How To Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress 2023 – (Guide!)

Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress

Looking for how to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress? So reach at the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete guide on how you can get more Migrants in Dwarf Fortress.

To grow your in-game Fortress, you need a lot of Dwarves. One of the good ways to have them is by Migrants. However, some migrants might be really dangerous, but still worth the risk as you can actually assign them tasks and increase your labor to expand your in-game domain.

To know how to get more Migrants in Dwarf Fortress game, this post will really help you. Now without further delay let’s start the how to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress guide.

How To Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress?

Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress
Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress

Here is the complete process of how to get more Migrants In Dwarf Fortress

Wait For The Dwarf Migrants To Come

Dwarves will always migrate to your Fortress every season in the game. While their jobs, types, skills, etc., are going to be randomized, you can actually influence parts of it.

Firstly, immigrant skills are mainly affected by how your Fortress actually works. Migrants with skills that your Fortress regularly uses or lacks entirely are more likely to arrive. Essential skills like food production, mining, and crafting are considered more important than others in the game.

The first 2 migrant waves are somewhat stable: they will come in a number between one to ten dwarves, and the size will not be affected by your Fortress’s condition (deaths or wealth). However, some special conditions might actually block them from coming to your place.

Your Fortress’s wealth (as recorded by the Caravan) will decrease or increase the number of migrating dwarves. Four variables generally dictate the number for each migrant wave: the number of dwarves, merchants, invaders, and animals that either lived or died at your Fortress. The max size of migrant waves will be actually decreased as this number increases.

Once the local population reaches 3K then you will get more migrants. Nevertheless, also you can limit them yourself by tweaking the Strict Population Cap and Population Cap settings in the Game tab under the Settings menu in the game.

Migrants Dwarf Fortress
Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortres

Improve Your Dwarf Fortress

As above mention, improving your Fortress wealth by making higher quality stuff will surely entice more dwarves to actually come to your Fort.

For instance, build more bedrooms and beds for the dormitory or more taverns, guild halls, temples, meeting halls, and others. Also, you also can not neglect things like leatherworking workshops to actually attract specific dwarves.

You may even draw in various types of dwarves, such as thieves, musicians, and nobles—even dangerous creatures and strange like goblins and elves.

Can Not Get More Dwarves In Dwarf Fortress

However, if you still are not actually able to attract more dwarves for some reason, then there are some things that you have to check up on.

First, as we mentioned above, once you hit the 200 in-game population cap, then migrants will stop coming automatically. Also, you can only expand your population by having newborns at that point in the game. There are actually no migrating dwarves during the start of the winter as well.

Then you might have to consider if there’re currently sieges or if there are so many deaths in your in-game Fortress. You can work on your reputation by improving and securing the Fortress, but usually, it will be too late.

If you really want to move out to a new Fort, then remember that Insane citizens that migrate to your new Fortress will remain Insane. Zombies or Husks that exist in the existing location might also tag along to the new Fort in the game.

In case your Fortress is so isolated, or for whatever reason, your group ends up becoming the last dwarves in your in-game civilization then you might consider just restarting and playing a new playthrough.


Your fortress location can play a role in getting targeted by immigration waves in the game. For example, if you have positioned your fortress on the horn of a peninsula and there are kingdoms actually warring all around you, then an immigrant caravan will not risk coming all the way there.

Additionally, if you are located in treacherous terrain that is really difficult to reach, that will lower the chance of a caravan actually heading your way.

The opposite is actually true as well. If you are in a prime in-game location, with trade routes nearby and in a prosperous region, then you actually might just get more in-game immigrant waves as a result.

Dwarf Fortress Migrant Messages

Migrant Messages are the in-game messages that show on your screen related to immigrants. There are actually 6 messages in the game, they are –

“Some migrants have arrived” or “A migrant has arrived” – When any migrant arrives without any issue, this message shows.

“Some migrants have arrived, despite the in-game danger” – When a few dwarves in-game die, but still the migrants arrive, this message pops up.

“Some migrants have actually decided to brave this terrifying place, knowing it could be their in-game tomb” – This might be a sign of warning, as this message appears even when there is no death in the game. This might show that your Fortress is actually at risk of invasion, although there is no actual proof.

“Migrants were so nervous about making this season journey” – No Migrants actually arrived.

“Migrants refused to journey to this dangerous fortress this in-game season” – This message will pop up when migrants cease migration due to many in-game deaths in your Fortress, especially nobles and the only exception is Nobles.

“No one even thought about making the journey to such a cursed death trap this season in the game” – This is the worst case if your in-game Fortress had faced a large amount of death due to anything that scared Migrants. The Migrants will not even visit nearby your Fortress in the game.


Hopefully, you like this guide on how to Attract Migrants Dwarf Fortress. In this post, we covered the complete guide on how you can get more Migrants in Dwarf Fortress.

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