Blox Fruit Level Up Guide 2022 (Update) (Quick Level Up!)

Blox Fruit Level Up

Searching for quickly level up in Blox Fruits? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the Blox Fruit Level Guide that helps you to fast level up in Blox Fruits.


If you are actually interested in One Piece and like playing Roblox games then you should play the Blox Fruits game. In the Blox Fruits game, there are different levels that you need to climb and many players are looking for a Blox Fruit Level Up guide.

There are actually many things that you can do to level up in this game but when you do them in the correct order you can speed up the in-game process. So in this post let us check how to level up in the Blox Fruits game.


Blox Fruit Level Up 2022

Blox Fruit Level Up

Here is the complete guide on Blox Fruit Level Up

  • Players should actually know that the right way to grind through the game is by completing in-game quests. There is not any hack around it, but what matters is the quests, weapons, and fruits you choose and level up first.
  • Before you begin the grind, try to find and use the two times Exp codes. You can also check out our Blox fruits codes post to get all the active codes in the game.
  • Always choose Pirates, Marines are good for player vs player which is not a big part of the game which is Pirates are actually better than Marines.
  • While battling NPC group them. To do this go to each of the in-game NPC, hit them once and you will see them actually coming towards you. Once all of them are close enough use a Hero move which will easily kill them all in a single move.
  • Whenever you go to a new or different in-game island set a spawn point. Gamers can set the spawn point by actually interacting with the Misc. NPC. If you fail to do this every time you lose or die you will be starting from the start of the Island hence wasting time.
  • Put all the in-game stat points in Sword or Melee whichever you are using. Buffing up defense will not reward much so try buffing up your different attacks as much as you can.
  • Gamers can purchase fruits using Robux (in-game currency). If you purchase fruits using Robux you will it will automatically be switched and you will be able to go back to the one you had. Using Robux will actually enable you to switch among them whenever you want.
  • As soon as you have 25K Beli visit the snow island. You can actually acquire abilities here which will help you grind through the quests quicker.

Right Order To Visit Islands In Blox Fruits

Simply completing quests is of no actual use if you are over-leveled for a particular in-game area. Once you feel you have reached enough level then move on to the next in-game area. And start grinding accordingly to get the best amount of XP for your current game level.

Here are the recommended levels for each area in Blox Fruits

  • Starting Area – 0 to 10 Levels
  • Jungle – 11 to 30 Levels
  • Pirate Village – 31 to 60 Levels
  • Desert – 61 to 65 Levels
  • Frozen Land – 66 to 120 Levels
  • Marine Fortress – 121 to 150 Levels
  • Skylands – 151 to 200 Levels
  • Prison – 201 to 225 Levels
  • Colosseum – 226 to 300 Levels
  • Frozen Land – 301 to 350 Levels
  • Volcano – 351 to 425 Levels
  • Underwater City – 426 to 450 Levels
  • Skylands – 451 to 625 Levels
  • Fountain City – 626 to 750 Levels

These level recommendations for each area work really well when you have the Light-Light fruit. Thanks to YouTuber JustOneChance for this helpful information. You can also check out their youtube video below for more details about these in-game quests and levels.

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How to Level Up Mastery in Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits Mastery levels up by beating up multiple opponents or enemies at the same time. Always look for in-game islands that contain multiple enemies that are mainly lower level compared to you. You will require an aerial attack move and a long-range weapon in your inventory.


Works – Go to the specific island and provoke multiple enemies or opponents with a long-range weapon to actually chase you. Give yourself enough room to quickly run away. Once you get all of them together in a single place, hit them with one aerial attack.

If you do not take them out straight away then try again some more times. Taking them out together gives you huge in-game bonuses. It is best to find a couple of places on the map where you can actually do that to give time for new opponents to spawn up.


We Hope you enjoy this Blox Fruit Level Up Guide. In this post, we covered the complete details about how to Blox Fruit level up faster.


If you have any questions or feedback related to Blox Fruit Level Up Guide so comment section is always open for you.

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