Apex Legends Pick Rates 2022 (Popular Character) (Guide!)

Apex Legends Pick Rates

Looking for Apex Legends Pick Rates and wants to know who is the most popular character in Apex Legends game? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the updated Apex Legends Pick Rates.


Apex Legends is an amazing free-to-play first shooter video game that features a wide range of over 22 different characters. These in-game characters differ from each other in various abilities and attacks to choose from.

But is there a way to choose the most used or popular Legend out of the roster? Of course, there is! There are different in-game pick rates based on an official database (Apex Legends) of over 14.1 Million gamers.


While it is not the total gamer count, it is actually a big number. So, here is our post on all the best character pick rates to figure out the most popular character in Apex Legends game.

Apex Legends Pick Rates 2022

Apex Legends Pick Rates

Here we mentioned the character Pick Rates in Apex Legends Season 13 game

S.No.CharactersPick Rates
19.Mad Maggie1.9%
22.Vantage (Upcoming Legend)N/A

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Most Popular Apex Legends Character

The most popular Apex Legends character/legends is Octane with the pick rate of 11.2% on the roster. He is an amazing offensive character with a wide range of death-defying abilities and attacks up his sleeves.

The newly added characters like Newcastle and Mad Maggie have a pretty low pick rate on the list. However, some of the characters like Bloodhound was introduced in Season 10 have an impressive 8.5% pick rate.

Octane —

Octane Apex Legends

Octane is a constant high-picked character in Apex Legends, despite the nerfs he is received since the game’s release. His simple controls and highly effective abilities make for best solo play, but also mean that he fits right in with team-based matches.


Octane has been the player’s favorite in many recent seasons of the Apex Legends game and is currently stationed at the top.

He boasts a whopping Pick Rate of 11.3% and is currently number one on the charts again.

Wraith —

Wraith Apex Legends

Another starting character, Wraith has been a popular pick throughout Apex Legends’ lifetime, and she has taken the number 2 spot with a Pick Rate of 10.1% in Season 13.


Wraith’s best features are her in-game ability to get out of trouble very efficiently – teammates included. Her abilities allow her to sense game danger, become temporarily invulnerable, or open portals to escape predicaments. It is simple to see why Wraith continues to be an absolute player favorite in Apex Legends Season 13.

Valkyrie —

Valkyrie Apex Legends

When you are hemmed into a corner or in a desperate predicament, having Valkyrie legend in your squad could be vital. Moreover, if you want to rotate and get out of a bad spot, again, it is extremely useful to have Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive Ultimate.

This will be a big reason why she now has a Pick Rate of 9.3% in Apex Legends Season 13.


Pathfinder —

Pathfinder Apex Legends

Pathfinder has been one of Apex Legends’ top 5 picks at Pick Rate 8.6%, and counting, for quite a while.

As a Recon class, Pathfinder easily excels in traversing and movements the in-game various maps. His Zipline Gun and Grappling Hook are simply invaluable assets that will really help any team in a pinch – either because of the circle or a 3rd party game situation. He frequently manages to stay in the top five as a result.

Bloodhound Apex Legends —

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Bloodhound is an amazing irreplaceable Legend/character thanks to their Eye of the Allfather tactical in-game ability, which provides unparalleled tracking and information for any Apex Legends team. This is a major reason why Bloodhound Legend boasts a healthy Pick Rate 8.6% in Apex Season 13.


Not only that but Beast of the Hunt is an effective traversal technique, mainly if you actually need to escape the storm in the game.


Hopefully, you enjoy this Apex Legends Pick Rates guide. In this post, we covered the Apex Legends Pick Rates list that will help you to know who is the Most Popular Apex Legends Character. In the future, we update this list according to legends pick rates so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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