Best Arena 8 Decks 2023 (Update!) (Clash Royal Deck)

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Looking for Best Arena 8 Deck 2023 so you are at the right spot here you will get best arena 8 deck to use and get build best deck in Frozen Peak. So without wasting time now let’s start best clash royal arena 8 deck.

Post Update – 23rd June 2023

Best Arena 8 Decks 2023 List >>

  • Ice Wizard Deck
  • Lightning Decks
  • Best Arena 8 Decks
  • XBow Deck
  • Mortar Deck
  • Witch Deck
  • Princess Deck
  • Pekka Deck
  • Double Pekka Deck
  • Miner Deck
  • Mega Knight Deck
  • Giant Deck

In Clash Royale arena 8 new amazing cards get to unlock, so you have many more options to battle. These cards are ice wizard, freeze, ice spirit, snowball, lightning, and ice golem.

The Hog Freeze Arena 8 Decks >>

  1. Skeleton
  2. Knight
  3. Spear goblins
  4. Tesla
  5. Hog Rider
  6. Cannon
  7. Fireball
  8. Freeze

While most of the cards included here can be obtained in past arenas, their coordination works great in Legendary Arenas as well. A key point of focus here is to be smart and accurate with your use of freeze against your opponent’s units. Using it at the right time to stop your opponent and trade positive elixir is the key to winning with this deck. You always want to be in a position where there is more elixir open to you than your opponent.

Best Arena 8 Decks

Hog Rider is like backbone of this arena 8 deck’s offense. Use it to charge into your opponent’s towers and actually damage him. Using Hog Rider when your opponent is hit by a freeze, he will deal a lot of damage to towers while enemy units can’t stop him. It’s even better if your opponent can’t play other cards when you have more elixir than him.

A well established Tesla is a solid defense against enemy units. The same goes for Cannon and Fireball, mostly when you have to deal with large groups of minions, goblins, and different groups summon cards. You want to play defense against things like this, and when you feel like your opponent has wasted his options, hit him hard with a well-established attack with Hog Rider.

Top Arena 8 Decks in Details >>

Here you will get Best Clash Royale Arena 8 Decks in details

Ice Wizard Deck >>

Ice wizard deck is one of the best in f2p friendly deck. Also, the mega, a miner knight with ice wizard, is the best solid deck.

The Clash Royale winning card is mega knight and miner. In starting to defend against your enemy’s troops in the last one then start to push to take down the in-game Clash Royale tower.

Instead of a tombstone, you can choose hog rider deck, so your chances of winning get maximum increase.

In Clash Royale arena 8, most of the all-defensive cards get opened.

Best Arena 8 Decks

Best Arena 8 Decks – Lightning Decks >>

The lightning deck in Clash Royale arena 8 is one of the favored deck. Lightning deck is much most effective when you gameplay 2 vs 2 draft.

The lighting deck is rarely so you have to choose it in the end game of clash royale.

At the last minute of the game, if your enemy’s tower HP is 1200 below, then use the lighting 2 times per cycle of cards; you will win easily with this ultimate lightning deck.

You can also use it at the game start but also you sure about attack troops along with the tower.

Arrows and Lightning make the best pairing. It might work amazing, depending on what match ups you have at your in-game arena.

Balloon Deck – Best Arena 8 Decks >>

The balloon platform is popular in area 8 its average elixir cost is 3.6. Most users don’t use balloons properly.

The balloon must be guarded by tank soldiers; That’s why I’ve added a giant card to this deck.

You can also push with a capital letter and apply a wall breaker from behind.
If the opponent has minions, the giant carries a baby dragon.

Here I’ve added a tombstone that is used as a defense against tank soldiers like the giant, imperial giant, golem.

Best Arena 8 Decks – XBow Deck >>

An xbow rig is a must in Arena 8 because opponents get flustered when they see an xbow its average elixir cost is 4.0. 

I’ve added a record so you can use it if someone keeps an army of skeletons on the xbow.

Or you can put the princess behind the arch, which will also damage the Air Force.

If the xbow card fails, there is no chance for you to win by adding a Mega Knight instead of a Dark Prince.

Best Arena 8 Decks – Mortar Deck >>

Mortar inflicts good damage on soldiers its average elixir cost is 3.1. 

Mortar cards can be used for both defense and attack.

90% of people have two or more tanks, frozen wooden globes, or elite barbarians.

This is a faster cycle than Deck 3.1 mortar cycles. A 3.1 mortar cycle is very fast and you can rely on your prince’s connection to your tower.

You can swap out the bats for cards like Princess Bats, which will make it more affordable and better than Lava Hounds/Loons and even Graveyards.

Witch Deck – Best Arena 8 Decks >>

Witch cards are mainly used for defense its average elixir cost is 4.4. so you should have a winning card like Mega Knight, Balloon or Giant or any other winning card.

Ram the Barbarian is very effective. When the lane is clear, try to push your opponent to cast wild rams from different lanes.

Having a fireball in a deck is very useful. The fireball helps to move our soldiers as well as a tower.

Princess Deck – Best Arena 8 Decks >>

The Princess card can be used to protect soldiers and also for attack purposes its average elixir cost is 3.4.

For an alternate deck, include these cards, Pig, Rocket, and Princess. You’ll also want an alternate deck containing these cards, Pig, Rocket, and Princess. It is also known as hog/rocket cycle platform. Most professional players use this deck.

You can bike the pig riders to do as much damage to the towers as possible using an elixir. Also add a single defensive elixir or distraction card.

Pekka Deck – Best Arena 8 Decks >>

It would be even better if you always have an arrow or nap when you have a Pekka or Pig in your deck its average elixir cost is 3.8.

If it’s f2p consider trading the deck with less well-known cards. To continue playing with Pekka, you’ll need to learn how negotiations work and how you can deal with certain win-win situations.

Double Pekka Deck: If you play Pekka, it’s pretty straightforward. My deck is Hog, Lightning, Pekka Mini Pekka, Cracker and E. You can punish your opponent with a hog firecracker if he is too committed.

The cracker also does good damage to the tower.

When pushed with a double pekka, your opponent will be intimidated and the opponent may leave the game. He was joking. Sometimes this happens to me; If I am winning, the opponent leaves the game.

Miner Deck – Best Arena 8 Decks >>

The Minor’s Deck isn’t very useful in the upper zone, but in Scenario 8, the Minor’s Deck is very effective its average elixir cost is 4.0.

For some players, this card is a winning card that leads the game to the end.

The miner combining with the goblin keg is lethal. With this deck, you can definitely win any battle in royal clash.

A better win condition is what you need in Arena 8. This deck defense stands out.

Mega Knight Deck – Best Arena 8 Decks >>

This is the funnest deck I’ve played in a long time! That’s why I’ve added this Mega Knight deck to this list its average elixir cost is 3.8.

This deck will be difficult to compete with.

Whenever players see a Mega Knight or elite barbarian in a deck, they immediately shout “Middle Ladder”. (Actual trophy range for a mid level player to consider).

Giant Deck – Best Arena 8 Decks >>

Players with a huge deck are used to it; That’s why we built this deck in sand 8 its average elixir cost is 4.0.

Still, in Arena 8, the huge deck is a powerful card to attack.

Normally I just put Skeleton Legion into Tank Soldiers to get an elixir exchange.

If you prefer, you can swap out the Mini Pekka for the Elite Picks. it works very well! Tank assassins are essential on the huge deck.

Conclusion >>

In this post, we provide the best arena 8 decks to use this guide to get information about the rush royale best arena 8 decks. In the future new arena 8 decks are launched then we update this post last update – 23/06/2023 so you always get all the good best arena 8 decks updates here. Hope you like this clash royale best arena 8 decks 2023 post if you have any doubts so the comment box is open and don’t forget to bookmark this post for the best arena 8 decks clash royale.

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