Argos Phase 2 Symbols Guide (Update) (February 2023)

Argos Phase 2 Symbols

Do you want to know Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 Symbols? So you reach the best spot here you will get everything about the Argos Phase 2 Symbols.

Argos is a boss that gamers can challenge in the Lost Ark game world. Argos is the strongest endgame boss that will definitely put up a challenge for players as they try to farm his different materials to be able to craft powerful gear.

In this post, we will cover Argos Phase 2 Symbols so without further delay let’s start the Argos P2 Symbols guide.

Last Update On – 15 February 2023

Argos Phase 2 Symbols

Argos Phase 2 Symbols

In the Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 there are currently 6 Symbols here all are mentions

Sun Inside :- Only the sun team required to deal with they will have to stay on the center of their map, in order that when Argos does his wipe, it won’t affect their team.

Moon Inside :- Which is as easier as the moon team actually needs to fight Argos in the center of the map until he does his wipe move.

Moon Outside :- Exactly the same thing except the team is required to stick on the outside of the map to actually survive.

Moon Orbs :- Moon team requires to capture as many orbs as possible when they spawn around Argos.

Moon Arrow :- Moon team requires to move wherever the arrow is placed on the map.

Moon Stacks :- Moon team requires to have one person at 11 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock, and 7 o’clock on the in-game clock face. Argos will spawn sun points around the map at those spots, and when they turn to moon locations, your team requires to jump into them, one person at a time of course at those locations to capture stacks.

You’ll be actually able to see the stacks collected close to your health bar, it can go all the way to 10 stacks, once you collect 10 moon stacks, you actually go over and fight Argos and you’ll watch them deplete.

Argos Phase 2 Symbols

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Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 Overview

Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 Required Gear Score is 1385.

Argos P2 Required Battle Items –

>> For Party One

  • Destruction Bomb
  • Healing Potions

>> For Party 2

  • Whirlwind Bomb
  • Healing Potions

Recommended Card Sets (same as Argos Phase 1) –

  • We will Again Meet and Forest of Giants – Universal defense bonuses provide.
  • Guardian of Chaos and Oreha’s Well – Defense specifically vs Abyss raid bosses provide.

Argos Phase 2 Rewards

Argos Phase 2 Rewards

The above rewards are in addition to the Argos P1 rewards.

Argos Phase 2 Fight Stage

There are good wipe mechanics that need to be performed properly through coordination between the two in-game parties that have been actually split up.

Additionally, there are random mechanics and boss attacks to really learn.

Overall, the Argos Phase 2 fight is split into four stages:

First Fight Start –

  • The shortest stage is where both in-game parties battle Argos until a certain damage threshold is attained.

Sun Boss –

  • Party one is teleported to battle the Sun Boss while the Moon Boss actually deals with Argos

Moon Boss –

  • The totally reverse happens after the sun boss is actually defeated. Party one stays to battle Argos while Party two battle the moon boss.

Final Fight –

  • Both parties combine again to knock off Argos.

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