AU Reborn Trello & Discord Link 2022 (Game Wiki & Guide!)

AU Reborn Trello

Looking for AU Reborn Trello Link & Discord Link so you are at the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the official link of AU Reborn Trello and also the Discord server link.

Anime Unlimited: Reborn aka AU Reborn or AU: R is an amazing action battle game developed by Xenostrology. In this game, you will be able to play as different characters from various forms of media, and battle against other gamers.

If you want to get the best knowledge on how to do different things in the AU Reborn game then you will need to search the web for certain things. In this guide, we will tell you where you can find AU Reborn Trello so you can learn everything that you need to know about the Anime Unlimited Reborn game.

Recent Update – 22/09/2022

AU Reborn Trello Link

AU Reborn Trello

If you need some information on the AU Reborn game, you can likely get it by a visit to the AU Reborn Trello page. Just click that link below and you will arrive at the AU Reborn Trello page, which contains a lot of details on how the experience AU Reborn game relates.

AU Reborn Trello Link – Click Here

The AU Rebor Trello page contains details on characters, skins, event characters, movements, basics, battle pass, game modes, and many more. It is the best way to get different AU Reborn game information on a single page. Trello page is much simpler than a Wiki because everything is on the same page and simply accessible.

AU Reborn Discord Link

If you have any questions related to AU Reborn game and search for a community to ask your questions and find the answers to improve your knowledge and gameplay. So AU Reborn Discord is the best option for you but the question is how to join and where is the AU Reborn Discord server Link so check below.

AU Reborn Discord Link – Click Here

AU Reborn Game Controls Trello

  • WASD Key – Use in-game movement
  • Left Mouse Button (LMB) – Used to start or extend combos or to end them and basic click attacks
  • Q Key – Dash, Used to dash right at your opponent or to avoid different attacks, Can be used two times before going on cooldown (When HP is below 25% you can only dash once)
  • F Key (0.25s Time Window) – Perfect Blocking, It happens when you block a certain in-game attack at the exact moment, stunning the opponent, allowing you to start a combo
  • F Key – Blocking, Used to block different in-game attacks. Some attacks can get your guard broken, Stunning you actually enough for your enemy to start a combo
  • G Key – Awakening, Purple bar below Bar HP, it can be gained through in-game dealing damage, once it’s filled up you can press the G key to awaken or to unleash your ultimate move

What is Trello?

Trello is the best project management tool that allows users to write and edit cards that contain useful info. Roblox AU Reborn game developers have used these platforms to provide helpful information to their game players. Trello boards have different uses and can be freely used, which makes them very appealing to the AU Reborn players.

Does Roblox AU Reborn Have A Wiki?

No, Roblox AU Reborn doesn’t have a Wiki yet. It is possible that one gets released in the near future, but it seems unlikely as it is quite an easy game and the AU Reborn Trello contains most of the helpful information you need to know in the game.


Hopefully, you enjoy this AU Reborn Trello Link guide. In this post, we covered the official link of AU Reborn Trello and also the AU Reborn Discord server link.

If you have any questions related to AU Reborn Trello or join to AU Reborn Discord server so comment section is always open for you. Enjoy AU Reborn Gaming.

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