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Blinded 5e

Looking for Blinded 5e? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get that despite how much fun Manfred Mann’s Earth Band makes being “Blinded by the Light” out to be, it can be inconvenient in the DnD game.

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Being blinded is something that nobody can completely escape from in the game. Whether it is a bright sunny day, someone’s high beams blasting at you in the opposite direction, or an evil wizard casting darkness, it is nearly an everyday thing.

Blindness in 5e is actually no different, offering many ways to blind yourself or others. But how does this in-game status actually work?

Blindness is something that can occur to anyone in the D&D game world, particularly unprepared adventurers. Previously, when a gamer became blinded, they would be afflicted with some pretty negative ailments, like movement speed or losing AC.

However, fifth edition D&D has actually made this condition much less crippling, while still being quite potent.

Blinded 5e

Blinded 5e

Blinded is actually a condition mentioned in the Player’s Handbook. When an in-game creature is blinded, they are affected in 2 ways:

  • A blinded creature can not see, and fails any in-game ability check that needs sight.
  • Attack rolls against an in-game blinded creature grant advantage, while the blinded creature’s attack rolls are actually made with a disadvantage.

This can lead to interesting interactions, as being blinded is common during an adventure. Many spells can blind gamers in different ways, or they actually may be blinded by basic things like literal blindfolds.

Blinded Mechanics

You may be upset to actually discover that there really is not much in the way of getting around blindness in the game. This status effect was designed to be potent, so there is not much leeway here.


As you can actually guess, spells do not quite work when you can not see your intended in-game target. You have to be able to view where you are casting some in-game spells, this means that spells that do not need touch are almost guaranteed to actually fail.

Any in-game spell that explicitly states a point you can see or similar verbiage will be actually impossible to perform while blinded.

Blind Fighting

This fighting style actually allows you to see everything within 10ft of you that is not obscured by coverage, including when you are blinded in the game.


A rare in-game ability that only certain classes have access to, this actually allows you to bypass the in-game limitations of being blinded, but just within a specific radius in the game.

How Is The Blinded Condition Applied In DnD?

Here are the complete details of the Blinded Condition applied

Heavily Obscuring Vision

When something totally blocks a creature’s vision in the game, like the heavy fog, the aforementioned blindfold, or total darkness, they are actually subjected to the blinded condition.


There are many spells that impose the blinded condition in the game, some of which are:

  • Divine word
  • Holy aura
  • Sunbeam
  • Color spray
  • Wall of light
  • Wall of sand
  • Contagion
  • Reality break
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Prismatic wall
  • Blinding smite
  • Prismatic spray
  • Sunburst
  • Blindness/deafness
  • Nathair’s mischief
  • Holy weapon

Take A Look Around

There is no chance the blindness status actually effect will go away anytime soon in the game. Not only is it extremely realistic, but also it is intentionally made to be a potent in-game ability on both sides. While it is been toned down in DnD 5e, blindness is definitely here to stay.

Blinded 5e FAQs

Blinded 5e

Here are some questions and answers about the Blinded 5e

Q. If 2 Blinded Characters Attack Each Other, Do They Have An Advantage?

Since being blinded gives you disadvantage on your in-game attacks, but also attacking a blinded creature provides you an advantage, what happens is that both of these benefits are actually canceled, leading to a regular attack roll in the game.

Q Does The Darkness Spell Make You Blinded in DnD?

Yes. This in-game spell creates a highly obscured area, making it difficult to see through in most situations. This imposes the blinded condition on every in-game creature that can’t see the magical darkness in the game.


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