Argos Phase 2 Patterns Guide – (Full Details) (April 2023)

Looking for Argos Phase 2 Patterns so you reach the best spot. Here you will get everything about the Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 Patterns with complete details.

Argos is a tier 3 abyss raid in the Lost Ark game that potentially drops useful T3 materials and engraving card sets and books. To defeat the raid, phase 2 is where it needs to be passed. So in today’s article, we will show you Argos Phase 2 Patterns guide.

Last Update On – 19 April 2023

Argos Phase 2 Patterns

There are a total of six Argos Phase 2 patterns available in Lost Ark game

Moon Inside – It’s as simple as the moon team needs to battle Argos in the middle of the in-game map until he does his best wipe attack.

Moon Outside – Exact same thing really except the team needs to stick on the outside of the map to in-game survive.

Sun Inside – This is actually the only one the sun team needs to deal with they need to stay in the middle of their game world map, so when Argos does his wipe, it does not wipe their in-game team.

Moon Arrow – The moon team has to go wherever the arrow is pointing on the in-game map.

Moon Orbs – The moon team actually needs to collect as many orbs when they spawn around Argos.

Moon Stacks – The moon team really needs to have one person at one o’clock, five o’clock, seven o’clock, and eleven o’clock on a clock face.

Argos will spawn sun areas around the map at those in-game locations, and when they actually turn to moon spots, your team should jump into them, one person at a single time naturally at those locations to stacks collect.

You will be able to see the stacks collected near your in-game health bar, it can go up to ten stacks, once you get ten moon stacks, you go over and battle Argos and you will see them deplete.

Argos Phase 2 Patterns

About Argos Phase 2

Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 is a tier 3 Abyss Raid. The Item Level recommended to enter this Raid is 1385. This dungeon drops Tier 3 Accessories, Engraving Books, Ability Stones, Cards and materials to craft the sets Preordained Diligence Launcher and Harsh Oath Launcher.

After completing the dungeon, you can pay gold to get more additional in-game loot. The recommended Combat Items are HP Potion, Time Stop Potion/ Adrophine Potion, and Destruction Bomb (party 1) or Whirlwind Grenade (Party 2).

The Argos 2P is very coop heavy and dynamic. It consists of five sub-phases and multiple wipe mechanics. The in-game survival of one party depends on the action of the other and communication. During sub-phase 1,3 and 5, you will face Argos as a raid. Sub phase 2 and 4 splits the raid in actually half. One half keeps battling Argos, the other half faces a mini-boss with unique in-game mechanics.

For the mini-boss phases, place classes with Weak Point affix on their in-game skills into party one (sun party) and classes with Stagger Damage affix focus into party two (moon party). Additionally, slot the Battle Item Whirlwind Grenade if you are in the moon party and Destruction Bomb if you are in the sun party.

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Argos Phase 2 Mechanics Lost Ark – Sun and Moon Party

We will dive through all of the mechanics across both moon and sun sides. The main mechanics of Argos Phase 2 need communication between the moon team and sun team.

Lost Ark Argos P2 consists of five sub-phases, during the one, third, and five sub-phase, you will face Argos as a raid, and the second and fourth sub-phases are when the 2 parties will be split from each other.

You will start the battle together and after a short while, Argos will pan the screen out into a quick flashy laser attack. When this actually happens, the in-game sun team will be teleported away and really forced to handle a mini-boss with different mechanics, while the remaining party keeps battling Argos.

Everyone in party one will have a symbol of the sun under their legs and everybody in party two will be the moon symbol. Each in-game team will be separated throughout different segments of the battle, the gameworld survival of one party depends on the action and communication of the other.

Once the second sub-phases actually start, the sun team gets quickly teleported and they will face a dinosaur-looking mini-boss, there are several things you should know. Your in-game team needs to bring Destruction Grenades as the game boss will have some chances for destruction spots that must be destroyed or else. The in-game boss will do really insane damage.

Moon team will be in-game betting Argos and they will look for another one of those large laser attacks when they actually do, they have to let the sun team know that somebody really needs to peek over some edge, they might communicate to the sun team. The sun team will send their gamers to the of the map (top right) where they are battling that mini-boss and tell the moon team know which of the possible in-game mechanics is going to actually occur.

After the sun party destroyed their boss, you will all again group up to battle Argos, you will battle together for some time and once the four sub-phase starts, then it is the moon teams time to get quick teleported away, the moon teams mini-boss is a bit simpler.

When you actually start this boss battle, if you can not deal around 30% of his HP bar as damage within one minute and thirty seconds, the sun party will be really wiped. The moon team must work to have awakenings up for this part of the battle.

This boss has an amazing move where he will summon 4 locations around them that are really safe zones, each in-game team needs to fill one of these zones in order to not get hard hit by the ability, and finally, this in-game boss will summon an additional mini-boss some times throughout the battle.

The mini-boss is only there to get staggered, this team must bring Whirlwind Grenades and do everything in their in-game power to stagger this mini-boss as quicker. Because when this boss gets actually staggered, the initial mini boss will really come back and be again knocked on the ground.

Leaving him vulnerable for you to actually hard hit him and you need to keep doing this again and again until the boss is dead. Once this boss actually dies, you will all group up on Argos again, he would not have that much in-game health pummel him until he really dies.


Hopefully you really enjoy this Argos Phase 2 Patterns guide. In this post we covered everything about the Argos Phase 2 Patterns and Lost Ark Argos P2 Mechanics.

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