The Best Ships in Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the vast universe of Starfield, space travel is not just a means of transportation—it’s an experience. With a plethora of ships available for purchase, players are often left wondering which ones are truly worth their hard-earned credits. This article delves into the best ships in Starfield, based on their functionality, design, and overall performance.

Best Ships in Starfield

1. Shieldbreaker

  • Type: Class B Crimson Fleet ship
  • Specialty: Cargo hauling
  • Features: High cargo capacity, sturdiness, high fuel and crew capacity, and ample internal space for combat.
  • Price: 250,000 Credits at the Crimson Fleet Headquarters.

The Shieldbreaker, a Class B Crimson Fleet ship, is a testament to the perfect blend of design and functionality. As its name suggests, this ship is built to withstand the harshest of space conditions. With a high cargo capacity, it’s the ideal choice for players who prioritize trade and resource collection. Its sturdiness ensures that the ship remains intact even in the most challenging space battles. The high fuel and crew capacity means longer journeys without the need for frequent stops.

The Shieldbreaker’s internal space is designed for combat, ensuring that if boarded, the crew has a strategic advantage. Acquiring this ship requires a good rapport with the Crimson Fleet, but with space piracy being a lucrative profession in Starfield, it’s a worthy investment. Priced at 250,000 Credits, the Shieldbreaker promises a return on investment through its unmatched capabilities.

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2. Silent Runner

Silent Runner
  • Specialty: Cargo hauling
  • Features: Highest cargo capacity in Starfield, ideal for outpost building and credit farming.
  • Price: 390,000 Credits at Hopetown HQ.

The Silent Runner is the epitome of cargo hauling efficiency. With the highest cargo capacity in Starfield, this ship is a dream come true for traders and resource gatherers. Its massive 6080 cargo capacity ensures that players can transport large quantities of resources in a single trip.

However, every ship has its Achilles heel. The Silent Runner, despite its impressive cargo capacity, is not built for combat. Its slow speed and limited fuel capacity make it vulnerable in hostile territories. But for those who prioritize trade over combat, the Silent Runner, priced at 390,000 Credits, is an unbeatable choice.

3. Razorleaf

  • Specialty: Combat
  • Features: Exceptional speed, maneuverability, and base weapons. Unique ability to scare off bandits.
  • Acquisition: Complete the ‘Secret Outpost’ quest.

Built for combat enthusiasts, the Razorleaf is a force to be reckoned with. Its unparalleled speed and maneuverability make it a nightmare for adversaries. The ship’s base weapons are formidable, and with the right upgrades, it can dominate any space battle. A unique feature of the Razorleaf is its ability to instill fear in bandits, making them flee on sight. This psychological advantage, combined with the ship’s speed, allows players to chase down enemies and engage on their terms. While its cargo capacity is on the lower side, the Razorleaf compensates with its combat prowess.

4. Abyss Trekker

Abyss Trekker
  • Specialty: Combat
  • Features: Overwhelming firepower, excellent jump distance.
  • Price: 365,000 Credits on Paradiso.

The Abyss Trekker is the embodiment of raw power. Designed for combat, this ship can obliterate adversaries with its overwhelming firepower. Its impressive jump distance allows players to traverse vast distances in a short time, making it a formidable presence in any star system. The only drawback is its limited cargo capacity, but for those who live for the thrill of battle, the Abyss Trekker is the ultimate choice. Priced at 365,000 Credits, it’s a worthy investment for combat enthusiasts.

5. Star Eagle

Star Eagle
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Features: Durability, firepower, cargo capacity, and crew size.
  • Acquisition: Complete the Freestar Rangers faction questline.

The Star Eagle is the jack-of-all-trades. This hybrid ship offers a balanced blend of combat and cargo capabilities. Its durability ensures longevity, while its firepower guarantees protection against adversaries. The Star Eagle’s cargo capacity is commendable, and with the right crew, its performance can be significantly enhanced. Acquiring the Star Eagle requires dedication, as players need to complete the Freestar Rangers faction questline. But the effort is well worth the reward.

6. Crimson Fleet Wight

Crimson Fleet Wight
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Features: Shielding, hull protection, cargo capacity, and weaponry.
  • Price: 300,000 Credits on The Key.

Another masterpiece from the Crimson Fleet, the Wight is a hybrid ship that promises the best of both worlds. Its impressive shielding and hull protection ensure durability, while its cargo capacity and weaponry make it a formidable presence in space. The Wight’s fuel range and jump capacity are designed for long journeys, making it a favorite among space explorers. Membership in the Crimson Fleet is a prerequisite for acquiring this ship, but the 300,000 Credit investment guarantees unmatched performance.

7. Conqueror

  • Specialty: Cargo and crew capacity
  • Features: Can house up to 6 crew members and hold 2248 kilograms of cargo.
  • Price: 250,000 credits at Stroud-Eklund Staryards.

The Conqueror is Starfield’s answer to those who prioritize crew and cargo capacity. Its design may seem intimidating, but its maneuverability is surprisingly agile. The Conqueror’s cargo storage is impressive, and its ability to house up to 6 crew members makes it a mini-fortress in space.

8. Crimson Fleet Wight III

Crimson Fleet Wight III
  • Specialty: Pirate ship
  • Features: Excellent defensive stats, fuel capacity, and shielding. Can house up to 7 crew members.
  • Price: 300,000 credits at The Key.

A pirate’s dream, the Crimson Fleet Wight III is built for those who live on the edge. Its defensive stats are unparalleled, ensuring safety in hostile territories. Membership in the Crimson Fleet is mandatory for acquiring this ship, but the benefits far outweigh the commitments.

9. Vanquisher III

Vanquisher III
  • Specialty: Cargo and companions
  • Features: Cargo capacity of 4120 and can carry up to 6 companions.
  • Price: 490,000 credits in New Atlantis.

The Vanquisher III is luxury redefined. Its hefty price tag of 490,000 credits is justified by its unmatched capabilities. With a cargo capacity of 4120 and the ability to house up to 6 companions, it’s the ultimate star cruiser.

Each ship in Starfield offers a unique experience, tailored to the diverse needs of players. Whether you’re a trader, a combat enthusiast, or an explorer, there’s a ship waiting for you in the vast universe of Starfield.

In conclusion, Starfield offers a diverse range of ships, each tailored to specific needs. Whether you’re a cargo hauler, a combat enthusiast, or someone who wants a bit of both, there’s a ship in Starfield waiting for you. Remember, the best ship is not just about firepower or cargo space; it’s about finding the one that fits your playstyle and journey in the vastness of space. Safe travels!

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