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Boba Story Recipes

Looking for Boba Story Recipes 2023 so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the Boba Story all the recipes, and the ingredients required to cook ’em all. 

Boba Story is an amazing game that takes the restaurant sim genre to the whole next level. In this game, gamers have to manage a Boba Café. Also known as Bubble Tea, Boba is a term used to refer to drinks laced with delish toppings.

As you play this game, you will have to prepare various kinds of bubble tea, attract customers and serve bubble teas to increase in-game profits.

The Magic Den

The Magic Den is actually a new room in the game where you can craft new ingredients, add-ins, and toppings on the in-game Experiment Table. After unlocking this amazing room, the first thing you have to do is collect “trinkets” from Kokoro, the animated fireplace.

Then click on the fireplace to actually make Kokoro spit out random trinkets. Also, you get 3 free chances every few hours, but you can buy extra chances using leaves in the game.

The Magic Den

All trinkets are actually stored in the treasure box. Once you have enough trinkets then click on the experiment table and mix 3 trinkets to craft a new topping or ingredient. This new in-game item can then be actually used to prepare Boba from the “Menu”.

How To Find Unlockable Ingredients In The Menu

The Menu is actually available in the main café room, where you serve in-game drinks to your customers.

To know which topping or ingredient can be unlocked at the experiment table in the magic den, click on the menu on the wall, click on an empty glass (unlock one using leaves if you have actually not yet) and then click on the shopping cart icon next to the Cancel option on the bottom of the tea preparation menu.

Under the in-game Drinks tab, you will find the Drink Base, Add In, and Topping sections on the bottom. Next, click on any one of the sections and look for a lock symbol on top of an item’s picture. Images with a lock icon can only be unlocked or crafted at the in-game experiment table in Magic Den.

Trinkets required to craft toppings, ingredients, and add-ins can only be actually obtained from the fireplace (Kokoro’s gifts).

Boba Story Recipes

Boba Story Recipes

Crafting Boba Story recipes in the Magic Den experiment table requires a lot of trial and error. If you’re finding it difficult to actually unlock them, then check out our Boba Story Recipes list below:

  • Bear = Chocolate Syrup + Bear + Bear
  • Bee = Chocolate Syrup + Honeybee + Honeybee
  • Gummy Bears = Combine 3 Bear trinkets.
  • Heart Boba = Chocolate Syrup bottle* + Heart + Heart
  • Lychee Soda = Combine 3 soda bottles to craft lychee soda.
  • Moon = Planet with a ring around it + heart + chocolate syrup bottle +
  • Mushroom = Heart + Chocolate syrup bottle + Mushroom
  • Pig Boba = Pig + Again Pig + Chocolate syrup bottle
  • Pineapple Boba = One pineapple + One pineapple + One chocolate syrup bottle
  • Sprinkles = One Honeybee + One Heart + One Pineapple
  • Chick = Chick + Again Chick + Chocolate Syrup
  • Cow = One Milk carton + One Chick + One Chocolate Syrup
  • Dinosaur Boba = One Dinosaur + One Dinosaur + One Chocolate Syrup
  • Frog = One Frog + One Chocolate Syrup + One Chocolate Syrup
  • Galaxy Boba = One Star + One Chocolate Syrup + One Planet with a ring around it
  • Ice-cream = One Ice Cube + One Milk carton + One Chocolate Syrup
  • Planet = One Planet (ringed) + Again One Planet (ringed) + One Chocolate Syrup
  • Flower = Flower + Again Flower + Chocolate Syrup
  • Frog Syrup = Frog + Again Frog + Ice Cube
  • Galaxy Syrup = One Star + One Ice Cube + One Planet (ringed)
  • Heart Syrup = Heart + Again Heart + Ice Cube
  • Honey = Combine 3 honeybee trinkets.
  • Marshmallows = Chick + Again Chick + Ice Cube
  • Mushroom Jelly = Mushroom + Again Mushroom + Ice Cube
  • Oreo Crème Brulee = Ice Cube + Milk Carton + Again Milk Carton
  • Pineapple Jelly = One Pineapple + One Ice Cube* + One Pineapple
  • Pineapple = Combine 3 pineapple trinkets.
  • Pink Dinosaur Boba = One Heart + One Chocolate syrup + One Dinosaur
  • Star = Star + Again Star + One Chocolate Syrup
  • Strawberry Cow = One Soda + One Chocolate Syrup + One Honeybee
  • Whipped Cream = Combine 3 Milk Cartons


We hope you like this Boba Story Recipes guide. In this post, we covered the the Boba Story all the recipes, and the ingredients required to cook ’em all. 

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