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Among Us Characters

Among Us Characters Despite the very simple and two-dimensional graphics, Among Us has become a sensation among the people. Once you start playing among us game. So you will be playing this game for hours.
But today we will learn about Among Us Characters and how to play this game and many more things related to this game.

In today’s world of internet, there are many games and many types of games available. From time to time, many games make people crazy. Many online games got a chance to reach the hearts of the people. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the among us game has made its way into the hearts of the people.

The way the game Among us is getting the love of people from all over the world, that is why it is at the top of the game category on Google Play Store. If you do not know about the Among us game then it does not matter because in today’s article we will know about this game, what is the among us game and Among us Characters and how to play this game. All the information related to the game is given in this article.

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Last Post Update – 16 March 2023

What is a Among Us game >>

Among us is a multiplayer online game in which a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 10 players can play the game simultaneously. There are also different types of avatars in the game, which are also call among us characters. The game is based on space in which the players are inside a spaceship.

In this game you have to find out about a crew member who is cheating on the team and catch him as soon as possible and get him out of the spaceship. Along with this, other crew members have to complete their tasks. Not much action in this game but it is a mind game. There are mainly two types of players in this game.

Crew member

The crew member gets a variety of tasks that have to be complete, along with it, they have to tell about the imposter and report him out of the game.


The job of the imposter is to stealthily kill the crew member and prevent the completion of the task of other crew members.

Among Us Characters 2023 List >>

Here are the Among Us Characters list

#1. Cyan

Cyan Among Us characters was added in 2019. Whose nickname is Light Blue. Cyan is the child of Green and Orange and is also smaller than the others

#2. Brown

Brown - Among Us characters

Brown Among Us characters is the least used character. Because it is rarely appears in promotional posters for Innersloth.

#3. Green

Green - Among Us character

Green Among Us character is used for emergency meetings, such emergency meetings in which someone’s dead body has been reported. And Green has been used as an Imposter only once.

#4. Black

Black - Among Us character

The black character is used for the subversion button. It is used for swiping on the ID card as well as in the instructions tab.

#5. Red

Red - Among Us character

The Red Among Us character is often seen as an imposter at the start of the game. The red characters are also accused of being deceitful.

#6. Lime

Lime - Among Us characters

Lime Among Us character nick name is Light Green who is one of the main Colors character among us.

#7. Orange

Orange - Among Us characters

This Orange character is used for discussion in emergency meeting. Orange is also called the discussion icon.

#8. Yellow

Yellow - Among Us characters

Yellow character represents players in admin map.

#9. White

White - Among Us characters

The White character represents among us online games. And white character is also used for announcements.

#10. Fortegreen

Fortegreen- Among Us characters

The Fortegreen character is also called Eucalyptus Green. When a new player enters the lobby, Fortegreen is only visible for a few seconds. The Fortegreen character is used for players who have been associated with the game for a long time.

#11. Blue

Blue - Among Us characters

The blue character, one of the main colors among us, makes a very rare appearance in art among us. The Blue character has appeared in only two promotional photos so far.

#12. Purple

Purple - Among Us characters

The Purple Among Us character has been seen in 2 to 3 promotional photos so far. Purple character is one of the important colors and is often seen in posters.

What Are Among Us characters? >>

Among Us characters are crewmembers who are in a spaceship. And the spaceship invaded by a deadly and strange imposter. They look like humanoid creatures. Those who have a small backpack and spacesuit. But maybe it can also happen that from which we are thinking of backpack, it is oxygen cylinder.

Among Us Characters
Among Us Characters

The Among Us game and the Among Us characters have no story. There are no pre-names for the Among Us characters. In the game, you can choose the name of your character yourself. And you can also change the name of the character.

In the game, you can identify your character by its color. You can change the color of the spacesuit. And you can also add skins, pets and hats. You can customize your among us character before the game starts.

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Among Us Character Colors 2023>>

Here are the list of Among Us Characters Colors.

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Lime
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Cyan
  • Purple
  • Orange

Among Us Colors is a Among Us Character. And Among Us Character can be recognize on the basis of color. When you play the game, you might get to see some more new types of characters and colors. If you like us then don’t forget to share this post.

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Among Us Character FAQ >>

What Are Among Us characters based off?

Among Us characters based on off the live party game Mafia and the science fiction film Looking at them, it seems that everyone is wearing a space suit.

Which Among Us character is the most popular?

Although there are many different and different colored among us characters in the game, but the red among us characters are quite popular, which are shown in every photo.

Who are the characters in the game Among Us?

All the characters in the game are given roles including Engineer, Scientist, Guardian Angel, and the Imposter role of Shapeshifter

How does a Among Us character look like?

The characters can be seen wearing a space suit which is depicted as small humanoid creatures.