BG3 Infernal Iron : Where to find & How To Use

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BG3 Infernal Iron, a scarce substance in Baldur’s Gate 3, serves a crucial role. It’s necessary to fulfill Karlach’s companion quest and also to craft weaponry and armor. Ensuring its presence in your inventory is advisable, yet acquiring it can prove to be quite challenging.

Comprehensive information regarding Infernal Iron in BG3 is provided below, encompassing its locations of discovery and its applications.

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Infernal Iron Locations in BG3 – Where to Find

BG3 Infernal Iron can be found all around the map, but there are certain places where you’re sure to get it:

  1. Blighted Village
  2. The Shattered Sanctum
  3. Reithwin Masons’ Guild

These spots are the ones where you’re most likely to find BG3 Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Blighted Village – Location of BG3 Infernal Iron

Infernal Iron Location The Blighted Village

One of the first pieces of BG3 Infernal Iron that you can find is beneath the Blighted Village (X:66, Y:407), located just to the west of the Druid Grove.

After dealing with the goblins in the village, when you have the chance to explore, make your way to one of the houses in the northern part (X:44, Y:416). There, you’ll come across a pair of Shabby Wooden Doors. Although they are locked, you can open them with a simple DC10 Sleight of Hand skill check to enter the cellar.

If you don’t have thieves’ tools with you, you can also go into the house itself. You’ll discover a large hole in the floor covered with hardened webs. Breaking the webs and jumping through will get you into the cellar, even though it might cost you a bit of health.

Inside the cellar, locate a ladder that leads to a small platform. Climb up the ladder to find a locked chest. Inside, you’ll discover a piece of BG3 Infernal Iron, along with a +1 Shortsword as a bonus.

The Shattered Sanctum – Location of BG3 Infernal Iron

The next piece of Infernal Iron is quite easy to locate, but reaching it can be a bit more challenging. This one can be found deep within the Shattered Sanctum, where the goblins have established their camp. Specifically, it’s kept within the Treasure Crates locked away in the hall where Dror Ragzlin is conducting his ritual.

You have the option to take the key from Dror Ragzlin’s body if you decide to eliminate him and align with the Druids towards the end of Act 1. On the other hand, if you manage to sneak past the noisy goblins who are trying to revive a deceased mindflayer, you could also try to pick the lock of the Iron Gate. However, be aware that this task requires a demanding DC 20 Sleight of Hand skill check to succeed.

It’s worth noting that this gate is particularly vulnerable to Bludgeoning and Acid damage. This means that a well-timed Chromatic Orb spell or a Barbarian wielding a greatclub might be able to break it down.

Once you’re inside, collecting the Infernal Iron becomes straightforward. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to gather a substantial amount of other valuable items and gold.

The Zhentarim Hideout – Location of BG3 Infernal Iron

The Zhentarim Hideout

There are several ways to reach the hidden Zentarim base (X: 259, Y: -293), which is located west of Walkin’s Rest (X: -82, Y: 599).

Alternatively, you can attempt to deceive the guard Salazon or make your way through the Underdark.

Whichever path you choose, don’t miss the piece of BG3 Infernal Iron lying in the Black Network’s store. Tackle the Zentarim members in the cave, taking into account the varying heights of the area, as well as the presence of oil and water.

After that, climb to the highest point of the cave and head north through the Zentarim dungeon. Be aware that rocky paths can be strewn with nearby mines, so be sure to either clear them from a distance or carefully deactivate them.

If your journey turns confrontational, overcome the next group of guards and wolves to discover their storage room behind the iron gate on the left (X:282, Y:-169). Like the entrance to the Broken Sanctum, you can get the key from the bodies of Zentarim agents you’ve defeated or break down the gate using acid damage – as long as it doesn’t exceed the required medium hardness threshold .

Inside the chest on the right, you will find the Demonic Iron Shard.

How to use BG3 Infernal Iron

In Act 2 of Karlach’s quest, acquiring BG3 Infernal Iron becomes essential. Your objective involves locating Dammon, the tiefling smith initially encountered at the refugee camp in Emerald Grove during Act 1. Upon locating Dammon, he will craft a formidable set of heavy armor for you, contingent upon possessing Infernal Iron within your inventory.

Where to use Infernal Iron in BG3

Securing Karlarch’s survival hinges on successfully completing her companion quest, known as “The Hellion’s Heart.” The only infernal mechanic capable of assisting Karlarch is Dammon, a skilled Tiefling Blacksmith who excels in working with Infernal Iron. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Dammon’s destiny can be at risk at various points within the story. If Dammon is no longer alive, the task of protecting Karlarch becomes significantly more challenging.

To find Dammon, head to the Emerald Grove during Act 1. Yet, due to the sequence of quests and events in BG3 occurring in this area, there’s a chance that Dammon might perish before he relocates. If you’ve managed the situation at the Emerald Grove without interacting with him, Dammon could have escaped. In such a situation, you’ll have to wait until Act 2 to cross paths with him. Assuming he survives, Dammon can be found at the Last Light Inn during Act 2.

These insights cover the basic strategies for obtaining Infernal Iron within Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t forget to refer to our BG3 guide on optimal party compositions to determine the best way to incorporate Karlarch into your team arrangement.

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