Ability Wars Badges 2023 – (Complete Guide!)

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Looking for Ability Wars Badges 2023? So you reach the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete guide with the steps to get all the Roblox Ability Wars badges, with locations and tips.

Ability Wars is an amazing game in Roblox where you will battle other players using in-game abilities. If you’re a new gamer you will most likely struggle because you will not have the best in-game abilities and in order to get them you will have to destroy different opponents.

Each time you destroy in-game opponents then you will get items called punches that are used to buy new abilities in the game. Now without any delay let’s start the Ability Wars Badges guide.

Ability Wars Badges 2023

Ability Wars Badges

Here is the complete Ability Wars Badges list:

  • 100 – Collect 100 in-game souls with the Devourer of Souls
  • Alchemist – Search the cauldron in the shop attic and use the three different abilities (Cake, Soap, Glue) while actually facing it
  • Ascend – Use the stand and Lemon on the platform in the corner near the in-game tree
  • boing – Search the mushroom in the corner of the map and bounce on it
  • cake – Touch the cake (top of the in-game spawn room) using Gravity
  • Charged – Get a gamer with Overcharge to charge you while you are actually holding the Magnet
  • Defender – Defeat all opponents in a Waves event.
  • Gelatinous – As mushroom, jump in the in-game cauldron then as slime and use your E ability near it next  grab Gel (on one of the big tree’s arms) and hold it near the cauldron, now hold and tap one of the Jello in-game items
  • Gift – Click on all twenty presents scattered throughout the map during the in-game Christmas event
  • grocery shopping – Collect:
    • Pizza – in the in-game cave
    • Burguer – next to the in-game Tree on the underside corner of the map you can actually drop the items (requires game plant)
    • Cake – top of the in-game spawn room (need gravity)
  • Hero – Catch someone from actually falling off the map with the Magnet in the game
    you ate the magical carrot – It is currently Unobtainable
  • Inventor – Inside the staircase to the top of the big in-game tree, there will be a secret room. Now go inside and talk to the Inventor and kill twenty people without actually dying.
  • Leader of the Hive – Be infected with Hivemind in a hive with five or more gamers
  • Moonist – (need x2 gamers with gravity) Meet up, and then both use gravity on each other at the same time in the game
  • Mystical – Check the below guide
  • Operator – Complete all ten missions
  • Pyrotechnic – Collect the fireworks around the in-game map to fill the basket (July 4th, event exclusive)
  • Raider – Plant an in-game bomb on the other team’s castle in team fights
  • Spotless – Have twenty-five people trip on your soap Without Dying with the Soap’s ability
  • The Backrooms – Enter the in-game cave (Face the entrance from the stairs and then get into the invisible hole using shift lock/first person
  • The True Blood God – Defeat an in-game Blood God user while you are actually in their Blood God realm
  • Tree Master – Defeat the in-game Tree Lord
  • Trick or Treat – Collect five hundred candies during the Halloween event
  • Warrior – Kill ten people with a robot without dying
  • you collected the 10 mythical eggs – It is currently Unobtainable
  • You met the Builder – Be present in the same server in the game as the builder, DuckyYaBoi
  • You met the Owner – Be present in the same server in the game as the owner, checkeniscool.

Ability Wars Mystical Badge

Collect fifteen souls with Devourer of Souls then go into the in-game secret room in the hill near the mushroom. Next, go up onto the platform in front of it and then go into the crack in the wall in the game.

Now you will enter a secret room and finally Sacrifice your souls to the altar then pick up the in-game orb. Use it and if you need additional help check out the below video guide from Xpie

Ability Wars Hivemind Badge

If you need the additional help of the Hive Hivemind Badge so check out the below video from Foxytheicefox:

Ability Wars Inventor Badge

Inside the staircase to the top of the big tree in the game, there will be actually a secret room. Then go inside and now talk to the Inventor and kill twenty people without dying in the game.


Hopefully, you like this Ability Wars Badges guide. In this post, we covered the complete guide with the steps to get all the Roblox Ability Wars badges, with locations and tips.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the Ability Wars Badges so comment section is always open for you.

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