Argos Phase 2 Callouts (Complete Guide) (March 2023)

Argos Phase 2 Callouts

Searching for Argos Phase 2 Callouts so welcome to Faindx. Here in this post, you will get a complete guide on Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 Callouts.

In the Lost Ark game, there are three Argos Phases after completing Argos Phase 1 you reach Argos Phase 2 or Argos P2. So here in this post, we are going to show you Argos Phase 2 Callouts in Lost Ark.

Last Update On : 21 March 2023

Argos Phase 2 Callouts

Argos Phase 2 Callouts

Here is the list of Lost Ark Argos Phase 2 Callouts

  • Arrow 1/5/7/11
  • Orbs (orbs collect)
  • Sun (no need to do anything on the side since I’m moon)
  • Stacks (corners stacks)
  • Center (inside stand)
  • Outside (outside stand)

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How To Get Phase 2 At Argos?

In order to reach phase 2, always have to go through Argos phase one every run. The night and day mechanics remain in phase two with the added mechanic where a party will be actually teleported to a separate platform to battle a different in-game boss simultaneously while the remaining in-game party continues to battle Argos.

How Do Argos Phases Work?

The Lost Ark Argos raid consists of 3 phases, all of which need a different gear score. So you can not play them all one after another.

You can enter phase one with an item level of 1370, while phase three requires a crisp 1400 GS. Your party consists of eight players in total, so two teams of four players each.

Would Do P2 Argos After P1?

According to the game, if you finish phase one Argos you can not even try phase two and phase three until the game reset. You won’t get locked out if you have not completed all three-phase.

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