Best Heroes Bad Aim Overwatch 2 (Best Rank!) (August 2023)

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Best Heroes Bad Aim Overwatch 2 – Overwatch 2 has replaced Overwatch as the main game since the former game was discontinued. The release will include new heroes and balance changes, the latter of which will affect the behavior of damage heroes. Now that the game is 5v5 with only one tank, some damage heroes are more viable while others are less.

It’s important to realize that Overwatch 2’s Damage Hero is a great choice. Since most players do not have the same level of experience as Overwatch League competitors, team structure is less important. However, some of the compositions are currently quite vulnerable. But choosing a hero is important, especially for new players or those looking to climb the competitive ladder.

If you’re good at hitting targets in the head, you might find it exciting to play Overwatch 2. It takes time and a lot of practice to get there, which may not be possible for all players. However, if your aim is poor, you shouldn’t miss out on having fun with OW2 as there are tons of characters you can play and still be a valuable member of the team. The best Overwatch 2 heroes for poorly aiming players are listed below.

If your aim in OW 2 isn’t right, these are the best characters to choose from in each class. Even if you don’t have the best aim, you can still benefit from these heroes if you choose them because of their high performance for skilled players.

Last Post Update On : 24th August 2023

Here are the list of Best Heroes Bad Aim Overwatch 2 – UPDATE!


You have to shut down the opposition and take out the enemy with their short range scrap metal weapons. However, if you’re a little further away, you can use a chain hook attack to pull them closer and shoot them. With your ultimate whole hog, your roadhog can wreak havoc on your weapon without being precise. You can only get some kills by aiming in the general direction of the enemy horde.


Winston: It’s hard to get rid of your Tesla cannon once you’ve been pushed into the conflict. Using his Jump Pack ability, which causes him to jump into the air and land directly on the enemy, is another way to deal powerful damage. In the end, his initial anger is exactly what it sounds like; After gaining more health, he can jump and kill enemies.


You must use the Charge ability to slam an enemy into a wall, fire a furious projectile that doesn’t require precise aiming, and, when necessary, activate your Earthshatter Ultimate to eliminate all enemies in your immediate vicinity. Do it. Simple timing, precise aiming and quick reflexes are all essential to all of these skills.

Best DPS Characters for Bad Aim in Overwatch 2


Although Torbjorn’s turret has some killing ability in itself, his rivet gun is a formidable weapon. His Molten Code will generate a puddle of molten slag that will damage nearby enemies.


If strategically placed, Symmetra’s turrets can damage and slow down enemies while helping you. Build temporary teleporters to move between enemies and surprise them, or build energy barriers to shield your team. Additionally, his Photon Projector will deal more damage and help you kill enemies if you can capture one of them while they’re in the corner.


His explosive projectiles can be launched from a high vantage point and land in barrages on enemies within a specific area if you can control his flight and make it precarious to attack.


Bombs, mines and steel traps are dealt with by the damaging hero Junkart. When a team has a DPS character with good aim, that can be a useful addition. To take multiple kills in the mob, just keep firing projectile weapons, detonate mines and send a flammable tire.

Best Support Characters for Bad Aim in Overwatch 2 (Best Healer)


Mercy can connect with an ally and heal them while flying constantly, just as Moira can. This can be a pretty powerful combination in battle if you want to team up with a friend who also plays as Pharah.


Since the release of OW2, Moira has taken over most of the battles as she can quickly capture an enemy and expel them for the rest of her life. If used properly, she can switch between healing and damaging enemies.

Overwatch Compared to Overwatch 2, Cassidy’s primary fire is no longer as powerful. The main difference is that he no longer has his Flashbang grenade, which temporarily stuns enemies, but a magnetic grenade.

When thrown close enough to enemies, the magnetic grenade sticks to them and deals explosive damage. While the magnetic grenade isn’t bad, Cassidy’s influence is diminished as he no longer has access to his only method of crowd control.2 damage heroes ranked worst to best 2023

Overwatch 2 damage heroes ranked worst to best


Mei has been downgraded in Overwatch 2, losing most of the useful parts of her kit. His Ice Beam does some damage and slows enemies down a bit, though it no longer freezes them completely. His alternate fire icicle shot can be difficult to hit and does little damage.

Mei overwatch 2

He still has good zoning skills, but his damage output is insufficient compared to other damaging characters in Overwatch 2. This is a result of his Ultimate ability, which blocks access to a wide circle, and his Ice Wall ability, which keeps enemies away. a distance.

Mei’s cryo-freeze is her biggest saving grace as it heals her and momentarily makes her immune to harm. This gives him a respectable resistance to dealing damage from other heroes, even when his healers are not present.


The peculiar personality of an Echo is well known to anyone who has encountered one in Overwatch or Overwatch 2.

Echo overwatch 2

Her primary attack in Overwatch 2 consists of a triangle-shaped burst of three projectiles that deal a respectable amount of damage. He also has a short-range laser that melts targets with less than 50% health and sticky explosives.

Although she has a nice uniform, she stands out in some team competitions. She can fly, but not as long as Pharah, and to make the most of her abilities, she must be close to her enemies.

The Echo’s ultimate power also sounds more like a novelty than it would be useful. When she turns into a member of an enemy team in Overwatch 2, her final charge rate is faster.

However, if you take too much damage, you go back to the Echo, which is often unable to use the duplicated last ability, making you wonder what the point was in doing so.


Once the first two damage heroes are gone, the remaining heroes are solid choices, although some are much better than others. Although Symmetra is very situational, the opposing team can make her quite angry.

Symmetra overwatch 2

Symmetra’s weakness is that she is defensively focused, but in order to use her close weapon effectively, she needs to close the distance. Although he is very effective, there are many heroes who are very helpful in defense. Although she can teleport, it doesn’t feel as strong as the characters’ other powers.

In Overwatch 2, his primary attack is a short-range beam that deals damage on fire, and his secondary attack is a fast-moving projectile. His three deployed laser turrets are a staple of his arsenal and will deal damage to nearby enemies. They are not very strong, but they can be fired from a distance.


Compared to Overwatch 2, Cassidy’s primary fire is no longer as powerful. The main difference is that he no longer has his Flashbang grenade, which temporarily stuns enemies, but a magnetic grenade.

Cassidy overwatch 2

When thrown close enough to enemies, the magnetic grenade sticks to them and deals explosive damage. While the magnetic grenade isn’t bad, Cassidy’s influence is diminished as he no longer has access to his only method of crowd control.

He still does a lot of damage with his shots if you shoot well. A powerful ability that can result in multiple kills or at least scatter the opposing team is, in general, a better choice if you’re looking for a high precision damage hero.


Tracer’s character hasn’t changed much since the first Overwatch, but the introduction of 5v5 has had both positive and negative effects on him in the sequel.

Tracer overwatch 2

On the plus side, having just one tank reduces the amount of crowd control skills a team comp can use, making it easier for Tracer to avoid getting killed while flanking and causing trouble for the opposition. Tracer will only have to escape from one tank, which will make it easier for him to enter and find a squishier target.

In team fights between opposing teams the adverse effect of Tracer’s absence is amplified by a weaker hero on each team. Tracer thrives on flanking, dealing damage, running away to heal, and then coming back for more. Team battles prevent your team from moving forward without taking any direct damage.


Although Torbjorn’s turret remains a defensive mainstay in Overwatch 2, no significant changes were made. Two firing modes are available on Torbjorn’s weapon: one fires a projectile at a distance, and the other acts as a close-range shotgun.

Torbjorn overwatch 2

He can set up a turret that automatically fires at any enemy that gets in his way. Torbjorn’s turret is a great defensive tool because it does a lot of damage and can throw the opposing team off target.

In some game modes, such as Push, Torbjorn struggles because the target repeatedly moves and makes it challenging to set it, especially as the team advances.

His main bullets are projectile-based rather than hit-scan, making it difficult for him to engage distant enemies. His final attack spreads lava all around, inflicting damage on any enemy that enters. This makes it perfect for securing a flank or field.


Because of his hacking prowess, Sombra poses a greater threat to the opposing team than Tracer in Overwatch 2.

Sombra overwatch 2

Sombra is a disruptor and swashbuckler who can blend in with the opposing team and take them out. She does this by hacking opponents, temporarily robbing them of their abilities, but more importantly, causing them to take more damage in the long run.

Who is playing Sombra and how often they hit the opposing team determines how useful he is. Sombra’s team can push from the front to get the attention of the opposing team if they play well enough. The drawback is that if she doesn’t cause trouble, her team will have to play 4v5, which can be challenging for them to control.


Despite being Overwatch 2’s second best sniper, Hanzo is largely unchanged and is a good choice for a damage hero. Hanzo is able to kill the majority of non-tank heroes with a single headshot, thanks to his bow’s ability to fire a projectile arrow that deals significant damage.

Hanzo overwatch 2

Additionally, he has the ability to fire rapidly and a reconnaissance arrow that, when landing, warns enemies. Since using a projectile-based sniper is more challenging than using a hit-scan-based sniper, the inclusion of Widowmaker in the game is Hanzo’s main drawback.

A big plus is Hanzo’s ultimate ability, which sends two giant dragons flying across the map and inflicting damage on any enemy they hit. By enabling multiple kills or complete clearing of an objective, it makes it more useful.

 Soldier 76

In Overwatch 2, Soldier 76 is known to be the “default” character. The Soldier 76’s only use is to shoot other players, which has a hit-scan fully automatic rifle.

 Soldier 76 coverwatch 2

His gun is quite powerful and performs well at most ranges due to the low level of recoil, despite the fact that he is not the most exciting hero on the team. If you can stop his rocket from landing he can do serious damage.

He also benefits from having the ability to deploy a healing area, which increases his survivability compared to some other damage heroes in Overwatch 2. His ultimate power enables him to auto-target and reload his weapon more quickly, making him the perfect choice. Destroy enemies quickly.


Sojourn is a new damage hero in Overwatch 2 that outperforms Soldier-76. The Sojourn is armed with a rapid-fire projectile machine gun. When she hits it, it charges her alternate fire, a railgun shot.

Sojourn  coverwatch 2

Sojourn also has a slide that can be canceled in a big jump in Overwatch 2, as well as a trap that will deal damage and slow enemies down with a bubble. Sojourn is a skilled fighter and she can move forward because of her ability to combine a slide with a jump.

The railgun shot, which can be a one-shot headshot against non-tank enemies, is another great feature. In Overwatch 2, if you deal enough damage from main fire, the railgun can be quickly charged and activated to end the firefight. His ultimate makes his railgun charge automatically for a short period of time so that he can quickly fire multiple shots with high damage.


Tanks, healers, and damage heroes can all be quickly eliminated by the Reaper of the near-range threat. Reaper carries two guns and can kill the enemy quickly and easily.

reaper overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, he has a terrifying ability that makes him temporarily invincible when reloading his weapons as well as heals him when he uses his shotgun to inflict damage. Despite the relatively long animations, Reaper can get close to his enemies thanks to his teleport.

The main drawback of the Reaper in Overwatch 2 is that it must move closer to an opponent in order to deal damage, which can be difficult against some defenses. If the Reaper isn’t in the thick of things or isn’t flanking, he’s not very effective, but if you stick to the fight, the Reaper wreaks havoc.


Junkrat has the most damage ceiling in Overwatch 2, assuming you can understand how his grenades bounce. A grenade launcher that fires explosives is its main weapon. It is incredibly harmful; Non-tank heroes can be killed with just a few hits.

They’re fantastic, but sometimes it can be challenging to get players to bounce the way they want. In addition, Junkert has two mines that he can detonate from afar and use to launch himself or cause harm to others.

He also has a trap that deals damage and immobilizes enemies. Since Junkert’s explosives have no effect on him, he can use his weapons and special abilities at close range, making it easier to kill his opponents. His ultimate weapon is the Riptyre, a remote-controlled explosive wheel that can deal a ton of damage to opponents.


Pharah is still a great hero choice in Overwatch 2 as she forces the enemy team to rearrange their roster. Pharah has a rocket launcher and the ability to fly. She uses a displacement rocket to shoot enemies into the air while being propelled into the air by a thruster.

Pharah overwatch 2

Pharah is brilliant as the opposing team finds it difficult to deal with because of his height. Without a hero who can hit-scan, the other teams will struggle to defeat Pharah. It also has very powerful missiles.

Pharah’s Param releases a rocket barrage while he is still. Pharah’s last, making it easier to shoot, activates almost immediately. As a result, it is unlikely that the opposing team will have time to respond. The only disadvantage of playing Pharah is that the enemy team can switch to hit-scan heroes to keep you focused, but a powerful healer can keep you alive.


Cybernetic Ninja is still a high-skill damage hero in Overwatch 2, but Genji has a lot of power when used properly. Ability to launch up to three shuriken simultaneously, either directly or dispersed.

Genji overwatch 2

In addition, the dash of his sword, which deals damage, is instantly recharged after each kill. Genji can also double jump, which gives him the ability to move continuously and is difficult to hit. Their final feature is a deflection, which refers to an attack from beam and non-beam weapons back to the intended prey.

Genji’s sword sniffer is an excellent finisher, and his shuriken can deal damage very quickly. Because of his quick moves, damage-deflection skills, and resistance to damage, he can quickly end a fight. The characters wielding beam weapons are his main opponents. But in Overwatch 2, there are only a few of them.


In Overwatch 2, the Widowmaker tops the list thanks to his prowess with the sniper rifle. The Widowmaker is completely useless in the hands of a man with bad aim, but he can be a formidable foe because of his range and ability to one-shot opponents.

You can still hit one of the opposing teammates with one shot, even if they have excellent healers. When scoped carefully, the Widowmaker’s sharpshooter does a lot of damage and is slow to charge.

The Widowmaker can fire a weapon similar to a submachine gun if it does not target sights. However, the effectiveness of the weapon is only mediocre. His equipment also has a poison mine and a battling hook. The fact that his ultimate ability makes the opposition team visible to all, can be incredibly useful in preventing snarls, despite not being as attractive as some other ultimate abilities.


There’s a good reason no one enjoys playing against Bastion, despite the fact that he’s one of the most hated heroes in Overwatch and picking him up will undoubtedly earn you hate mail. Bastion has a high rate of damage production.

Bastion overwatch 2

His primary weapon is a high damage, slow-moving hit-scan machine gun. He can transform into this form to attack briefly and has a fast machine gun that melts enemies upon contact. In addition, the Bastion has a sticky grenade.

Stronghold is so powerful because it can deal damage very quickly and easily without requiring much skill. His ultimate mortar ability has the ability to clear a target rapidly, while his turret form enables him to melt down enemy tanks with ease. Bastion will bring you some victories, even if it doesn’t win you many friends.


Ashe is another damage-dealing fighter that can send opponents from afar, while still being useful at close quarters. Ash has a lever-action gun. When focused on sights, it fires more slowly but more destructively than hip-firing.

Ashe overwatch 2

Ash also has a stick of dynamite that she can use to damage enemies by setting them on fire over time. She can repel enemies with her weapon and leap to high places.

She can deal a ton of damage, and her ultimate ability calls for Bob, a giant robot with a powerful machine gun. In his eyes any enemy will be shot, which can cover no one. You can focus on the opposition with the help of Ash. If you hit them your targets will be easily defeated.

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