Baldur’s Gate 3 – House Of Hope BG3 (guide!)

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game that lets you explore a vast and rich fantasy world, full of choices and consequences. One of the most intriguing and mysterious places you can visit in the game is the House of Hope, which is located in the hellish plane of Avernus. The House of Hope is the domain of Raphael, a devil who offers you a deal in exchange for your soul. In this blog post, I will give you a guide on how to enter the House of Hope, what to expect inside, and how to deal with Raphael.

House Of Hope Guide BG3

The House of Hope is a hidden location that can only be accessed by accepting Raphael’s invitation. Raphael is a devil who appears to you in your dreams, after you have been infected by a Mind Flayer tadpole. He offers you a way to remove the tadpole from your head, without any side effects or risks. However, his offer comes with a price: your soul. He asks you to meet him in his domain, the House of Hope, where he will explain the details of his deal.

How To enter in the House of Hope BG3

To enter the House of Hope, you need to do the following steps:

Wait for Raphael

Wait for Raphael to appear in your dreams. This will happen randomly after you have been infected by the tadpole, usually after a long rest or a major event.

Talk to Raphael

Talk to Raphael and listen to his offer. He will tell you that he can remove the tadpole from your head, and give you some additional benefits, such as power, wealth, or love. He will also tell you that he wants your soul in return, and that you will have to sign a contract with him.

Decide invitation

Decide whether to accept or reject his invitation. You can choose to agree to meet him in his domain, or refuse his offer and end the conversation. If you agree, he will give you a ring that will allow you to enter the House of Hope. If you refuse, he will leave you alone for now, but he may come back later with a different offer or a threat.

Use the ring to open a portal

Use the ring to open a portal to the House of Hope. You can do this by equipping the ring and using it as an item. The ring will create a portal that will take you to the House of Hope. You can bring your companions with you, or leave them behind.

Once you enter the House of Hope, you will find yourself in a strange and twisted mansion, surrounded by fire and brimstone. The House of Hope is full of traps, puzzles, secrets, and enemies. You will have to explore the mansion and find Raphael, who is waiting for you in his study. Along the way, you will encounter some challenges and opportunities, such as:

House of Hope challenges and opportunities

A library full of books that contain knowledge and secrets about the world and yourself. You can read some of the books and learn new information or skills. However, some of the books are cursed and will harm you if you read them.

A gallery

A gallery full of paintings that depict scenes from your past, present, and future. You can examine some of the paintings and relive some of your memories or see glimpses of your destiny. However, some of the paintings are illusions and will trick you or attack you if you look at them.

A garden

A garden full of exotic plants and animals that offer beauty and pleasure. You can interact with some of the plants and animals and enjoy their effects or benefits. However, some of the plants and animals are poisonous and will harm you if you touch them or eat them.

A dungeon

A dungeon full of prisoners and torturers that show the horrors and suffering of hell. You can talk to some of the prisoners and torturers and learn their stories or secrets. However, some of them are liars and will deceive you or betray you if you trust them or help them.

When you reach Raphael’s study, you will have to face him and make your final decision. He will show you his contract and explain its terms and conditions. He will also reveal his true form: a horned devil with wings, claws, and a tail. He will try to persuade you to sign his contract, using charm, flattery, threats, or lies. You can choose to sign his contract or reject it.

If you sign his contract, he will remove the tadpole from your head and give you whatever benefit you asked for. However, he will also take your soul and bind it to his service for eternity. You will lose your free will and become his slave in hell.

If you reject his contract, he will become angry and attack you. You will have to fight him and his minions in order to escape from his domain. If you defeat him, he will let you go for now, but he may come back later with a vengeance.

The House of Hope is a dangerous and tempting place that can change your fate in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is up to you whether to enter it or not, and whether to accept Raphael’s deal or not. Whatever choice you make, be prepared for its consequences.

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