Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft : (Update!) (August 2023)

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Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft – Welcome to Faindx, here you will get all the enchantments for a sword ordered by how strong they are.

There are many different equipment and weapons available at your disposal in Minecraft, so knowing the best spells for each item can be very confusing. Swords have a substitute for some of the best spells in the Minecraft game, with higher-level spells producing better results.

Opening an enchantment table and seeing all the different types of spells that appear every time you enchant something new, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be actually looking for. If you are searching for the most powerful and versatile sword, here is a list of the best sword spells to improve your gameplay in Minecraft.

Last Post Update – 12th August 2023

Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft >>

One of the most exciting things about playing Minecraft is building and designing your own in-game items. You can create swords, potions, food, armor, tools, or everything else you need to survive in a Minecraft world where there are no rules.

With enchantments, you can give your weapons special abilities that will help you take down some of the toughest opponents in the game.

Here is the list of Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft 2023:

  • Sweeping Edge
  • Looting
  • Fire Aspect
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Unbreaking
  • Mending
  • Knockback
  • Sharpness
  • Smite
  • Bane of Arthropods

Sweeping Edge

Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

Our 1st and only unique best Minecraft enchantment for Sword is the sweeping edge. If you are on the Bedrock version, maybe you should skip reading how amazing it is. This enchantment does not add any special features to the sword, but rather enhances its basic aspect.

With sweeping edge enchantment, the sword sweep attack does more damage than a normal hit. This spell is very useful in the Nether, where it is common to battel multiple mobs at a single time.

In games like Devil May Cry, you can swing your sword around and it will damage any creature that gets in the way, even if it was not your original target. It has 3 levels that deal 75%, 67%, and 50% damage respectively of the main attack’s damage count. But to prevent it from being overpowered, Minecraft does not allow many other spells to work with it.


Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The next entry for the best Minecraft sword enchantments focuses on more than just the fighting abilities of a sword. If you kill a mob with this spell, it drops more stuff than normal. You can also get rare items by using this spell.

There are three levels of this spell, and each level increases the number of items dropped. To round it out, this charm also works with the Sweeping Edge enchantments of Java-exclusive.

Fire Aspect

Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantments in Minecraft, the fire aspect is one of the most powerful and simplest. Hitting the enemy with the sword of the fireside sets the enemy on fire. It has two levels, and each adds four seconds of fire to the sword. In terms of damage, level one fire deals 1.5 hearts and level two fire deals 3.5 hearts.

But it is worth noting that not all mobs die immediately due to fire, so combining this attack with a fire-resistance potion is a smart choice. Note that this enchantment is not effective against all Nether-exclusive mobs except Hoglin and piglins.

However, if you are on the Bedrock version of the game, you can also use it to the campfire, light candles, and activate TNT. And killing the food-based mob in both versions gives away cooked meat when they are killed by this enchantment.

Curse of Vanishing

Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantments Minecraft, Another spell that you can apply using specially enchanted books is the Vanishing Curse. As the name suggests, this is a spell that makes your sword disappear when you die. In normal Minecraft, items stay in the same place after you die so you can pick them up again. Now, do not get confused by his name here, because to disappear means vanishing from the sword.

Fortunately, holding her sword in her chest keeps her from disappearing. The only positive result of this curse is that other gamers cannot steal your sword in multiplayer. And in case you were wondering, no, there is no way to overcome this attachment.


Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantments Minecraft, Unbreakable is a famous enchantment that you can apply to all items in the Minecraft game that have permanence. This spell increases the durability of the sword.

Technically, this only reduces the probability or chance of a decrease in durability. But in the end, your weapons, including your sword, last longer if you use this spell. It has 2 levels, and it’s one of the 1st spells you can get on the enchanting Table.


Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantments Minecraft, For those gamers who find damaged swords, or if it is too late to apply them, there is always the option of repairing them. This simple enchantment restores the reduced durability of your in-game sword. It works by using experience orbs as fuel. With the repair applied, you can continue to kill the mob while the sword totally heals itself.

Some gamers consider it even more powerful than Unbreakable, even though it has only 1 level. Do not forget that this is one of the best sword spells in Minecraft that you can only apply using enchantment books.


Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantment in Minecraft, Knockback is the effect by which a mob is pushed back when attacked in Minecraft. This enchantment increases that knockback effect to a maximum of 190 percent. This means you can push a unit back up to six blocks with one hit. In the Java edition, gamers can also bring down the Armor Stand with this enchantment.


Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantments in Minecraft, As you probably know by its name, this spell increases the sharpness of your sword in Minecraft. But since sharpness itself does not actually affect gameplay, this spell basically increases your sword’s damage with each hit. This enchantment supports five levels of sharpness. And you can only enchant gold sword level five using the enchantment table. However, you can use an enchanted book to apply all levels of sharpness to all types of swords.


Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantments Minecraft, Similar to sharpness, smite is also one of the best minecraft sword enchantments to increase damage attack. But keep in mind that Smite’s increased damage only works on undead mobs. The undead mob includes the following:

  • Zombies
  • Zoglins
  • Drowned
  • Zombified Piglins
  • Zombie Horses
  • Wither Skeletons
  • Wither
  • Zombie Villagers
  • Strays
  • Skeleton Horses
  • Skeletons
  • Husks
  • Phantoms

Bane of Arthropods

Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

The best sword enchantments Minecraft, Scientifically speaking that arthropods are unique animals with exoskeletons. They have specially jointed limbs, allowing them to move in a specific style. Therefore, as the name suggests, this spell increases the sword damage dealt to arthropod mobs in the game. These mobs include the following below:

  • Endermites
  • Bees
  • Cave Spiders
  • Spiders
  • Silverfishes

Sword Enchantments in Minecraft Advantages >>

As we discussed, swords are the best way to kill mobs. To make it more effective, use sword upgrades so you can easily kill hordes of monsters without stopping in between (like weapon repairing).

We all know that there is already a lot going on in any gamers world: mining for minerals, cutting down trees, and building houses. Killing mobs gives you the resources you need to advance through the game when they drop items like sticks, iron ore, or nuggets.

Looting monsters is also necessary if you want to level up fast. Use sword enchantments which are very useful to kill many mobs with just one swing of the sword. These spells are also great for protecting your home from invading mobs.

While you are playing Minecraft, enchant your sword with the best spells for benefits and advantages. Benefits of having a sword with enchantments include:

  • If your sword is enchanted then it will reduce the risk of damage to the gamer.
  • The best spell on the sword greatly increases the chances of landing a critical hit that deals 3 times more damage than normal.
  • A properly enchanted sword can kill multiple mobs at once without wasting time.
  • enchantment increases your chances of winning against multiple enemies.
  • You do not have to worry about how much material you use to repair the weapon as it automatically repairs itself every time you hit a critical.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing sandbox-building game where gamers are immersed in a world made up entirely of cubes. A block can be mined from many different types of materials found in the game world and used to build structures ranging from tools to vehicles.

You can create your own block layout to kill mobs or try to fight them by hitting them. You can also use a fishing rod to fight, but it’s not as effective as a sword, so it should be a last resort. The good thing which you should always have an in-game sword because a sword is much deadly and can deal a lot of damage at once to your opponents.

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FAQs About Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best Sword Enchantments Minecraft.

Q. How Does Actually Enchant Work in Minecraft?

If you want to make something harmful or invincible in the game, then enchanting is for you. For players who are new to the Minecraft game, enchantment is the best way to make your favorite items more strong by adding special in-game magic effects.

Q. Is it Possible to Use More Than One Enchantment on a Minecraft Sword?

Yes, it is possible the maximum number of enchantments that can be used on one item is 8. If you need more and want to increase the level of your enchantment, then you simply use an enchanted book that will allow you to use more.

Q. What are the Benefits of using a Sword Enchantment in Minecraft?

The benefit of using a sword enchantment in Minecraft game is that it allows gamers to have access to better tools, weapons, and armor. Enchantments allow gamers to survive the night much easier as well as kill mobs more efficiently in the game.

Q. How to Make the Best Enchanted Diamond Sword?

You can easily enchant the best sword in Minecraft game by using the Enchantment Table and applying best enchants to it. The Netherite with five enchantments equipped is the best sword enchantments Minecraft.

Q. Can an Enchantment Achieve the Maximum Level in Minecraft?

Clearly no, you can not enchant an item with something that is above its max level. For example, you can not use an Unbreaking five enchantment on an item that already has the maximum number of Unbreaking in the game, which is three.

Video Guide Of Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

Here is a youtube of the best sword enchantments Minecraft guide


Minecraft can be a lot of fun when you get the right weapons with the right spells. The developer has created a variety of these perks for different situations, should you ever get a chance to indulge in them. A smart gamer is one who prepares for any disaster in advance, so when it comes time to go face to face, they already have the best Minecraft sword spells equipped and ready for action. Is.

In this article, we have talked about the best sword enchantments Minecraft that are the most important perks that can take your game from zero to hero. Be sure to try all of the enchantments listed and experiment for yourself to see which combination works best for your gameplay. Let us know in the comments section if you enjoyed using this guide to build the best sword enchantments Minecraft enjoy.

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