Bingo Blitz Drew Barrymore 2023 – (Best Campaign!)

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Do you want to know about Bingo Blitz Drew Barrymore? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, we covered all the details about Drew Barrymore’s stars in the international campaign by Bingo Blitz.

Drew Barrymore adds BINGO to her already impressive list of achievements. Barrymore will begin a year-long partnership with Bingo Blitz to appear as an in-game character in Bingo Blitz and take part in the game’s marketing campaign.

Now without further delay let’s start the Bingo Blitz Drew Barrymore details.

Bingo Blitz Drew Barrymore

Bingo Blitz is an amazing free-to-play bingo game, is bringing Hollywood star power to Germany through the famous Drew Barrymore. Now, the top free-to-play bingo game has the choice to be translated into German, enabling it to be played in Europe’s biggest gaming market.

The thirty German-dubbed spot is now available, with an English version also available in the USA and Barrymore’s custom character is featured within the game globally.

Bingo Blitz’s campaign with Barrymore launched in September 2022 with the Drew BingoMore Show event where she welcomed gamers, offered tips & tricks and offered prizes in multiple features in the game, and has since aired a variety of commercials on television and a variety of online platforms.

Bingo Blitz gamers have loved this special campaign for the opportunity to play bingo for free with Barrymore herself integrated into the Bingo Blitz game.

The Popular Bingo Game

From, Bingo Blitz is the world’s most popular Bingo game by total downloads from December 2021 to July 2022 across Google Play and Apple App Store.

Bingo Blitz is the no. 1 bingo game, with over 1M+ active players daily on mobile platforms and social networks, creating a large community of gamers from all over the world.

By offering engaging narratives, mega prizes, and innovative features they are changing the way people play Bingo game, making Bingo a game everyone can enjoy. Its unique social platform and content allow millions of players to play and connect with others around the world.

The Bingo Blitz game has partnered with the popular Golden Globe winning actress, talk show host, and author Drew Barrymore to reinvent Bingo for the new generation.

During the one-year partnership, Bingo Blitz broke ground and reinvent itself once again by adding the beautiful Barrymore as her own in-game character in an eye-catching integration with the game’s beloved mascot, Blitzy. During the Drew BingoMore Show event, Barrymore welcomed players, share tips and tricks, and in-game award prizes.

Barrymore Loves Bingo

Bingo Blitz Drew Barrymore

As part of the innovative campaign, Barrymore will also be seen in Bingo Blitz commercials on television and across social media in the USA, with the star sharing the activity on her social platforms and participating in the game.

Drew Barrymore Says –

I’m a big gamer and i used to go to a night bingo with all my friends, said Barrymore during the campaign. I love that it is an amazing game that everyone can play. We are looking for a collective gaming experience, and Bingo Blitz provides that, she continued.

Regarding the Bingo Blitz game, Barrymore added, I actually want to be a part of things that everyone can enjoy and it’s free. You will be welcomed and invited to play and be a part of something – that collective experience should be accessible to all, so I thank Bingo Blitz for providing it so easy to everyone.”

Reinventing Classic Bingo

Reinventing Classic Bingo

Since Bingo Blitz’s launch in 2010, the reinvention of traditional Bingo and bringing it to both existing and new audiences is at the heart of Bingo Blitz’s mission. By improving gamer experiences with multiple features, power-ups, and events and taking the traditional game to new levels, Bingo Blitz makes Bingo a game for everyone to enjoy.

This amazing campaign gives gamers the opportunity to play Bingo game in a unique and fun way, with the popular actress Barrymore herself, showing into the Bingo game.


Here are some questions and answers about the Bingo Blitz Drew Barrymore

Q. Who Sings The Bingo Blitz Commercial?

Nicole Scherzinger is one of the famous singers in the Bingo Blitz commercials.

Q. Who Is The Actress In Bingo Blitz?

Drew Barrymore is the actress in Bingo Blitz.

Q. How Old Was Drew Barrymore?

Drew Barrymore’s age is 48 years and she was born on 22 February 1975.


Hopefully, you like this Bingo Blitz Drew Barrymore post. In this post, we covered all the details about Drew Barrymore’s stars in the international campaign by Bingo Blitz.

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