If players use this Burn Bazooka.

Burn Bazooka Gun in GPO

Bazooka are easy to use If players play GPO game on their PC or Laptop, Bazooka can be controlled with mouse. Blue colored fire is fired from the bazooka, which causes an explosion.

Players aim with a bazooka by clicking on the left button of the mouse. And to charge the Bazooka, long press and hold the left button. And the bazooka will start charging. When the Burn Bazooka is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging.

Bazooka are very powerful weapons. If players get it, then they can make their low with it even more fun. It is a strong weapon for snipe for magu and hi users.

Basuka guns are ready to create panic. Just take it in hand and start firing. There are no limits. Have fun enjoying the bazooka. There is limitless power and charges are also there.

Highlight of Burn Bazooka Gun

  1. On Max Charge the attack will go from a Projectile to an Instant Hitscan Attack with a big AOE that also breaks Guard
  2. Burn Bazooka nerfed, damage now scales with weapon stat. For every 10 weapon stat points, damage increases by 1 (used to scale with DF stats)
  3. The easiest way to grind Bruno down is by hitting him at one of the closest huts and applying pressure, but don’t use too many knockback moves.
  4. When you do a dungeon, weapon users will spawn with burnt bazookas after wave 25.
  5. The maximum charge is about 5-6 seconds.

Final Word

The Burn Bazooka gun is a full gun. So they remain fearless in front of the enemies. The blue blast emanating from the bazooka doesn’t make the front one last long. To learn more about Burn Bazooka, read and understand the highlights section.

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