Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom 2023 – (Best Cookies!)

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Looking for Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom? So you reached the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details on how you can beat the 16-30 Episode in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Unable to defeat the Fiery Star’s Wrath boss battle in stages 16-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom game. Honestly, it is not your fault as this game stage is actually challenging. The boss Cookie from this episode is resistant to almost every attack you give her.

Also, its attacks are so deadly they can destroy Cookies quickly. Hence, here are some helpful tips to beat 16-30 in the Cookie Run Kingdom. That being said, here is everything you need to know about Beat 16-30 in CRK.

Now without further delay let’s start the Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom guide.

Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

As we all know, we can only place five Cookies on each team in the game. So, we need to choose 5 of the top Cookies to beat the 16-30 in the CRK. According to us, you can include a Cotton Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Milkyway Cookie, Financier Cookie, and Pure Vanilla Cookie on your team in the game.

Each Cookie plays their roles extremely effectively when positioned correctly. So, here is how to place each one:

  • Milky Way Cookie → Front
  • Financier Cookie → Front
  • Black Pearl Cookie → Middle
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie → Rear
  • Cotton Cookie → Rear

The Front Cookies are the Tanks that protect their allies from strikes. While beating the 16-30 stage, the Milkyway and Financier Cookies are actually the best Tank options. These Cookie’s abilities protect the allies and heal them, boosting their DMG, ATK, and CRIT Resist.

Furthermore, a Black Pearl Cookie can not take direct damage from an opponent. So, we will be putting her in the middle to actually avoid in-game damage. However, her Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill causes damage gradually.

For the back, we have the Pure and Cotton Vanilla Cookie. When it comes to Cotton Cookie, she is a great support for the in-game team. She can restore her allies’ HP and deal area damage via her summoned sheep. Meanwhile, the Pure Vanilla Cookie will keep healing the in-game target no matter what. Both of these CRK Cookies will actually help you endure the combat for a long time.

To improve your chances of beating the 16-30 stage in CRK, you can use the following in-game Treasures:

  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll → It boosts the ATK of all Cookies in the team.
  • Squishy Jelly Watch → It decreases the Cooldown period of all Cookies in the team.
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle → At the start of the battle, it will boost the CRIT% by 15 percent of all allies. Furthermore, the Whistle Buff will then be given to two Cookies with the top ATK. For those who do not actually know, a Whistle Buff will boost the Dmg Resistance and ATK of a Cookie in the game. Moreover, if the Cookies with a Whistle Buff die, the HP of the remaining Cookies in the team will rise by 30 percent.

Other Way To Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

If you wish to 3-star stage 16-30, you must use well-improved Lvl 70 cookies that can provide abilities and powerful stats. But there is an effective strategy to do that. Follow the below steps listed below for each line of units to quickly complete CRK stage 16-30. 

Rear Line

For the rear line, you need to use Unicorn and Pure Vanilla cookies for healing. They actually give good survivability for your in-game team, allowing them to survive during the battle against the main boss.

Middle Line

The Middle Line includes attacking and support cookies. The best support is Cotton, and the attacker is variable. You can select from Moonlight or Squid Ink cookies. 

Front Line

When it comes to the front line, Financier is a great option. But if you already have a fully-upgraded tank cookie, feel free to choose it. 


Passive boosts are also an important part of your in-game build. Opt for toppings that increase Cooldown, ATK, and Crit Rate. This boosts your combat effectiveness, improving your experience in the game. 

The other trick to completing stage 16-30 is to disable the auto-attack. You can choose the most suitable target for your in-game attacks on your own, and this challenging mission becomes more simple.


Hopefully, you like this Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how you can beat the 16-30 Episode in CRK.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom so comment box is open for you.

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