Anime Rifts Trello Wiki : (Complete Guide!) (August 2023)

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Looking for Anime Rifts Trello & Anime Rifts Wiki so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details about the Anime Rifts Trello, Anime Rifts Pity System, Tier List, Enchantments, Drop Rates, Bosses, and many more.

Anime Rifts is an amazing adventure game developed by Adventures Unleashed. Now without further delay let’s start the Anime Rifts Trello guide.

Anime Rifts Trello 2023 – UPDATE!

Anime Rifts Trello

Here is the Anime Rifts Trello Beginner Guide with complete details

Arrows Work in Anime Rifts Trello

  • The Arrow System is easy to understand.
  • An Arrow is an in-game item that when used, grants you skill.
  • Lucky Arrows can be obtained by buying an arrow at a random chance
  • Arrow skills will soon range from magic to hatsus to quirks and actually many more.

Anime Rifts Trello Pity System

  • The Pity System is relatively easy to understand.
  • The Pity system essentially provides the gamer a free rare when the gamer has hit 60/60 pity.
  • When 60/60 is achieved gamer gains a random rare ability out of pity
  • If your pity resets, it indicates that you got a rare in-game ability before you actually hit 60/60 pity.

Arrows Requiem –

  • Requiem Arrows are relatively similar to arrows, Pretty simple to understand
  • Arrows Requiem grants a legendary in-game power on use.

Legendary Movesets –

  • Legendary Movesets Are unique in-game abilities that are obtained through Arrows Requiem.

Time Rifts –

  • Time Rifts are time-altered in-game events that are distorted across the map. As you actually explore the map you will uncover more rifts that actually must be completed.
  • Within Time rifts lies special in-game bosses or opponents that require teamwork in order to beat.
  • However, You don’t need to be at a certain level to access a time rift.
  • The level shown is actually just a Recommended in-game level.

Bosses –

  • Bosses Simply Drop in-game items such as Rare skills for the gamers to equip into their move set.
  • Opponents drop their current Armor that grants buffs (soon)

Armor –

  • Armor easily Grants stat boost to the gamer build. Some armor can actually focus more on one attribute while others armor can be evenly distributed.
  • Some in-game races gain access to best Armor limited to only their race.

Anime Rifts Trello Controls

Here is the list of Anime Rifts Controls

  • Basic Combat – Mouse1                
  • Sprint – WW        
  • Dash – Q              
  • Block – F              
  • Race Skill – T       
  • Spec Skill – V      
  • Double Jump – Space x2               
  • Shiftlock – Shift

Anime Rift Trello Commands

Here is the list of all the Anime Rift Trello Commands

  • !giveitem (playername)
  • !switchslot moveset (command to switch move set one and two)
  • !pay (playername) amount
  • !trade2 (playername )(trades 2nd moveset slot)
  • !trade (playername) (trades first moveset slot)

Anime Rifts Trello Drop Rates

Here is the list of all the Anime Rifts Drop Rates

  • All enemies have a five percent Chance of Dropping Their in-game Abilities.
  • Requiem Arrows are incredibly high in value as the drop percentage is 1/1000
  • Dragonballs have a 1/100 in-game Drop Rate from bosses 300+
  • Mythical Powers can be Obtained By Arrows Requiem with a 1/30 percent chance of obtaining.

Anime Rifts Trello Roblox Enchantments

Here are the Anime Rifts Positive and Negative Enchantments

Trello Anime Rifts Positive Enchantments

  1. Blessed – Boosts item’s magic by 25%
  2. Imperishable – Boosts item’s endurance by 45% and magic by 5%
  3. Secure – Boosts item’s strength by 20%
  4. Mighty – Boosts item’s endurance by 5% strength by 35% and magic by 15%
  5. Arcane – Boosts item’s magic by 45%
  6. Titanic – Boosts item’s endurance by 65%
  7. Mythical- Boosts item’s endurance by 30% and magic by 20%
  8. Armored – Boosts item’s endurance by 35%
  9. Steady – Boosts item’s strength by 35%
  10. Hardened – Boosts item’s defense by 25%
  11. Divine – Boosts item’s magic by 35%
  12. Heroic – Boosts item’s endurance by 35% strength by 25% and magic by 10%
  13. Heavy – Boosts item’s endurance by 50%
  14. Flawless – Boosts item’s endurance by 10% and strength + magic by 20%
  15. Conquerors- Boosts item’s endurance by 20% magic and strength by 10%
  16. Reinforced – Boosts item’s endurance by 60%
  17. Firm – Boosts item’s strength by 25%

Trello Anime Rifts Negative Enchantments

  1. Small – Decreases 40% item’s endurance
  2. Demolished – Decreases 95% item’s strength
  3. Rusty – Decreases 20% item’s endurance
  4. Ruined – Decreases item’s endurance by 10% strength and magic by 5%
  5. Fake – Decreases item’s magic, endurance, and strength by 95%
  6. Broken – Decreases item’s magic, endurance, and strength by 75%
  7. Used – Decreases 10% item’s endurance
  8. Flawed – Decreases item’s endurance by 10% strength and magic by 20%
  9. Mundane – Decreases 95% item’s magic
  10. Wrecked – Decreases item’s magic, endurance, and strength by 50%
  11. Crude – Decreases item’s magic, endurance, and strength by 25%

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Final Words

Hopefully, you get the value from this Anime Rifts Trello guide. In this post, we cover everything about the Anime Rifts Trello wiki, Anime Rifts Trello Races, Anime Rifts Pity System, Drop Rates, Tier List, Enchantments, Bosses, and many more.

If you want to ask anything related to this Anime Rifts Trello Roblox so comment on us. Thanks for reading the complete Anime Rift Trello guide.

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