Blox Fruit Level Map : (1st & 2nd Sea Maps!) (June 2023)

In the Blox Fruit Level Map, you will be told about the levels after which the player can go to which map. You are going to get all the map information and will tell you about the level requirements and locations of all the current NPCs from the 1st map and 2nd sea map.

Roblox Blox Fruits is the popular game of Roblox. And there are also a lot of weapons in the game which enhance the game experience. A lot of new updates keep coming to the game, in which new bosses and killers are updated. You have to decide whether you are a pirate or a pirate in the game.

The game also has huge maps that show you the way to find them. You can search the entire map from all sides. There are also many saree shops in the game from where you can buy as many as you need. And by fighting the enemies, you have to register your victory.

If you are playing a game that has map facility, then believe me the map will help you a lot in understanding the game and choosing your cheap one. In Blox Fruit game your map helps you a lot and helps you to guide you on the right path. You’ll find many different locations on the map that will help with the quest so you can find new fruits and make your way up.

The game’s minions are something that requires you to reach your highest level. You’ll also find boats or ships to explore new islands. This allows you to advance your game story and discover islands. With which you can discover new blocks fruit. Using the map will help you explore new places and islands and understand the NCP.

The Starter Island level requirement for both Pirates and Marines in Blox Fruit game ranges from zero to ten. Depending on which team you choose, you will be placed on a starter island. You are not going to see much on the island that is of particular interest!

Blox Fruit Level Map

Blox Fruits First Sea Map

Blox Fruits First Sea Map – Blox Fruit Level Map

NPCs in the Pirate Starter Island

  • Set Spawn Point NPC
  • Bandit (level 5)
  • 1 Luxury Boat Dealer
  • 2 Boat Dealers
  • Pirate Recruiter (in case you want to switch teams)
  • 1 Sword Dealer (which sells a Katana and Cutlass at $100 each)
  • Inventory Tutorial NPC
  • Bandit with the quest to defeat 5 Bandits (your reward is $250 and 250 exp)
  • 1 Blox Fruit Dealer

NPCs in the Marine Starter Island –

  • 1 Sword Dealer (which sells a Katana and Cutlass for $1000 each)
  • 2 Marines Boat Dealers
  • 1 Blox Fruit Dealer
  • 1 Luxury Boat Dealer
  • 1 Advanced Marines Boat Dealer
  • Pirate Recruiter (in case you want to switch teams)
  • Marine Leader with the quest to defeat 5 trainees (your reward is $350 and 250 exp.)
  • Inventory NPC
  • Set Spawn Point NPC
  • Trainee (level 5)

First Sea in Roblox Blox Fruits – Blox Fruit Level Map

  1. Starter Island : Level Required 0 to 10
  2. Desert : Level Required 60 to 90 -East of Pirate Village Dock
  3. Pirate Village : Level Required 30 to 60 -Northeast of Jungle Island Dock
  4. Fountain City : Level Required 625 to 700 -Right behind the Colosseum
  5. Underwater City : Level Required 374 to 450 -South of Frozen Village Dock, near the Edge of the World
  6. Middle Island : Level Required 100 -Opposite Starter Island
  7. Prison : Level Required 190 to 275 -West of Frozen Village Dock
  8. Jungle : Level Required 15 to 30 -Northeast of Starter Island Dock
  9. Magma Village : Level Required 300 -Right behind Marine Fortress as a floating Island
  10. Skylands : Level Required 150 to 200, more Island unlocks at Level 450 to 575 -Above the Middle Island, you will need flying spell abilities
  11. Colosseum : Level Required 225 to 300 -East of Frozen Village Dock
  12. Marine Fortress : Level Required 120 to 150 -North of Frozen Village Dock
  13. Frozen Village : Level Required 90 to 120 -North of Starter Island

Second Sea Blox Fruit – Blox Fruit Level Map

  1. Graveyard : Level Required 950 to 975 -West of Kingdom of Rose Dock
  2. Hot & Cold : Level Required 1100 to 1200 -North of Graveyard Dock
  3. Forgotten Island : Level Required 1425 to 1475 -North of Green Zone
  4. Cursed Ship : Level Required 1000 to 1325 -Next to the Graveyard, on the west side of the map)
  5. Snow Mountain : Level Required 1000 to 1050 -North of Kingdom of Rose Dock
  6. Green Zone : Level Required 875 to 925 -Northwest of Kingdom of Rose Dock
  7. Usoap’s Island : Level Required 700 -Right behind the Kingdom of Rose
  8. Dark Arena : Level Required 1000 -Northeast of Kingdom of Rose
  9. Ice Castle : Level Required 1350 to 1400 -North of Dark Arena
  10. Kingdom of Rose : Level Required 700 to 850 -Second Sea’s Starter Island

Third Sea in Roblox Blox Fruits – Blox Fruit Level Map

  1. Castle on the Sea – Level Required any, it’s a Safe Zone – Northwest of Port Town Dock
  2. Sea of Treats – Level Required 2075 to 2275 – Northeast of Great Tree Dock
  3. Floating Turtle – Level Required 1775 to 2000 – North from the West side of Great Tree
  4. Port Town – Level Required 1500 to 1575 – Third Sea’s Starter Island
  5. Hydra Island – Level Required 1575 to 1675 – Northeast of Port Town Dock
  6. Haunted Castle – Level Required 1975 to 2075 – Northwest of Castle on the Sea Dock
  7. Great Tree – Level Required 1700 to 1750 – Next to Hydra Island, on the west side of the Dock

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