Brawlhalla Chest Rotation 2023 – (Complete Guide!)

Brawlhalla Chest Rotation

Do you want to know Brawlhalla Chest Rotation, you reach the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on Brawlhalla Chest Rotation that will help you to understand the chest rotation in Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla is an amazing and popular fighting game that is loved by every other gamer. In this game, you have to do here is fighting a tough battle against your opponent and turn them down, to win the Brawlhalla game. Chests are the in-game buyable mystery boxes that reward you with new skins in the game.

If you’re still unaware of the chests and curious about the Brawlhalla Chest Rotation then look no further as we have it covered.

Now without any delay let’s start the Brawlhalla Chest Rotation guide.

Brawlhalla Chest Rotation

Brawlhalla Chest Rotation

Chests in Brawlhalla are actually the purchasable in-game items from the store Mallhalla in the game. These chests contain amazing boxes full of wonderful in-game skins.

Each chest in the game has a total of eighteen skins. these skins are a combination of fifteen regular skins and three exclusive skins. (Except Odin’s chest as it has two exclusive and fourteen regular skins).

The chest is rotated every 2 days and can be actually unlocked for hundread mammoth Coins. There are more than twenty different chests in the Brawlhalla game and hence be sure you unlock all the in-game skins that you require in a particular chest before it actually spins.

The current chest rotation in Brawlhalla starts with Odin’s chest and ends with Synthwave Chest and the cycle goes on.

Check out the below list of all the chests mentioned and refer to it for all the upcoming in-game chests.

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Brawlhalla Chests

Brawlhalla Chest Rotation

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Chests that are rotated fixedly:

  • Ancient Chest
  • Brawl City Chest
  • Celestial Chest
  • Cosmic Chest
  • Dragon’s Chest
  • Elemental Chest
  • Exalted Chest
  • Forbidden Chest
  • Forgeborne Chest
  • Imperial Chest
  • Odin’s Chest
  • Olympian Chest
  • Outlaw Chest
  • Ragnarok Chest
  • Revenant Chest
  • Royal Order Chest
  • Sandstorm Chest
  • Skysail Chest
  • Sunken Chest
  • Synthwave Chest
  • Wild Chest

Brawlhalla Ancient Chest

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Ancient chest

  • Awakened Asuri
  • Bitten Diana
  • Dark Age Orion
  • Dark Matter Vraxx
  • Demon Ogre Koji
  • Fallen Brynn
  • Fangwild Fawn Ember (exclusive skin)
  • Kitsune Hattori
  • Lichlord Azoth
  • Lion Rampant Roland
  • Molten Kor
  • Orion-for-hire
  • Plague Doctor Lucien
  • Riftdweller Teros
  • Warlord Jhala
  • White Fang Gnash (exclusive skin)
  • Winged Serpent Nai (exclusive skin)
  • Wu Shang Breaker

Brawlhalla Dragon’s Chest

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Dragon’s Chest

  • Armored Kor
  • Ashen Ragnir
  • Bear’dvar
  • Dragonport Ulgrim
  • Dragonslayer Val (exclusive skin)
  • Elven Ranger Diana (exclusive skin)
  • Goblin Thatch
  • Grim Reaper Nix
  • Kabuto Orion
  • King Roland
  • Lord Sentinel (exclusive skin)
  • Lynx Asuri
  • Perfect Wu Shang
  • Riftdweller Teros
  • Shogun Koji
  • Undying Mirage
  • Volsung Brynn
  • Warlord Jhala

Brawlhalla Forbidden Chest

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Forbidden Chest

  • Ancient Azoth
  • Ashen Ragnir
  • Awakened Asuri
  • Bitten Diana
  • Cursed Gold Thatch
  • Cursed Mask Yumiko
  • Dark of the Night Lucien
  • Darkheart Artemis
  • Dawnwalker Cassidy
  • Demon Ogre Koji
  • Draugr Bodvar (exclusive skin)
  • Grovewarden Ember
  • Harpy Brynn (exclusive skin)
  • Nightblade Hattori
  • Northwind Mordex
  • Shadowlord Cross (exclusive skin)
  • Undying Mirage
  • Wu Shang Breaker

Brawlhalla Sandstorm Chest

Brawlhalla Chest Rotation

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Sandstorm Chest

  • Amun-raza (exclusive skin)
  • Anubis Mirage (exclusive skin)
  • Awakened Asuri
  • Celestial Mordex
  • Cutting Edge Hattori
  • Fallen Brynn
  • Fatal Error Ada
  • Galaxy X Nai
  • God King Teros (exclusive skin)
  • Grim Reaper Nix
  • Harbringer Orion
  • Marauder Bodvar
  • Nightshade Ragnir
  • Nightwatch Sentinel
  • Shark Attack Thatch
  • Star Guardian Ember
  • Steam Sentry Scarlet
  • Tengu Koji

Brawlhalla Imperial Chest

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Imperial Chest

  • Annihilator Azoth
  • Bitten Diana
  • Cinderguard Brynn
  • Death Adder Hattori (exclusive skin)
  • DJ Ada
  • Empress Nai
  • High Impact Sentinel
  • Kunoichi Val
  • Lynx Asuri
  • Pteranodon Gnash
  • Ready to Riot Teros
  • Roland the Hooded
  • Seeker Wu Shang
  • Spec Ops Lucien
  • Star Guardian Ember
  • Steamsmith Scarlet
  • Warrior Spirit Kor (exclusive skin)
  • Yakuza Koji (exclusive skin)

Brawlhalla Cosmic Chest

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Cosmic Chest

  • Aesir Forged Brynn
  • Annihilator Azoth
  • Apex Predator Asuri (exclusive skin)
  • Cutting Edge Hattori
  • Cyber Bodvar
  • General Vraxx (exclusive skin)
  • Harbringer Orion
  • Hardsuite Val
  • High Impact Sentinel
  • Infinite Wu Shang (exclusive skin)
  • Kor Wrecking LLC
  • Mecha Ragnir
  • Nemesis Barraza
  • Shadowstalker Diana
  • Silver Age Jhala
  • Space Race Cassidy
  • Steam Sentry Scarlet
  • Wasteland Ada

Brawl City Chest

Here is the list of Brawlhalla Cosmic Chest

  • All City Caspian
  • Biker Thatch
  • Bullet Diver Lucien
  • Cat Burglar Asuri
  • Crossfade Orion (exclusive skin)
  • Cupcake Cassidy
  • Dark Matter Vraxx
  • Darkheart Artemis
  • DJ Ada
  • Freestyle Mirage
  • Kill Thrill Hattori
  • Kor In Space
  • Mecha Ragnir
  • New School Jhala (exclusive skin)
  • Nix Couture (exclusive skin)
  • President Sentinel
  • Ready to Riot Teros
  • Tokyo Yumiko


Hopefully, you enjoy this Brawlhalla Chest Rotation guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on Brawlhalla Chest Rotation that will help you to understand the chest rotation in Brawlhalla.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Brawlhalla Chest Rotation so comment section is always open for you.

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