Bloxburg Update 0.11.1 Released (November 2022)

Bloxburg Update 0.11.1

Bloxburg Update Bloxburg Update 0.11.1 Log released : A new version for Roblox Bloxburg was released on 12th, November 2022! There’s a wide range of adjustments and bug fixes that you’ve added to the experience in this patch. This will make it easier to overcome whatever problems you were facing while playing the game and you will get to see some new things in the game.


Bloxburg Update 0.11.1

  • New – Added ability to place objects on beds with Advanced Placing.
  • Fix – Major bug fixes.
  • New – Added new shower and bathtub variations.
  • New – Added ability to open and close shower doors.
  • Update – Updated chat interface.
  • New – Added ability to change pillows on sofas, armchairs and beds.
  • New – Added decorative pillows and blankets.
  • New – Added rest interaction to sofas and beds.
  • New – Added Transform tool.
  • New – Added transitional sectional sofa.

You must have got the information about bug fixes and new updates given here. This information is present in your information so that you can understand about the game. To test out this new version, be sure to visit the Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg website.

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